Tamaran is the home planet of Starfire and her older sister Blackfire and millions of others of the Tamaranian race.


Season One

In the episode, "Ghostboy", Starfire said that it was not uncommon to be struck by sudden laser beams from outer space on her home world.

In "Staff Meeting", Starfire said that some Tamaranians are attached to inanimate objects, and are banished from the city and fed to the Glorthnorg.

In "Staring at the Future", a thirty-year older Starfire had become the Queen of Tamaran. Cyborg and Beast Boy visited her to try and get her to see a movie with them and asked if there were any movies on this world, but she said that, as queen, she had too many "responsibilities" and could not come with them.

Season Two

In "Mr Butt", the world appeared twice in flashbacks, showing a five-year-old Starfire and a young Blackfire playing, and how Blackfire had stolen her favorite doll back then.

The planet is shown again in "Tamaranian Vacation", where the Titans wish to visit the world, imagining it to be a wonderful place; due to Starfire's overly sweet personality and positive attitude. The place turns out the be nothing they imagined, from having to breathe in fire-burning oxygen, to simple handshakes starting an all-out war between Tamaraneans and other aliens.

In "More of the Same", Starfire mentioned some type of song all Tamaranians sing on New Year's Eve.

Season Four

In BBSFBDAY!, this planet is mentioned when Starfire explains that she was born on a date which doesn't exist on the calendar of Earth since it has a different orbital trip around the Sun (60190 days/164.79 Earth years) thanks to being the eighth planet from the Sun.

In "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star", this planet is shown in Starfire's flashback to when she was deported to Earth from Tamaran by Blackfire.

Inhabitants and Former Inhabitants

Those never seen or Mentioned

  • Wildfire (Prince Ryand'r; formerly)
  • Galfore (K'norfka, Starfire's surrogate father)

Known Locations

Plant-life and Atmosphere

It has very little fauna, due to ever-burning effects all over the world. The air (as Beast Boy puts it) is "made out of hot sauce" which ensures that the weak do not survive.

Known Festivals of Tamaran

  • Feast Day (first mentioned in “Parasite”)
  • Kergoff (first mentioned in “Second Christmas”)
  • Day of Clorthog (first mentioned in “Legs”)

Physical Appearances of Inhabitants

The guards closely resemble Starfire: auburn hair, purple and grey uniforms, orange skin and bright green eyes.

Powers and abilities of Inhabitants

  • Feline Physiology: In the DC Comics the people of Tamaran evolved from a feline alien race which is most likely what Starfire's association with cats is referencing at.
  • Flight: The people of Tamaran are able to harness ultraviolet light energy and use it for many abilities, one of them being flight.
  • Speed: Tamaranians can travel ten times faster than the speed of light, granting them the ability of time.
  • Superhuman Strength: Even the strongest humans are no match for Tamaranians' strength, as they are able to smash through concrete walls and lift cars with ease.
  • Superhuman Durability: Many injuries that would kill a normal human have little to no effect on Tamaranians, including crushing, getting shot, and even radiation.
  • Outer-Space Adaption: They can survive while in space without the need for a space suit.
  • Ultraviolet Energy Projection
  • Eye Beams
    • Energy Ball Projection
    • Energy Bolt Projection
    • Energy Wave Emission
    • Omnidirectional Energy Waves
    • Wave Motion Blast
    • Zap
    • Optic Blasts
    • Hand Blasts
    • Green Fire Generation
      • Alien Martial Arts: 
      • Agility: 
      • Insta-Language Acquisition:

Known Words

Glinart- Girl, or female

Florfka- Jerk

Bumgorf-  One who is taken care of by their guardian, or 'Knorfka'

Knorfka- Owner, guardian or caretaker

Koriand'r- Starfire's name

Kommand'r- Blackfire's name

Ryand'r- Wildfire's name

Glorbag rock shoroglorb- Probably meaning ' Leave me alone or else you will regret it!

Durepock nuh- No

Episode Appearances

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Season 4

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In Other Media

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  • In the original series episode, Betrothed, the Titans never endured any burning effects whatsoever. Also, Tamaran was shown to a hot magenta sky, and three moons as opposed to twin suns.
  • The outside of the world itself made a brief appearance in the original series' episode "Transformation", when Starfire was rejected because of her temporary unseemly grotesque appearance.
  • The guards closely resemble Starfire: auburn hair, purple and grey uniforms, orange skin and bright green eyes.
  • A handshake is the most aggressive way of declaring war on Tamaran.
  • In this series' universe, Tamaran is stated as the eighth planet of our solar system, although the DC Comics universe states it’s in the Vega System.
  • It is the only world that is seen in a playable game; either online or video game.
  • According to Starfire in the episode "BBSFBDAY", Tamaran is the 8th planet in her solar system and its revolution around the sun takes 60,190 days, which equals 164.79 earth years. This means that it has many additional months and days in the Tamaranian calendar system.
  • In the original series, the name of Tamaran's people are spelled "Tamaraneans" but in Teen Titans Go!, according to the episode "Tamaranian Vacation" and the online game Drillionaire 2, it's spelled a bit differently, replacing the "e" with an "i", spelling it "Tamaranians".
  • Tamaran is shown to be a hotter version of Neptune, as the position in the solar system and length of each year is the same.
  • Tamaran has rules which strictly prohibits its inhabitants to bond with inanimate objects. If one violates, he/she will be sentenced to severe punishment by being fed to the Dorpnug.
  • "Glinart" is the Tamaranian word for "girl".
  • "Jerk" is called "Florka" on Tamaran.
  • The truth-or-dare variant of Tamaran, at least to Starfire, is named truth-or-death.


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