The Complete First Season is the four-disc set, released on June 5, 2018.


What happens after everyone’s favorite teenage super heroes have saved the planet from total annihilation? Swing by Titans Tower and find out as Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy chill out after a hard day of crime fighting and take on some real challenges like laundry, chores, video games and plain ol’ trying to get along! Enjoy the laughs when Beast Boy introduces his new villainous girlfriend, Raven's demonic father stops in for a visit, or Cyborg has his birthday.


Main Cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Scott Menville Robin/Nightwing/Red X, Speedy, Carlos, Detective Chimp, Treadmill Spirit, Birdarang, Muscle, Killer Moth
Greg Cipes Beast Boy/Beast Bob/Beast Babe, Puppet Wizard
Tara Strong Raven/Lady Legasus/Ravine, Silkie, Little Girl, Jayna, Raven's Emoticlones, Kitten, Batgirl
Hynden Walch Starfire/Sapphire/Starfire the Terrible
Khary Payton Cyborg/Stone, The Couch, Zan, Universe Staff

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Lauren Tom Gizmo, Jinx
Tom Kenny Mumbo Jumbo, Flex, Magic God
Jeff Bennett Ed
Kevin Michael Richardson Trigon
Ashley Johnson Terra
John DiMaggio Brother Blood
Freddy Rodriguez Más y Menos
Rodger Bumpass Dr. Light
Dee Bradley Baker Juvenile Correction Facility Guards, Magical Tree Custodians
Roz Ryan Grandma Voice
Ricky Jay The Voice in Robin's Head
Kate Micucci Parry
Nika Futterman Sonia Conchita Hernández
Peter Rida Michail Pizza Knight
Billie Hayes Mother Mae-Eye
Eric Bauza Second Santa

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