Take It Down Low
Take It Down Low Starfire & The Fish
Song by Starfire and "The Fish"
Released: Thursday, November 17, 2016
Venue: Titans Tower
Previous: Shrimps and Prime Rib
Next: Sour Grapes
Teen Titans Go Take it Down Low Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go Take it Down Low Cartoon Network

Take It Down Low is a song sung by Starfire and her pet goldfish in "Fish Water".



Baby, take me to the bottom where the frequency low,

Make me feel the bass drum from that


808... YO!


Drop me with that beat,


Rock it phat, indeed,


Pull me down onto the floor.

Take it down low

(Echo: low, low )

The Fish:

We got the same big heart,

It pumpin', beatin' hard,

Don't even have to know ya,

We from the same, yeah


I like it on the down low


Nothing to talk about.

The Fish:

So turn that mouth off, baby,

And bust the beats out.


I like the radio blastin',

Feeling fantastic,

I'd dance all night if I could.

Make that sub-sonic boom,

And shake every room in every joint in the hood.

And let that bottom beat thump

That booty be bumpin'

Like you were dreaming it would.

Everybody watching me movin'

Haters keep on droolin'

Yeah, they all be provin' they just wish they could

Take it down low!


  • This is the last song to be performed in the series in 2016.
  • The song's arrangement is based on that of Megan Trainor's "All About That Bass."
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