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"Staring at the Future" is the thirty-first episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the thirty-first overall episode of the series.


Cyborg and Beast Boy have a staring contest that lasts for thirty years, bringing them face to face with a future of adulthood and responsibility... and they hate it.


After Cyborg and Beast Boy destroy a large chunk of the Tower in their attempt to become "Indoor Rodeo Champions", the other Titans confront them, telling them that it is their job to clean up the mess. Beast Boy tries to defend himself, by saying they were "just goofing off". Robin tells them life is not just about "goofing off", but it's also about "responsibility". The duo is horrified to hear Robin use such a word, and jump into each others arms. Once the girls both use the word, Cyborg and Beast Boy become traumatized, and smash through the living room window to escape.


Later that day at Zippy's Pizza, Cyborg and Beast Boy stuff their faces with pizza, trying to forget all about their encounter with the dreaded "R" word.

Staring Contest through 30 years.

When Beast Boy reaches to grab the last piece of pizza, Cyborg's hand touches it at the exact same time. The two decide to have staring contest, whoever looks away from the piece of pizza last gets to eat it.

Time passes by, and eventually a rat jumps on Beast Boy's head, causing him to stand up and look away from the pizza. Cyborg laughs at Beast Boy's failure, and stuffs the slice in his mouth with one big bite. Almost instantly he spits it out, disgusted that the pizza tastes so old. The two walk outside and realize that they had been staring at the slice of pizza for 30 years! Excited to explore the new world they live in, Cyborg and Beast Boy return to Titans Tower to see what has become of their friends.

When they walk in, they are shocked to see a man in a dark uniform with a mullet. The man turns around, and is holding a baby. The man is revealed to be 30-year-old Robin, who now goes by the name of Nightwing. Noticing his baby, Beast Boy asks Nightwing if he and Starfire had finally got married. Nightwing tells him that he got over his obsession with Starfire a long time ago, and that he is now married to Batgirl. Batgirl suddenly strides into the room, and plants a kiss on Nightwing. Cyborg and Beast Boy decide that this is too weird, and that they want to go see a movie with Nightwing. Nightwing tells them he can't, because he is too busy with his "responsibilities". Outraged, Cyborg and Beast Boy command him to tell them where Starfire and Raven are at. Nightwing tells them that Starfire moved back home to Tamaran.

On Starfire's home planet, Beast Boy and Cyborg arrive, but are confronted by ferocious warriors. The two fight them off, and go to find Starfire. She tells them that she is now the queen, and the warriors were her guards. Upon realizing she is queen, Beast Boy invites her to go see a Tamaranian movie with them. However Starfire tells him there are no movies on Tamaran, only Gladiators fighting three-headed dragons with laser eyes. Cyborg says that sounds like fun, but Starfire tells them that she cannot join them, as she is too busy with her "responsibilities". The two freak out again, and decide to go find Raven.

Don’t You Dare!

In a magical realm, Beast Boy and Cyborg walk down a bright path to find Raven. She explains that after defeating Trigon, she was reborn as pure energy and became the goddess of the universe. The two ask her if she wants to go to the movies, but she says she is too busy with her "responsibility" of maintaining balance in the universe, with Cyborg interrupting her from saying the word, "responsibility", by angrily yelling at her not to say it. Beast Boy and Cyborg decide that is the last straw, and that it is up to them to go back in time, and alter the future by "saving" the other Titans so that they never become responsible adults.

That night, the two begin building their time machine in the tower's living room. Nightwing walks in and asks them if they want leftover pasta. Angrily, Cyborg yells "NO!" at his offer. Nightwing politely asks them if they will keep the noise down, because his kids are trying to sleep. Cyborg tells him that he won't have to worry about his kids anymore when they finish, and explains their plan to him. Nightwing tells him that he likes his life, and that what they're doing is unnecessary. Beast Boy screams at him, telling him his family is horrible.

Building the time machine.

Nightwing uses his Titans communicator to call for help, and the other female Titans arrive almost instantly. He explains to them Beast Boy and Cyborg's plan, right as the duo finishes their time machine. Starfire reacts quickly and uses her beams to knock the two off their time machine. Cyborg remind them that they are talking to an "Indoor Rodeo Champion", and Beast Boy transforms back into a bull. Cyborg mounts Beast Boy, and they attack the other Titans. The battle is cut short by Batgirl, who angrily shushes them. While she reminds Robin that the kids are still trying to sleep, Cyborg and Beast Boy sneak onto the time machine and use it before anyone else can react.

Cyborg and Beast Boy appear back in Zippy's Pizza, and cut the pizza in half this time, instead of fighting over it. Beast Boy and Cyborg both wonder out loud how much the future will be affected by simply cutting a piece of pizza.

30 years later-again.

Suddenly, we flash thirty years into their future again, to find Cyborg and Beast Boy, now aged, and a nearly destroyed Jump City being enslaved by legions of robots. The other Titans, who are badly injured, crash into the ground next to them, and Robin sadly declares that the Robot Overlords have taken over the entire city. When Robin sadly wonders how things got to that point, Cyborg grins and tells him it had something to do with sharing a slice of pizza. The two explain Robin's alternative future, right as Robot warriors arrive to fight the Titans. Robin, Starfire, and Raven flee, with the robots hot in their pursuit. Beast Boy and Cyborg, however, sit back in their chairs and declare that this is a future that they can live with.



  • This episode aired one day before Halloween, 2013.
  • This is the second episode that was not mentioned on the Cartoon Network website prior to its air date.
  • In this episode, there are three things that happen in the future before Cyborg and Beast Boy intervene:
    • Robin becomes Nightwing, marries Batgirl, and has three children.
    • Starfire becomes the queen of Tamaran.
    • Raven becomes an immortal goddess of the world, and she tells Cyborg and Beast Boy that she has defeated her father, Trigon.
  • One explanation as to why Beast Boy and Cyborg didn't age for 30 years, and didn't need life essentials like food, water, or sleep, is that during the staring contest they went into suspended animation. In reality, it would be very impossible for Beast Boy & Cyborg to survive without eating, drinking, sleeping or using a bathroom for 30 years, they would’ve easily starve or die for 1 week. Cyborg would additionally need to recharge himself due to being part machine, and his parts would have long since worn out or rusted without proper care.
  • When Beast Boy and Cyborg go to the future, the Pizza Restaurant Zippy's Pizza were they where has the slogan, "Since 2010", this means that the show could be happening in the year 2010 and not 2013. However, the restaurant could've been made before the show began.
  • Both Cyborg and Beast Boy suffer from hypergiophobia- a fear of responsibility.
  • The Titans break the fourth wall by seeing or touching the word "Responsibility" over one of their heads.
    • This is the second time a word is used to break the fourth wall. The first time was "Matched".
  • The Titans have possibly received their best possible future outcome: Robin has become Nightwing, an elite superhero, who is married to Batgirl, and has a family. Starfire has become Queen of Tamaran, while Raven has become a celestial goddess. These are probably the best possible outcomes for the future.
    • However, Cyborg and Beast Boy decide that this is a future they cannot live in. They end up changing the future, ultimately destroying the Titans possible future.
  • The title is similar to "Starfire the Terrible" as it begins with the word "the" and has the letter "S" in the beginning.
  • Tara Strong who voiced Batgirl in this episode, also voiced the other Batgirl from the DC Nation short "Super Best Friends Forever".


  • This is the second time Raven mentions her father, Trigon. The first was "Super Robin."
  • This is the second time we see Starfire's home planet, Tamaran. The first was "Parasite."
  • Beast Boy's video game music from "Power Moves" is heard when Cyborg explains to Beast Boy in a thought sequence how they can save the rest of the Titans from their future jobs.


  • This episode is an obvious reference to the original Teen Titans episode "How Long is Forever?", only Starfire is the one who travels to the future. However, unlike this episode, Starfire's absence caused the future to be bleak for her friends, whereas in this episode, Beast Boy and Cyborg change the future for their friends.
  • The robot overlords at the end look vaguely like the DC villains the Manhunters, who are primarily enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. and are part of the Sinestro Corps.
  • When Beast Boy and Cyborg are fighting over the last slice of pizza, it's is a reference to the original Teen Titans series, as the Titans always fight over the last slice of pizza.
  • Raven becoming a goddess made out of pure energy could possibly be a reference to what happens to her in the Titans comic series (vol. 1), where she also becomes a being of pure energy, but without the vast power she has in this episode.
  • The three-lined glowing part in the time machine resembles the Flux Capacitor , the main piece from the DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine to travel in time from the Back to the Future movies.
  • Robin, Starfire and Raven say "Responsibility" with the word shaped like a rainbow appearing above their head. In SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob says "Imagination" in the episode known as "Idiot Box" with similar background music. Cyborg says they're finally gonna "eradicate" responsibility and draws an "X" in the air with his fingers and you can actually see it. In another episode known as "Krusty Love", a character draws a heart that you can see. Later when they "become traumatized", "responsibility" echoes through their heads in a similar way to when Squidward (a character from the SpongeBob franchise) hears "alone" echo in yet another episode known as "SB-129."
  • The changes where Beast Boy and Cyborg have the staring contest and everyone has a responsibility while the world was ruled by robot overlords is a reference to The Legend of Zelda timeline where there is a Hero is Defeated Timeline and there is a sealing war and the Child Timeline and after the Adult Timeline where Hyrule is flooded.
  • This episode is similar to the Ben 10 episode "Ben 10,000", in which both involve characters traveling into the future.
  • The theory expressed by Cyborg that changing one little thing in the past will completely change the future is known as the Butterfly Effect. Furthermore, in Cyborg's thought illustration, he zaps a butterfly with a laser.
  • The buildings changing and years and years passing by outside the window is a reference to the 1960 movie adaptation of HG Wells' The Time Machine.


Why is Beast Boy eating the pepperoni pizza for the fourth time?

  • Beast Boy eats pepperoni pizza for the fourth time, despite being a vegetarian.
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg build a Time Machine, yet it's shown in "Sandwich Thief" that the Titans already have one.
    • Though it's possible that the Titans no longer have the time machine in the future.
  • When Starfire and Raven are teleported into the Tower, Starfire refers to Nightwing as "Robin".

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy and Cyborg freaking out whenever one of the other Titans says the word "responsibility".
  • Cyborg riding on Beast Boy as a bull and destroying everything.


The transcript for "Staring at the Future" can be found here.


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