"Tamaranian Vacation" is the thirty-third episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the eighty-fifth overall episode of the series.


Wondering why Starfire is so sweet and loving, the Teen Titans decide to take a trip to her home world, Tamaran. However, it turns out the world isn't nearly as innocent and pleasant as they expect, with unbreathable air, alien wars, and ferocious monsters.


The episode starts out at Titans Tower, where an unusual storm with green lightning is taking place. A green orb soars from the front side of the Tower. It is revealed that the flash of light is coming from Starfire, who seems to be extremely mad about something. Robin said she needs to relax and not do something (action soon to be revealed), but Starfire shouts that she must and that they should accept their fate. Robin retorts that he'll never submit to her. Starfire acknowledges his valiant stand, saying he's asked for it, and prepares to attack...

However, it turns out the attack is actually a mere "Tickle War," and she proceeds to tickle all of the Titans. She starts with Robin who struggles to say "Titans, Go!" in between laughs. The other Titans disperse and seek out safety. Beast Boy turns into a baby deer and tries to escape using the elevator, but gets caught before he can get it open. Raven tries to hide within the depths of her demonic cloak, but Starfire reaches in and also tickles her. Raven then reemerges from her cloak and concedes defeat. Then, it was Cyborg's turn, who had been hiding under a bush, but he's easily discovered by Star. At first, he states his mechanical parts will repel any type of tickling, but she produces some sort of feather drill, open up his belly casing, and mercilessly tickles him. Cyborg's so agitated by the tickling that he bounces up and down until he breaks the ceiling. She then very carefully tickled Silkie, who laughs softly.

The Titans remark that Starfire is constantly upbeat and in a good mood, and her happiness made them happy. Beast Boy even measures Raven's happiness with a small stopwatch, recording that she had surpassed a new record, 13 seconds of joy in a row! However, Raven punches him in annoyance after he cheers, even though she then admitted that was the longest. Cyborg then asks where does she get all her cheeriness, and Starfire responded that she thinks it's from her planet, Tamaran. Robin said that if it made you that nice it must be the best pace in the universe, and he imagined a line of Starfires kissing him, his ultimate dream. Beast Boy asks if she could take them there, but Starfire said they may not like it. Raven explained that if they liked her, then they would consequently like her planet. However, Starfire explains that some of their rituals may be strange, just as some of Earth's rituals are quite strange to her (she imagines Robin saying a poem to her). But after some thought, she said that it would make her feel better. Cyborg then said to share away, and Beast Boy put on his helmet. The whole Titans Tower blasts off in the form of a rocket ship, and the crab sitting outside puts on his sunglasses.

The Tower then blasted off at supersonic speeds to the planet Tamaran. They landed on the Tamaranian soil, on TAMARAN: Class M Planet. When Starfire came off the spaceship, she said she missed the crisp Tamaranian air. The Titans tried to breathe it in, but realized the air burned. When Cyborg asked what were they breathing, Starfire responded it was fire air. Beast Boy was shocked, saying that her planet's air was made out of hot sauce. Starfire explained it makes the weak not survive, and that they would get accustomed to the burning. However, the Titans started screaming of pain, and passed out. Starfire told them to please not die so early after she saw them lying on the ground, since they had just arrived, and that there are many more things to see.

Later, in a hovering platform, the Titans have accustomed to the air, and started marveling at Tamaran. They said they wanted to see the things that made her so jolly, and she said that being raised on the Palace might have had something to do with it. When they arrived, she explained that they often entertain queens, kings, and warlords to keep peace at the galaxy. She then introduced General Thraxis from the Blood Dominion, and explained they were having a very important treaty with him. Cyborg shook his tentacle and said hi. however, General Thraxis started freaking out, and went back into his ship. When Robin asked what happened, Starfire explained that a handshake is the most violent way of declaring war. He said he was going to wipe out Tamaranians, and turn Tamaran into intergalactic gravel. Cyborg then admitted the responsibility by saying "My bad." Starfire said it was alright, but they must excuse her to make her planetary defense.

After ringing a tone, all of the Tamaranian warrior came with Starfire, and started attacking the ships. While the war raged, Robin asked if he needed to shakes everyone's hand, and Cyborg explained that he was a friendly guy. Raven said that this was not what she expected, and she wasn't sure if she liked Tamaran. Cyborg said that it was definitely not as sweet as her. Beast Boy said that however, it was cool to see the blobs explode. Starfire killed one of them, and while Beast Boy says "There goes one!", a burning green slime covered all of them, burning them. Cyborg asked why did everything had to burn on this planet, and Beast Boy screamed in agony. Raven said that the planet was terrible, and they should leave before they make things worse, but Robin denied, saying that it meant too much to Starfire that they were there.

Then, Beast Boy called them, saying that the shaking had stopped. Robin said that Cyborg's handshake war was over, which angered Cyborg, making him repeat that he was a nice guy. Starfire came and told them that there as good news: The war had concluded and only 3/4 of Tamaran was destroyed. Robin congratulated her, saying he was proud of her. Starfire explained that to end the war she offered her hand to General Thraxis, which made Robin freak out. He then blamed Cyborg, asking why did he had to shake his hand. Cyborg said he couldn't help it, since he was such a friendly guy.

Afterward in the wedding, while the ringing was happening, Robin was still crying, saying he hated the planet. He asked how someone as nice as Starfire come from here. Beast Boy screamed in disgust, saying that she now has to kiss all his mouths. Cyborg said that she never kissed you in his one mouth. Starfire started kissing all of her mouths and everyone had their own emotions. Raven said that they were going to be here for a while.

A while later, Robin's crying has gotten so bad that Cyborg needs to use his cape as a rail. After she kissed all of her mouths, the church started clapping, and Robin's head blew off. Starfire asked f they thought the ceremony was beautiful, and she told them to stay the rest of their visit on Tamaran, because she must go. Beast Boy asked where, and she responded that as his wife, she must accompany his fleet across the universe while he conquers it, and that they will never see her again. Raven said she can't go with him. Starfire explained that Tamaranian traditions may seem strange, but it is important to honor them. The Titans were shocked, and Robin then said that if Starfire should be forced to marry someone, it should be him. He then ordered the Titans to end the marriage.

Continuing outside, Robin throws birdarangs to General Thraxis' mouths, causing him to explode, and put green go over Robin. Starfire gasped, and asked the Titans why did they blow up her husband. She said that the treaty was over and his fleet will soon come to destroy Tamaran, and he dishonored his people. The Titans, however, welcomed her, because he was "super gross". Starfire said that now the only way to make peace is to fight Gridnock. Cyborg asked if they don't the planet would be destroyed, and Starfire said yes, and after she said yes, the Titans came in the hover-board, but were stopped by the army. Starfire said that they were the guardians of honor, and they would guide them to their inevitable death in the hands of Gridnock.

Subsequently at the arena, The Titans are about to enter the Colosseum, where hundreds of people are shouting for death. When they enter, Gridnock the Skull Crusher, a gigantic stone monster, is released, and starts roaring at the Titans. Starfire asked if this was not magnificent, and Raven responded back with another question: why is she doing it. Starfire explained that fighting the Gridnock was one of the greatest symbols of bravery. However, when they asked her if anyone had ever survived it, she said none, saying that that's why it shows a symbol of braver. The Titans then saw all the dead skulls around the Coliseum. Robin said that it has been none since he has never met the Teen Titans. He said, "Titans GO!," but, however, they were eaten by the Gridnock.

In the stomach, Cyborg asked if they already had gotten eaten, and said that was fast. After he said that, the acid on Gridnock's stomach began to rise. Robin dipped a Bird-a-rang in the acid, and it melted right off. Robin said to take this slowly, but that they hated her planet and everything in it. Starfire said that they were hurting her feelings, Raven agreed, saying this place was awful, and Beast Boy said that they had no idea how she came off of a planet like this. Starfire agreed. She said it might be dreadful, but if she wasn't positive, her skull would have been crushed many years ago. She learned to make the best out of any situation. She said that that was, in fact, the only was she has been able to tolerate them as her roommates. Beast Boy started crying, saying that that was beautiful.

Cyborg said that if they were going to die, they should be positive, like Starfire. Raven said that they were on an alien's belly, what's not to love, while acid burned her. Cyborg then spotted a half-eaten hot dog, and tried tasting it, but he vomited instead. But on the positive side, Cyborg said, he had never eaten anything like that before. Beast Boy said that it was like a sauna in there, while dipping his feet on the acid. When he took them out, he said that it was a great sauna, even though his feet were half-melted. All of this made Starfire happy. However, the acid started rising.

Robin said that if Starfire survived with positive attitude, they should think as her. When he said that, all the Titans engaged in a tickle war. Starfire started tickling Cyborg on the belly, which made him bounce back and forth, eventually breaking Gridnock. The Tamaranian warriors started cheering, and General Thraxis' army is quiet. Starfire cheered, they defeated the Gridnock,and all the Titans cheered. They said that they couldn't have done it without seeing things the Tamaranian way. Starfire asked if they liked the planet, and all the Titans agreed. However, when Starfire asked if they wanted to see more of Tamaran, all the Titans quickly ran away, and the episode ends.



  • This episode aired one year after "Brain Food".
  • This is General Thraxis' first debut in the series.
  • Tamaran appears to have twin suns; where in the original Teen Titans series, it had three moons.
  • There is very little natural plant life on Tamaran's surface.
  • The lack of children in Tamaran's settlements besides Starfire references how she and her siblings were the first to be born in a century, due to the world's war with the Citadel of the Gordanians.
  • Tamaran's atmosphere is strikingly hot, which adds to Starfire's race being powered by solar radiation.
  • Starfire appears to have already gained control of Tamaran, or at least the army.
  • Handshaking on Tamaran is revealed to be the most violent declaration of war.
  • Schlurch slime is shown to be extremely hot and acidic.
  • In the original series, the spelling of Starfire's alien race is spelled "Tamaranean" but this episode however, reveals it's spelled a bit differently, replacing the "e" with an "i", spelling it "Tamaranian".
  • In the original series episode "Betrothed", the Titans did not succumb to any burning effects on Tamaran.


  • This is the fourth time Starfire has gone into a massive rage. The previous times are in "Ghostboy", "La Larva de Amor" and "Second Christmas".
  • This is the second time Raven hides within her cloak, which she previously did in "Legs".
  • This is the fifth time Tamaran has appeared. The four previous appearances occur in "Parasite", "Staring at the Future", "Second Christmas", and "Mr. Butt".
    • It is also the second time the Titans have visited Tamaran, the first time being in "Staring at the Future".
    • Technically, this is the first time, because the "first" time was later in the timeline.
    • In addition, the alien species that served as Starfire's soldiers in an alternate future in "Staring at the Future," return as Tamaranian citizens.
  • Titans Tower is once again shown taking off, which was first seen in "Double Trouble."
  • While Cyborg feels the pain of Tamaran's air in an over-the-top fashion, he says "All I know is pain!", which is one of the only phrases that Cyborg's Little Buddy, Pain Bot, says.
  • The green, flaming sword Starfire wields is similar to the one she used in "Power Moves."
  • Silkie is shown as a priest again. The first time was in "Matched."
  • This is the sixteenth time that Raven is seen unhooded.
  • In an earlier episode, "Sandwich Thief", Robin tells Beast Boy that, "plans have been made" when he was asked what he would do when Starfire married someone else. As it turns out, Robin's plan involved a lot of crying, followed by an explosive wedding annulment attack.


  • When the Titans are visiting Starfire's home world, Starfire being forced to marry an alien references the actual events from the original series episode "Betrothed".
  • Starfire's description of Tamaran's air as a means that "the weak do not survive" refers to Earth's naturalistic phrases "only the strong will survive" and "survival of the fittest", but to a crueler level.
  • One of the carcasses of the victims that Gridnock the Skull Crusher killed was Jabba the Hutt from the original Star Wars trilogy.
  • When Starfire is about to tickle Cyborg and the latter gets surprised, you can hear the popular exclamation point sound effect from the popular Stealth video game series Metal Gear Solid


  • When Starfire kisses all of Thraxis's mouths, Cyborg remarks how bad it must be for Robin, since he never kissed her once. This is inconsistent with the original Teen Titans television film Trouble in Tokyo, where Robin and Starfire kissed. Also, this implies that Robin and Starfire never did finish off their kiss in the episode "Mouth Hole", where they were in each others arms and puckering up.
    • Though it may be possible Cyborg did not witness the exchange, that this episode occurred before "Mouth Hole", or that Robin and Starfire did not end up kissing.

Running Gags

  • The Titans getting burned by various things on the planet.
  • The Titans getting covered in slime.
  • Robin crying continuously at Starfire's wedding.


The transcript for "Tamaranian Vacation" can be found here.


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