"Starfire Starter" is issue #33 in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It was digitally released on July 11, 2016 and was released in print on August 17, 2016 by DC Comics.


Starfire gets the Tamaranean flu, so the Titans go the find the right cure. But is the cure worse than the disease itself?


A massive fireball erupts inside the Titans Tower, and Robin and Cyborg run to the living room to see what's up. This isn't the first time something has detonated in the Tower, and at first they think it was Beast Boy (who gets violently gassy after a tofu-and-bean burrito). Actually though, it was Starfire... apparently, she's got the explosive Tamaranean Flu. Robin's more worried about catching the sickness himself and, more importantly, their enemies learning of her weakness. After Raven takes her temperature of 140° (actually a mild case), Starfire informs them that she's gotta take a break for a while.

Figuring they'll have to fill in for her somehow, Robin devises a ludicrous plan where they all switch roles and Silkie ends up as Raven. That's a dumb idea to Raven though, so she gives Starfire a bit of over-the-counter medicine. Unfortunately, that only leads to Beast Boy being fried by another one of her fiery sneezes. Nothing is working, and at this point, Starfire's face terribly swollen. She tries telling Robin she needs "retht," but he can't understand her puffy-lipped words. For the time being, the Titans put her in the medical room, but that barely satisfies Robin. His team members try telling him all she needs is rest, and yet the fool shuns their advice. However, Raven figures there's one thing they can do to quicken her recovery...

Starfire Starter (6.1)

It's rhino time.

Back in the living room, Raven shows Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin one of her sacred texts, possibly the only cure for Starfire—a soup. Not just any soup, though, an Apacaen soup, one that requires the feather of a giant, gold-crested "Glibshar." Cyborg's getting the spooks from the fearsome bird, though, so he actually has a good plan: have Beastie turn into the bird so they can pluck him. But that's not gonna fly with Beast Boy, and just as the two are getting into a heated fight about Cyborg saying "pluck," Robin announces they're going to find a Glibshar.

Starfire's already feeling much better, but Raven teleports the group to the mysterious world anyway. They immediately stumble upon some strange animal, and he's got some bad news: all the Glibshars went into hiding after being hunted so much. However, the stranger still has a few feathers left... for a price. They'll have to do a few chores around the his family's campsite in order to earn the feathers. After Starfire accidentally torches the family with one of her sneezes, the Titans set out on the tasks.

After picking berries, chopping down firewood, and heating up a pot, the Titans have made a nice pot of soup for the animal (named Milt) and his family. Just as the Titans are about to leave, Starfire sneezes again—and the flu flies away! But during the fiery explosion, the Milt's hat was burned off, revealing burnt feathers. Cyborg and the team now realize that he and his family are actually a GLIBSHARS. Unfortunately, Raven's ancient text was also burned by the sneeze, meaning they're stuck there. But that's ok, because Milt was planning on inviting them for dinner.

After eating some soup, the Glibshars have regained their feathers and are now returning to their full size. Milt's son starts complaining that his meal is too "crunchy," so his mom hands him a bowl filled with... scraps... scraps of the Titans' SUITS. Milt feels a little bad for eating the Titans, but he points out they just ran out of "pluck." Cyborg, still digesting in his stomach, manages to annoy Beast Boy with that word, who's digesting nearby in the wife's belly...


Starfire Starter (7.0.1)


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Silkie
  • Milt's Wife
  • Milt's Son


Starfire Starter (Credits)

Wes Abbott is such a regular, they just put him on there anyways.

  • This is one of the few Teen Titans Go! comic issues not to feature Wes Abbott as the letterer. Saida Temofonte takes the role instead, and there's noticeable differences in the title panel and onomatopoeia.
  • For some reason though, the digital credits page congratulates Wes as the letterer...



  • The Glibshar's beaks' only become distinctly beaks once Cyborg figures out they are Glibshar birds. Before that, they look more like snouts, without any clearly defined lines. Marcelo DiChiara (the artist) probably did this so he could surprise readers that they are actually Glibshars later on.

Running Gags


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Starfire Starter (1.0.1)
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