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"Strength of a Grown Man" is the forty-first episode of the fifth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-fiftieth overall episode of the series.


Needing a hero with shrinking powers, but forgetting about Bumblebee, Robin invites The Atom to join their fight against The Brain.


It’s another day at the tower and the Titans are building a friendship castle when suddenly Robin drops in out of nowhere and reduces the castle to ruins stomping on their smashed remains for good measure. He tells the Titans to listen up and that according to his intel The Brain is planning to destroy them by using a mechsuit made from new incredible technology which apparently includes indestructible titanium alloy armor, diamond tipped razor claws, and nucellar powered plasma cannons. After hearing this the Titans for some reason begin cheering and marveling at all the crazy weapons. Starfire begins clapping saying that they do not stand any chance against the brain and Raven agrees with her saying that they're pretty much dead while smiling contently.  

Robin tells them that they may still have a chance as his analysis of the suit schematics shows a weakness, a tiny exhaust port leading to its power source. Cyborg asks him angrily if he thinks this is Star War and Beast Boy agrees with him asking Robin how they’re supposed to blow up that tiny hole saying that it’s too small. Raven nods to this saying that they’re pretty much dead still appearing completely unbothered about this. Bumblebee says that maybe they just need a hero with shrinking powers and Robin agrees with her saying that that is why he is recruiting The Atom. Bumblebee appears confused asking Robin what about her.  Robin stares her in confusion asking what she means. Bumblebee says that she can shrink just like the Atom saying that that’s her power. Robin tells her that he thought it was making honey. Bumblebee shakes her head in anger saying that it’s not making honey. Robin cringes and the other Titans say that they thought her power was making honey too. Beast boy says that in their defense she just joined the team and Cyborg nods in agreement.   

Bumblebee exasperatedly says that she’s been with them for months. Robin tells Bumblebee that as their resident shrinking hero, she will be perfect for the mission.  Bumblebee asks what they will do about the Atom. Robin shrugs nonchalantly and tells her to call him and cancel and that it's no big deal. Just then the doorbell rings and Cyborg begins to freak out saying that he’s here. Starfire smugly says that it is now a big deal and Robin gets mad and sighs saying that he’ll handle it and walks over to the elevator. As the elevator doors open, he starts with a greeting and then says that he has bad news but he stops short when he sees that there appears to be no one in the elevator. He calls his name again and asks where he is in confusion. Beast boy tells Robin to check his shoes and Robin proceeds to do so and there he is! Stuck to his shoe like a piece of gum. Robin begins pulling him off and he ends up getting thrown into the back of the couch. But he gets up completely unbothered by this and says that he’s ready for the mission. However, Robin tells him that his services are no longer required. The Atom asks if he’s kidding but Robin says that it was a mix up and that he takes full responsibility. The Atom groans in frustration saying that it’s hard for him to find a mission that requires his stupid powers and that when he does get called it’s because Lois Lane dropped an earring down the bathroom sink.  He says that he can't believe that he let himself get excited about leaving the house for once not to buy cat food.  

Bumblebee says that she has the shrinking thing covered and shrinks down to the atoms size and begins pushing him away saying it was good seeing him. Atom pushes back saying that he’s not leaving, that he drove all the way across town and he’s going on the mission and finally that he took a shower this morning for crying out loud. The Titans all stare at him cringing for a few seconds and Robin breaks the awkward silence to say that he's not sure what to do here. Atom tells him that it’s easy and that he should pick the better hero, indicating to himself. Bumblebee asks in anger how he’s the better hero. Atom answers her saying that it’s because when he shrinks, he still has the strength of a full-grown man.  

Cyborg asks if he can lift the couch and he answer that yes, he can provided that someone lifted the other side then it would just depend on hand holds. Cyborg and the rest of the Titans appear to be unconvinced. He continues on though saying that he can also do something else and leaps down from the couch and walks up to a bag of chips and proceeds to lift them up asking if they’ve ever seen a tiny man lift an entire bag of potato chips. Bumblebee flies down to him and tells him big deal, and that she can shrink and fly. She then proceeds to use her wings to show off her flying. Raven says that shrinking seems like a pretty useless power and Starfire asks Robin if he’s sure they need a tiny hero. Robin says that yes they do, to defeat the brain. Atom says that in that case he proposes a shrink off, a tiny competition to decide who will become the new shrinking hero of the Teen Titans.  

Robin shakes his head saying that they can’t do that and that in the short time Bumblebee has been with them she’s become an essential part of their team and that they couldn’t just toss her aside. Atom asks Robin if they want to pay him back the gas money he spent driving over to the tower. The Titans all instantly shake their heads all saying no and Robin agrees to the shrink off immediately. Bumblebee asks if they're really going to make her fight the Atom and Cyborg hushes her saying that they can't afford gas money. Starfire tells Bumblebee not worry and that they will provide her with the training. Beast boy agrees with her saying that they’ve seen all the movies where people get really small so they know what it takes. Robin stomps the floor and says great and that it’s settled suddenly groaning can be heard and it appears that Robin has once again squashed Atom under his foot. He lifts it to reveal a very squished Atom, he tells Robin to stop stepping on him in anger. Robin apologizes then proceeds to stomp on him yet again ignoring the fact that he's still stuck to the bottom of his shoe. He starts to continue but the Atom yells that he’s now doing this on purpose. Robin laughs saying that he’s really not and begins to pull off his shoe and wipe it on to the back of the couch to try and dislodge him, but he remains very much stuck to it. Robin laughs nervously saying that he’s stuck on there and continues wiping the shoe but to no avail. He asks for the hose and Cyborg comes up with one and begins spraying the bottom of the shoe to try and dislodge Atom from the bottom of it. It takes a little bit but with the use of a twig he is finally free. He drops to the ground in a wet soggy mound.  

Later on, outside, Cyborg and Beast boy appear to be training a tiny Bumblebee. They place her on the ground in the grass and she excitedly asks if they’re going to train for the fight with some tiny combat techniques. Beast boy tells her that no they won't be doing that and that they will be doing classic tiny people in the grass shenanigans. Cyborg beings laughing and pulls out an ant saying that she will fight it. Bumblebee asks in annoyance why would she fight an ant. Cyborg dramatically says that it's because from her point of view this normally harmless insect is now a monster. He then begins screaming dramatically. Bumblebee says that it’s an ant and says that this isn't going to help her beat the Atom. Cyborg ignores her and pulls out a twig pushing the ant towards her, Beast boy yells at her to watch out. Bumblebee responds saying that he’s just looking for food but Beast boy ignores her saying that she's a goner for sure and Cyborg says that he can’t bear to watch this, yet he cannot look away. Bumblebee seems fed up and points the ant in the direction of some beef jerky and the ant obliges walking away in the direction she pointed to. Cyborg tells her that she caught the break of her life and Beast Boy adds that that was close.  

Back in the tower now, Robin is telling Bumblebee that he wants to make sure that she is a member of the team for a long time. So, he says that he will not hold back in this tiny training exercise. He proceeds to pull out what appears to be a ticking bomb and shoves it into his mouth, forcing it in much to Bumblebee’s astonishment. He keeps punching it trying to force it down his throat when suddenly the rest of the Titans appear out of nowhere to gawk at him in shock. They leave when he pulls out his staff to push the rest of it somehow down his throat. He uses his cape to wipe his mouth and says that he just swallowed a device that can expand one hundred-fold, and he proceeds to lift his shirt revealing the device bulging in his stomach which is apparently still counting down indicated by the flashing red light. Robin excitedly tells Bumblebee that if she doesn't shrink and remove it before it enlarges his entire body is going to explode. He opens his mouth and tells her to fly in there but Bumblebee nervously says that she doesn’t want to. Robin laughs and says that of course she does and that tiny heroes love exploring the insides of people's bodies. Bumblebee angrily says that they don’t and that that is nasty. Robin tells her to hurry and that his life is in her hands, however Bumblebee isn't having any of that and cheerfully says that she can call him a doctor. Suddenly Beast boy appears head to toe clad in scrubs saying that he’s got him and that he shouldn’t worry since he’s got tiny wrists. Robin begins yelling No! continuously covering his mouth but Beast Boy ignores him and proceeds to open his mouth to extract the device much to Bumblebees disgust.  

Now in Starfire’s room it looks like something dramatic is about to go down Starfire and Raven are looking at Bumblebee seriously. Raven looks at Starfire and says that she thinks she’s ready. Starfire replies that she hopes so because it’s tea time! She places a hat on tiny Bumblebee’s head and they sit at a tiny table with Silkie present as well. Bumblebee seems confused and asks them how this is supposed to be training. Starfire laughs crazily and says that it’s not, and Raven states that they thought it would be cute. Bumblebee appears downcast saying that she’s never going to beat the Atom and begins dejectedly flying away. Silkie who was given tea by Starfire precedes to barf it out all over the two of them.  

Bumblebee flies to her room which is apparently not in the reactor room anymore but on the side of the tower in a hastily constructed wooden contraption. She finds Atom already in there planning on where to put all of his stuff. Bumblebee angrily tells him that she’s not off the team just yet and proceeds to call him a tiny jerk. He tells her that she will be and that no one is a match for the mighty Atom! Suddenly once again he is squished under Robin’s shoe. Robin takes no notice of this and asks Bumblebee what’s got her down. She tells him that it’s the Atom pointing to him under Robin’s shoe but he takes no notice of this and tells her not to worry about him. He tells her that as long as she believes in herself, she can defeat him. The Atom yells from under Robin’s shoe that no she can’t. Bumblebee asks him if he can't hear the Atom saying that and that it’s the voice saying “She can’t”. Robin says that that is the voice of doubt in her head and that he hears those kinds of voices all the time. He then starts talking to himself which causes Bumblebee to ask if he’s ok. Robin laughs nervously saying that of course he is despite what they keep telling him and that if she doesn’t stop listening to those voices too, she’ll never accomplish her goals. Bumblebee is touched by Robin’s advice and thanks him however just then the Atom pulls himself out from under Robin’s shoe and tells her to not listen to him. Robin apparently doesn’t notice that the voice is coming from the Atom and he somehow manages to unknowingly squash him yet again while saying that they aren't listening to his negativity today as he starts leaving Bumblebee’s room with Atom still stuck to the bottom of his shoe.  

It is finally time for the tiny battle, Robin sets both Bumblebee and the Atom on table and says that this battle will determine which of them will help the Titans take on the Brian and become a permanent addition to the team. Robin asks them if they are ready and the Atom begins trash talking Bumblebee saying that she’s going down like his self-esteem after spending another Thanksgiving alone. He then begins to charge at Bumblebee and she starts charging at him however before they can collide Cyborg stops them saying that they need some gear and he proceeds to hand it to them. Now battle ready they finally start charging at each other once more, dramatically until they finally collide. But the battle is very anti-climactic however and suddenly a strong light starts pulsing in the room and the Brain appears! He asks if they are surprised and mentions that his new suit has the ability to teleport him anywhere. Robin yells Titans Go! And they charge straight into battle. Beast boy immediately turns into a gorilla and throws the couch at The Brain, but his strong robot claws rip through it like butter. He releases some sort of black, metal vine which grabs Beast boy and sucks him into his suit. The other Titans begin attacking the Brain but they don’t manage to inflict any damage on him whatsoever. He laughs at their misfortune and instantly grabs all of them with the same black vines that captured Beast boy and sucks them into his machine body which manages to seal the Titans into a metal box which he throws aside. The Titans appear to be completely trapped with no way of escape. The Brain gloats about the ease of the task however Robin responds saying that he may have stopped them but he still needs to stop Bumblebee and the Atom and he motions to where they are. However, it appears that the Brain cannot see them as they are far too small. Bumblebee and the Atom begin shouting but the Brain still cannot see them claiming to only hear a little squeaking.  

Bumblebee turns to the Atom and says that they’ve got to get to that exhaust port and that it’s the suits only weakness. However unfortunately it seems that the exhaust port has been covered with tape blocking them form entering. Bumblebee is extremely disappointed at first but then says it makes sense however that the Brain protects the suits only weakness. The Atom starts saying that it doesn’t matter who ends up on the Titans team since they’re both garbage. Bumblebee surprisingly agrees with him however she mentions that that is only true when they are small. The Atom nods excitedly understanding her and they both enlarge back to their normal size much to the surprise of the Brain. He asks where they came from in shock and the two of them manage to defeat the Brain quite easily by shoving him over. It appears that they have discovered the suits true weakness... It’s top heavy! The Brian begins moving around unable to get back up, while Bumblebee compliments the Atom on his teamwork. She then motions to him to free the Titans but he stops her saying that they’d better shrink back down so that they think they did it as small heroes. Bumblebee agrees with him cheekily and the two of them go over to the trapped titans and free them. The Titans are all impressed by Bumblebee's and the Atom’s success and admit that they were wrong and that they aren’t so useless after all. The Atom begins to brag but is stopped as he gets crushed under Robins foot again. He exclaims that they’re free! But suddenly beeping can be heard and Robin lifts his shirt to reveal that the bomb he swallowed in still inside him! It begins expanding just like he said it would, until he explodes though this is not shown and instead quickly cut to show a fiery explosion which breaks the window from outside the tower.  


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • It is revealed that Bumblebee has stayed in the Tower for months after "Communicate Openly", rather as her first episode in the Tower which was two weeks before this airing.
  • Bumblebee‘s room is seen for the first time in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Titans Tower has a door bell.
  • Silkie is displayed to have a dislike towards tea judging by how he barfed it all over Starfire and Raven.
  • When Robin swallows the bomb, it says 5:36. this breaks the fourth wall because at the time in the episode, there was a little over 5:30 minutes left. And at the end of the episode, the bomb does go off.


  • Robin is once again shown using his hands to speak to himself in different voices.



  • In Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, Atom is shown to be able to fly; however, in this episode, it is shown that he cannot.
  • Beast Boy has the ability to turn into any animal, this includes turning into small and even microscopic ones, so he technically has the ability to shrink too.

Running Gags

  • The Titans still thinking Bumblebee's power is making honey.
  • The Titans thinking shrinking powers are dumb.
  • Robin continuously squishing The Atom.
  • Raven saying "Yup they're gonna die" and being happy about it.
  • Bumblebee and The Atom screaming.


The transcript for "Strength of a Grown Man" can be found here.


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