Starstruck is issue #13 of Teen Titans Go! comic series.


When Starfire develops a massive romantic crush on the latest teen pop sensation, Robin will stop at nothing to attract her attention--even if he must become a teen idol himself!


Robin is singing as he walks down the Titans Tower hallway and stops when he overhears Starfire admitting to a secret crush. He believes that he is the object of Starfire's affections and enters the room, beginning to admit his crush on her. However, he notices Starfire coddling a poster of teen pop idol, Dusty Goober. Starfire greets Robin and asks him if he is also a fan of Dusty Goober. Robin questions Starfire about her crush on the teen idol and she explains that the internet told her Dusty Goober was dreamy and purchased all of his merchandise in the morning. Robin asks if Dusty Goober can perform all of his accomplishments and does acrobatics, battles Trigon, receives an award in science, and saves a cat from a tree. Starfire, distracted with reading a Goober magazine, asks Robin if he said something. Enraged, Robin realizes that there's only one thing to do.

Elsewhere, Robin enlists Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven to help him transform into a teen pop idol. Cyborg styles Robin's hair and asks him to rethink his decision, but Robin claims that he has to become a teen pop idol to attract Starfire. Beast Boy wishes to become a teen pop idol as well and transforms into a cat in order to slice off a piece of Robin's uniform, exposing his chest. Robin tells Raven that teen idols need to be sullen and brooding which Raven is an expert of. Outside the tower, teenage girls spot Robin and squeal in excitement. They ask for his name and Starfire, entranced, answers that it's Robin.

Later that day, Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven are preparing to battle the Brotherhood of Evil when Robin tells his teammates to stand down, ensuring that he can handle the threat due to his status as a teen idol. However, at that moment, Robin's fangirls (which includes Terra) trample the Titans and carry Robin away. Sometime later, Doctor Light is preparing to shut off the city's power when Robin ensures his teammates that he and his entourage can handle it. Robin's fangirls trample the Titans once more and carry him away. Doctor Light succeeds in his plan, but asks Robin for an autograph too, claiming that it's for his niece.

Outside Titans Tower, Starfire is throwing away her Dusty Goober merchandise and tells Robin that she never realized how amazing he was. Robin begins to respond, but is whisked away by his fangirls once more. Realizing that his status as a teen pop idol is destroying his effectiveness as a crime fighter, Robin admits that he doesn't want to be a teen pop idol anymore. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven attempt to figure out a way to demolish Robin's teen idol status and Raven suggests that they ruin his image and tells the fangirls that Robin hates puppies. Cyborg yells at Robin to do something reprehensible and he steals a fangirl's bubblegum, causing them to momentarily stop. However, they continue squealing over him.

Beast Boy tells Cyborg that he knew his plan wouldn't work as chicks dig a bad boy and transforms into a tiger to demonstrate. He taps on Terra's shoulder, but she ignores him causing Beast Boy to be ridiculed by Cyborg and Raven. Robin asks if they forgot about him, and Beast Boy admits that he did. Robin accepts that he is doomed to die by being swallowed by a sea of fans when a fangirl whistles. All of Robin's fangirls disappear, leaving Robin in shredded clothes and by himself. Cyborg reminds Robin that he forgot something about teen idols – his fifteen minutes of fame are up and it is someone else's turn.

Robin notices that his fangirls have become attracted to a musician named Scooter and agrees to let him have his fame, claiming that he obtained the one thing he wanted from his time as a teen idol. He goes up to Starfire, asking where they left off when she turns, revealing that she has also become a fan of Scooter. Raven asks if anyone didn't see that coming and Cyborg responds that Scooter didn't as Robin raises his staff and leaps to attack Scooter.



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  • Dusty Goober is a parody of Justin Bieber.


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Running Gags

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Robin thinks he is Starfire's crush
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