The T-Car is a vehicle designed by Cyborg that serves as one of the Teen Titans' modes of transportation.

With outstanding speed thanks to rocket boosters, a turret cannon at the top, as well as cup holders, the T-Car is very fit to drive the Titans into fights. It is modeled like an old hot rod, convertible in earlier episodes with a letter T for the grille, but is later redesigned with a more modern look.


Season 1

In "Driver's Ed," Robin got the rest of the Titans to drive him to places using the T-Car, since his license was suspended. Cyborg, RavenBeast Boy, and Starfire also used it to catch Robin and Ed later on in the episode. Unfortunately, it exploded later because Robin led them on a huge chase with many dangerous obstacles, which only he avoided.

"Dude Relax" marks the T-Car's second appearance in the series. Cyborg was tinkering with the systems and car mechanics as a form of relaxation. Too bad that Robin had to interrupt and completely dismantle it.

In "Burger vs. Burrito," Beast Boy replaced the engine of the T-Car with a burrito to repay Cyborg, thus rendering it immobilized.

Season 2

The T-Car was given a complete overhaul in "Road Trip," with a completely new design, weapons, and parts. It was used to make a road trip, and successfully defeated the H.I.V.E. (while also annoying Gizmo). The new vehicle has been used most likely in later episodes of the second season.

In "Rocks and Water", Beast Boy drives the T-Car to take himself and the other Titans to a restaurant for a triple date. During driving, he gets so distracted that he swerves onto the wrong lane.



The second version of T-Car debuted in "Road Trip"

  • The initial "T" in the T-Car is an abbreviation of the Titans' car.
  • In the original series, the T-Car looked more like a sports car, while in Teen Titans Go!, it looks more like an early 20th century North American hot rod. However, after a complete overhaul in "Road Trip," the T-Car looks more of a 4x4 Off-Road UAZ battery based vehicle.
  • So far, the car has been destroyed twice.
  • The Titans having a car is likely a reference to Cyborg's car in the original, which also got destroyed twice.