Below are the outfits Starfire has worn throughout the series.

Season 1

Laundry Day

In this episode, Starfire wears a pink bathrobe. In an attempt to replace her clothes while Raven was washing them, Starfire took up sewing and created a beautiful ball gown, which she said was hideous. She later wears Raven's cloak, leotard, socks and shoes.


Starfire in her bathrobe

Starfire dress

Starfire in her ball gown.


Collecting ingredients for her traditional Feast Day, she got bitten by an alien predator. Wanting her good friends be a part of the ancient tradition of her Tamaranean people, Starfire tried to convince them eat her favorite cuisine. Saddened that no one wanted to share Feast Day, she gladly welcomed the parasite on her stomach, calling it "Parry."


Starfire is convinced by beast Boy that lying is not what gets her in trouble. But when her lies start chaos, she begins to tell the truth.

Artful Dodgers

Starfire (Dodgeball Outfit)-Artful Dodgers

Starfire in "Artful Dodgers."

She wears a sports outfit in Artful Dodgers, which is quite similar to her usual outfit. The outfit consists of a blue headband that covers her eyebrows, a blue top, long white socks with small stripes near the top, and blue shoes. Her wristbands and necklace are the same. She wears a similar outfit to this in "Boys vs Girls", but with a white top, and red trims on the shoes.

Red Socks

Starfire's red socks in "Boys vs. Girls".


Starfire's hairstyle.

Colors of Raven

Starfire can briefly be seen with two large ponytails, tied with green bows as Pink Raven brushes her hair.

Starfire the Terrible


Starfire the Terrible.

Starfire once again took up sewing. This time, she created a legitimate villain costume. Unlike her normal attire, this costume is nearly all black with some purple spikes on her neck-plate and gauntlets, and covering most of her body, except her arms and face. Her hair is fixed into a single ponytail due to the mask.

Starfire's original costume



Starfire wearing Batgirl costume in Sidekick.


When she and the other Titans visit the Batcave with Robin, she tries on a Batgirl costume, which causes Robin to drool and stare in awe. She wears a black suit with bat ears and a cape with a yellow belt, boots, gloves with a yellow Batman emblem on it. Due to the mask, her hair is fixed into a single ponytail.


Starfire with blonde hair in Nose Mouth.

Nose Mouth

When Robin kept sleep-fighting the Titans, Starfire is seen in a puple bathrobe, violet slippers, with a green spa mask and a purple towel on her head, annoyed. Later, when Raven embraces her demon side and starts tormenting her teammates, she gives Starfire huge, goofy, big, blonde hair, much to her horror.

Season 2

Starfire prisoner

"We worked things out."

Mr. Butt

Because of her selfishly-vindictive big sister, Blackfire, Starfire is sent to a galactic prison. During the course of a few weeks (or days), she outrageously changed how she looks drastically. She shaved off most of her hair off (which was now deep purple to match Blackfire’s), wore an orange jumpsuit with the sleeves torn off, and had numerous tattoos with buff arms.

She then returned to Titans Tower and fought Blackfire quite aggressively, blasting her with numerous starbolts; regardless of her big sister's repeated apologies. She was about to finish her off with a charged starbomb, Blackfire showed her the doll she had stolen from her many years ago. Starfire said that she, too, remembered, but destroys it, angrily stating that she has changed as well. When Blackfire later fainted from pain and exhaustion, Starfire became calm and happy once more, claiming that she and her sister had, "worked things out."

Baby Hands

In a flashback when the Teen Titans first formed as a team, Starfire looked exactly the same as her first appearance from the New Teen Titans comic series. At that time, she wore a single-piece swimsuit-like clothing, and her armor has more corners than curves. Her hair was also puffed out and curled, reaching past her feet.

She couldn't understand English at all; for she and Robin hadn't kissed each other yet for her to speak it. It is unknown how she learned the language until now, not having had direct lip contact with Robin yet.


After being changed into a child by the Halloween Spirit, Starfire and her friends dress up for trick-or-treating. Starfire dresses up as a traditional ghost by wearing a simple white sheet with holes over her body for eyes made at the top. 

Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt

Starfire wears a purple shirt with a T in the middle, white shorts, long white socks with two purple lines on each sock and purple shin guards with purple sneakers, completed with a purple headband.


Starfire in her sports attire

Tamaranian Vacation

Starfire joyfully took her four friends to her home world to have them understand why she is so optimistic all the time. When Cyborg shook a Gordanian's hand as act of friendship, he had unintentionally started an all-out war on Tamaran. As its princess and heir to the throne, Starfire began a planetary defense and fought bravely. With the war concluded, and as a Tamaranean custom, she offered a truce by asking for her hand in marriage to the General, which horrified and shattered Robin's heart. When Robin kills her husband, her dress was destroyed, mostly dark purple, and the bottom exposing her feet.

Operation Tin Man

Starfire is dressed as a German tourist, specifically a white shirt with red suspenders, a brown skirt, white knee socks and brown shoes, she also puts her hair in many braids.

Season 3

Cat's Fancy

Cats Fancy Image33

Starfire and Sassypants.

After flying off into outer space to destroy a bomb made by Dr. Light, Starfire is caught up in the massive explosion and falls back to Earth unconscious. When she wakes, she spots and a kitty (which she later call him "Nibbles") and croons all over him; ignoring Robin who was trying to confess his true romantic affections for her. After she becomes a "cat lady", her outfit consists of a purple sweater with a cat in the middle, pink sweatpants, and yellow cat slippers. All of her clothing has kittens on them. After she sees Robin dressed as a dog, her outfit returns to normal.

Hey, You! Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory

At Jump City High School, Starfire wears a purple dress, a bracelet on her left arm, diamond earrings on her ears, she also puts her hair in a ponytail, completed with brown knee boots.

Scary Figure Dance

Ghost Starfire

Starfire as a ghost in Scary Figure Dance.

At the Halloween party, Starfire is shown wearing a white cat costume. As a ghost, she was white with dark blue outlines and white-ish glow, she is noseless unlike her living self, has no eyebrows (she has eyebrows when ready to possess See-More along with Raven when she is ready to possess Mammoth), have four fingers instead of five, and have a hair for a ghostly body.

Grube's Fairytales

As Starfire tells the story of "Little Red Riding Hood", she dresses as the character. The outfit consists of a red hood, a purple skirt with a long sleeved cream colored shirt and sleeves, purple Mary-Jane shoes, and white thigh socks with a dark-purple stripe on top.


Starfire as Little Red Riding Hood.

Animals, It's Just a Word!

When Beast Boy saves Starfire (and the other titans) life by transferring his blood to her, she was first horrified by that and then she was later happy when she can transformed into animals, she transformed herself into a cat and claimed herself adorable.

Black Friday

Unable to recognize the point of Black Friday, she is visited by three spirits who teach the true meaning of Black Friday and the consequences of her negative actions. She wears a purple ski hat with stars on it.

Two Parter

At the Titans pool and at The Hall of Justice pool, she wears her purple strapless tube-top and matching bikini bottom with a purple and pink polka-dot float when swimming. Later, she wears The Flash costume after entering The Hall of Justice.

TP 10

Starfire in her swimsuit with Raven (who also in her swimsuit)

The True Meaning of Christmas

While infiltrating Santa Workshop, she beat up an elf and dressed as one with a green suit and red and white hat and shoes. 
Starfire and Raven chase the Gingerbread Man

Starfire (and Raven) in an elf costume.

Think About Your Future

Throughout most parts of the episode, she wears a cerulean jacket which has light brown sleeves. Her nickname, "Star" (in yellow cursive letters) is labelled on the top right corner of the jacket.

Oregon Trail

During the journey, she wears a lady's bonnet.

Season 4

Hand Zombie

When going on a date with Robin's Hand Zombie, she wears a green sleeveless dress with a light green vest, a green belt, and an emerald green skirt. Her accessories are a pink rose on the right side of her head and a necklace of green beads. She also wears a pair of green flat-soled shoes.

Hot Salad Water

As a British lady, aside from tying up her hair into a bun curly ponytail, she also wears a pine-colored trilby hat with a light blue green rose accessory, a light jungle-colored dress which has a tea-colored collar with a round emerald green button as well as jungle-colored shoes and long-sleeved tea-colored gloves.