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Superhero Summer Camp is a forested campsite where young superheroes enjoy activities during the summer in Teen Titans Go!. During the Super Summer Hero Camp special event, the Titans spent a week at the camp, befriending Bumblebee while there.


As first seen in Season 5's "Forest Pirates," Robin took the Titans on a trip to Superhero Summer Camp, hoping to win the big canoe race. Not far into their stay, they met up with Bumblebee, a member of Titans East. Since her team was feeling sick (thanks to Robin), she helped the Titans in the canoe race. Their pirate tactics were a little dishonorable, but the they got the win, so oh well.

During their stay at Superhero Summer Camp, the Titans had their fair share of adventures, including Robin's romance with Wonder Girl, running away from a baseball-playing kidnapper, and putting on a wolf-attracting campfire performance. On the last day, Trigon attempted to overthrow the camp, but thankfully the Titans plus Bumblebee thwarted him. And just like that, the Titans left Superhero Summer Camp with six team members!

Area Description

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Trigon commandeering the arts and crafts area.

Deep in the middle of a forest, central campsite is a clearing with several cabins dotting the area. Each cabin has a superhero insignia in the front, clarifying which cabin it is. In addition, multiple wooden signs decorated with hero sculptures (such as Batman, the Flash, and Hawkman) direct the campers to various places around Superhero Summer Camp. There's also the center campground (with flagpole [and Robin's underwear]), a counselor's cabin, an arts and crafts station, and a performance stage. Out in the woods, campers can enjoy a baseball field, a river, and a lake.


Creepy Catcher (What We Learned At Camp)

Wrong time to wear baseball caps.

What We Learned at Camp Teen Titans Go !

Three highly qualified counselors.

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Oh honey... mmm...

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Great trick, Cyborg!

VideoCapture 20190705-194943

The Wonder Twins don't look so well...

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Ooouuu... this is awkward.

Permanent Residents

Camp Counselors



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Thumbs up from Robin!? Thanks!

Season 5


Super Summer Hero Camp

An alternate reality sign...

  • Throughout the Super Summer Hero Camp special event, some signs referred to the camp not as "Superhero Summer Camp," but as Super Summer Hero Camp. The Super Summer Hero Camp Song and even the event's title take this alternate name as well.
  • When Trigon briefly took over the camp, it was called Camp Trigon.
  • The Creepy Catcher is an established legend of Superhero Summer Camp, much like other summer camp legends. Only... he's real...
  • It's unlikely that the Titans will be returning to this camp in episodes to come, since this was a special event location. After all, the Titans have yet to return to the tropical island from Season 3's Island Adventures.


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