Here are our guidelines that construct and list the general rules of the Wiki for the community.

Community Guidelines

  • Everyone is welcome! That's correct! Anyone and everyone is able to contribute here with edits or comments with the use of an account. If you haven't created an account, get started here!
  • Good faith edits. When contributing, please be sure and assume good faith in editing. Intentional bad edits are not welcomed, and can result in possible punishment. Any good edits to improve an article is welcomed. Even if it is a small typo or a tidbit of information, they all help to polish the quality of pages. Other people may add to what you wrote and make that better!
  • Be nice and treat people with respect. Being friendly goes a long way, no matter where you go. You cannot ever have enough kind people, and by treating people with kindness and respectfulness, it will benefit yourself as well in the long run. Behind each computer screen is an actual person, so treat people as if you were talking face-to-face.
  • Don't be cantankerous. By being cantankerous, it means your behavior is starting to disrupt and affect others, as well as their ability to contribute. Examples of such are spam, vandalism or anything else that take people's attention away to focus towards what you're doing.
  • Don't be shy for help. Everyone started somewhere. If you're unsure of how something is done, or are confused, just ask! There are lots of resources available including the Forums, local admins or even live help, if available, on the Wikia Chat. All questions are certainly accepted! Alternatively, you may also contact the Wikia Staff for questions, if you feel they outreach the limits of this Wikia.