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Administrators and Chat Moderators are experienced and trusted users who help out maintain the well being of the wiki. You can find them editing articles, helping others or lounging in the Discord.

These users are here to help you with your questions and make sure the wiki is running smoothly. If you have any questions for them, please do so on their message wall.

Members of Wiki Staff

120 Raven4522
Message Wall
Bureaucrat • Administrator
Raven has been on this wiki since November 2015, around the Season 2 days. He mainly works on the code and scripts behind the scenes and making sure everyone has a good experience browsing the wiki. Hit him up with all your questions about this wiki, he'll give you all his support! Semi-Active
120 Diana lover
Message Wall
Diana Lover has been here since early 2018, and into the show since Season 4. She’s enthusiastic on altering things for the better of the wiki. She's also a rare Asian semi-fan, and a shipper of BBRae. Active
120 LevelSixtyNine
Message Wall
Content & Discord Moderator
LevelSixtyNine has been watching TTG since the very first episode aired, but joined the wiki mid 2020. He loves to edit and wishes more people contribute to this amazing wiki. He loves TTG too much and has an obsession with RobStar and BBRae. Active
120 SquishyJimmy
Message Wall
Content & Discord Moderator
Jimmy was some guy the staff found living in dumpster behind a Carl's Jr and decided to give a head start. He would appreciate all of your lose change and terrible career advice or start-up business ideas./For real though, if you have any concerns with a user(s), don't be shy to send a message! He'll fix the problem in no time. Active
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User Rights and Administrators how-to-guide.

About Administrators

Administrators (or admins) are trusted and reliable users given extra tools to perform tasks around the wiki to help with maintenance.

Administrator Tasks

With their extra tools and abilities, administrators should make sure of the following.

  • Administrators are not "more important" users than others. Their tools are used where considered necessary and by harnessing them you are expected to be responsible with them.
  • Administrators should always be neutral. They are allowed to settle disruptions between others users in a neutral and fair way.
  • Administrators should not shut down the opinion of others. They do not own the site, and thus should not act like it.
  • Administrators should not promote others to chat moderators or discussion moderators, without proper discussion with the admin team.
  • Blocking users should be used as a last defense. If the user is an active contributor and is doing something wrong, communication or a written warning would be given first. Blocking users should be used to prevent damage on the wiki. Not to end disagreements or because you don't like someone. However, each case is different and some may be blocked on the spot depending on the action done or their history. Blocking is at admins discretion, but should be used fairly. Trolls or intentional vandalism may be blocked on sight.
  • Administrators should always be friendly! As well as welcoming of any questions.

About Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats are one level 'up' from administrators. Their primary purpose is to manage users rights, so is generally used in addition to the administrator group.

Bureaucrat Tasks

  • Bureaucrats only focus is to add or remove user rights from others. They should not promote "friends" or people who do not show an interest in the well-being of the wiki.
  • It is important to be 100% sure with whom you give bureaucratic status to. As once the user right is added, it cannot be removed except by the person who has it themselves. So be careful!
  • Generally, one active bureaucrat is needed on a wiki-per-wiki basis. Larger wikis may require more, but inactive bureaucrats can be an eyesore to others.

Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators are communicative and kind users who help assist admins in the chat room by moderating behavior and discussions. They enforce the chat guidelines and are able to ban and kick users.

Chat Moderator Tasks

  • Chat moderators maintain how the chat room is flowing. They should be kind to others, and make sure the chat is an enjoyable place for users.
  • Chat mods at anytime can warn/kick/or ban anyone that is causing intentional disruption in the room. If it's someone who didn't know any better, a kind warning should be given first, and if the user persists, follow with a kick and then a ban if behavior becomes worse.
  • Users who are banned that the chat mods may feel may cause damage on the wiki may notify an admin immediately. Sock accounts can be banned on sight as ban evasion is not tolerated.


Retired administrators



Chat Moderators

  • Banning, kicking or removing chat bans.