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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a theatrical feature film based on the Teen Titans Go! series. The film was confirmed on Monday, September 25, 2017 by Warner Bros. The animated feature debuted in theaters on July 27, 2018.[1]


It seems that all the major superheroes out there are starring in their own movies—everyone but the Teen Titans that is! Leader Robin is determined to remedy the situation, and be seen as a star instead of a sidekick. If only they could get the hottest Hollywood film director to notice them.

With a few madcap ideas and a song in their heart, the Teen Titans head to Tinsel Town, certain to pull off their dream. But when the group is radically misdirected by a seriously super villain and his maniacal plan to take over the Earth, things really go awry. The team finds their friendship and their fighting spirit failing, putting the very fate of the Teen Titans themselves on the line!


In Jump City, the Inflatable Destroyer comes out of nowhere and starts destructing the city as well as robbing a safe from the bank. The police force can't stop him until the Teen Titans arrive. They even embarrass him by making one of his butts leak gas, which he denies it being a fart. However, when he cannot figure out who they are and mistakes them for the Guardians of The Galaxy, the Teen Titans jump into a rap song to explain themselves and become distracted, forcing the Justice League to intervene. They criticize the Titans for being childish and not taking anything seriously and even though they try to prove themselves by telling the Justice League how they saved room for desserts after buying burritos from a restaurant, the Justice League still brings up the fact that they do not have a movie of their own to prove their legitimacy.

The Titans resolve to head to the premiere of Batman Again where due to not being on the list, sneak in through Raven's portal and replace the Challengers of the Unknown by tossing them into another portal conjured by Raven. During the trailers for other upcoming films, Robin humiliates himself after assuming that there will be a movie about him and is laughed out by everyone, causing him to wail and runs out of the theater, which makes his friends sympathize him. At the rest of the team's suggestion, Robin resolves that in order to get a movie made about him and the Titans, they need an arch-nemesis.

Nearby, Slade breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs to steal a crystal. The Titans arrive and attempt to stop him, but he defeats them by using his "mind powers" (which in actuality are just childish illusory tricks) and makes off with the crystal, but not before telling the Titans that they are jokes. The next day, a distraught Robin is asked by Beast Boy to come into the living room to show them a movie that they had made for him. Robin turns it off prematurely after proclaiming his dream of having a movie about him and the Titans agree to head to Hollywood to make it possible. Upon arriving, they once again must sneak in and run into director Jade Wilson who is responsible for all the superhero movies being made. She turns down the Titans' request to be in a movie, but explains that the only way she would make one about them is if they were the only superheroes in the world. The Titans briefly take her words seriously by going back in time to prevent the origins of the other superheroes, but only end up ruining the future forcing them to go and undo their blunder.

Slade next arrives at Wayne Tech to infuse the crystal's power and the Titans arrive to stop him, this time putting up an actual fight. They secure the crystal, but Slade escapes, resolving to split Robin from his teammates. The next day, Jade invites the Titans back to Hollywood and announces that she will be making a movie about them due to their recent fight with Slade.

While Robin is given a tour of the premises, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg venture out and cause mischief. They find a Doomsday Machine that is heavily guarded; Cyborg tries to destroy it with a rocket shot from his back, only to have the rocket thrown away by Superman who belittles them as goof-offs and thinks that they won't be able to get past him. Raven declares that she and the three others are going to destroy the device, as the four defeat him by sprinkling and spraying Kryptonite to give him a "Kryptonite party" until Jade and Robin arrive as Cyborg kicks the fainted Superman away. Robin is astonished by their assault of Superman, but his four friends still doubt Jade. However, she convinces Robin to believe her by explaining that D.O.O.M.S.D.A.Y. is just a terrible acronym for a new streaming service (which stands for "Digitally Ordering Online Movies Streaming Directly At You") for the new movie she is making. She resolves to drop the rest of the Titans from the film and make it solely about Robin (since she reckons them as jokes), which he accepts as it means achieving his dream even though he sheds some tears, much to the consternation of his team. They wish him luck and Starfire even gives him a hug before departing.

Starfire gives Robin a hug as tears well in her eyes.

Robin finishes making the movie and enjoys a lot of his fangirls' admirations, until he sees a little girl's picture about him and his friends. Scrolling through the memorable photos in his communicator, he begins to miss them, though Jade tells him to carry on with one last shooting. But during a scene where he interacts with the Titan Tower door panel, a light falls and knocks him out. He awakens and finishes the scene where Jade reveals that they are in the tower for real and that she is actually Slade himself in disguise. He gets the crystal back and plans to use it to control the world, having made numerous superhero films so that they would be too busy to stop him, before leaving a captured Robin to die by setting of the tower ablaze. Thanks to his baby-sized hands, Robin escapes the burning tower in the nick of time but after he resurfaces from the ocean, he can only watch he and his friends' home being destroyed. He then calls his friends back who gladly join to take out Slade. While the Titans unmask him at the premiere of Robin: The Movie, Slade unleashes the crystal's power and takes control of all the heroes who chase down the Titans. Robin goes after Slade while the rest of the team leads off the heroes. Although this results their car getting crashed, Raven manages to teleport the brainwashed heroes into the universe where the Challengers Of the Unknown being sent to, causing the innocent Challengers to be attacked by those heroes.

Robin then attempts to destroy the gem by tossing a bomb, only for Slade to catch it and throw it away. Having no choice, Robin has to have a close combat with Slade, but Slade takes the advantage, and by damaging the rope of Robin's grapple hook, manages to cause Robin to fall into a place full of screens that soon play the movie about him. In the beginning, Robin hopes to refrain himself from watching them. However, when the Titans arrive and destroy the screens, Slade has already used his new power to control Robin by forcing him to watch his own movie and tells him to attack his friends. Beast Boy and Starfire try to stop him but to no avail as he violently kicks Beast Boy (much to Raven's concern) and uses his staff to electrocute Starfire who screams in agony before tossing her away. As the four are being cornered, Cyborg inserts the tape of their homemade movie to show Robin the rest of it. At first, he still believes that they regard him as a joke, but when he sees how they credit him for bringing them together as a team and regard him as a true hero, Robin comes to his senses and Slade then becomes a giant robot, then telling them that there was no way they would defeat him and farting ,dancing and annoying him with their waffles wouldn't work. The team takes out Slade together, defeating him and his giant robot with a remix of their song "Go" after Slade teased them about defeating himself with it. Slade, who manages to use his remaining strength to get out from his destroyed robot, passes out after admitting that the Titans' rap is dope, and the Titans all celebrate.

The heroes all congratulate Robin and the other Titans for their heroism, with Robin admitting that he has learned to be himself. When he tries to go on, everyone demands that they cut to the credits immediately with Robin attempting to stall so that "kids can ask their parents questions". Starfire tells him that this isn't the type of movie for that. Robin then swings up to the screen to tell the kids watching to ask their parents where babies come from, and the credits roll.

In a mid-credits scene, the Teen Titans from the 2003 series show up on a distorted screen telling the viewers that they "may have found a way back".

In a post-credits scene, the Challengers of the Unknown are still trapped in the portal with their leader, Ace Morgan, postulating that they missed the movie.


The movie received critical praise and was even considered a pleasant surprise for non-fans of the series. The film currently has a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes where critics mostly praised the film for its cast, humor, meta storyline, stylized animation quality, and refreshing tone.

Critics often referred to the movie as "Deadpool For Kids".

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Hynden Walch Starfire
Tara Strong Raven
Greg Cipes Beast Boy

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Will Arnett Slade
Kristen Bell Jade Wilson
Greg Davies Balloon Man
Nicolas Cage Superman
Halsey Wonder Woman
Lil Yachty John Stewart
Jimmy Kimmel Batman
Wil Wheaton The Flash
Patton Oswalt Atom
Eric Bauza Aquaman/Stan Lee's Assistant
Meredith Salenger Kara-Zorl/Supergirl
Fred Tatasciore Jor-El/Security Guard
Joey Cappabianca Plastic Man
Stan Lee Himself
David Kaye Super Hero Trailer Announcer/Inside Premiere announcer
Jacob Jeffries Robin's Singing Voice
Vanessa Marshall Vault Voice
Tom Kenny Machine Voice
James Arnold Taylor Fake Slade Actor
Alexander Polinsky Control Freak
Phil Morris D.O.O.M.S.D.A.Y/ Red Carpet Announcer
Dave Stone Challengers of the Unknown Leader
Kal-El Cage Young Bruce Wayne
Michael Bolton Tiger
John DiMaggio Guard/Synth Skate Voice


Mentioned and Referenced

  • Jonathan and Martha Kent
  • Lois Lane
  • Spider-Man
  • Deadpool
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Animaniacs

Characters throughout Time


  • This is DC's first and only musical-themed feature film.
  • This is the first ever feature film of the series.
  • This is the first animated Teen Titans movie to hit theaters. 
    • This is also the first ever Teen Titans movie in general to hit theaters. The previous Teen Titans films (Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract) were all direct-to-DVD releases.
  • Attendees at VidCon had the choice to see the movie before it hit theaters at an advance screening on June 22, 2018.
  • This is the second theatrical film with a wide release to be based on a Cartoon Network series after The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002).
    • Although, Teen Titans Go! is only aired on Cartoon Network, and made by Warner Bros.
  • The names of the movies coming “next summer” and “next next summer” are Car: The Movie and Utility Belt: The Movie.
    • Car: The Movie is a reference to the 1980's show Knight Rider.
    • Utility Belt: The Movie makes reference to the show Kamen Rider, in which a character can transform into a hero by using a belt buckle.
  • The movie's first official trailer was dropped on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.
  • The movie was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 30, 2018 in the United States.
  • Slade has been referenced and even made cameos throughout the Teen Titans Go! series. However, this movie marks his speaking debut.
    • With that being said, this might be because many people were adamant to get Slade to appear on Teen Titans Go! and were very disappointed by the outcome of "The Return of Slade".
  • Will Arnett is the voice of Slade. He replaced Slade's original voice actor, Ron Perlman, for the role.
  • Nicolas Cage is the voice of Superman. Cage himself was originally slated to portray Superman in Tim Burton's canceled Superman film, Superman Lives, in the 1990s.
  • This is the second theatrical 2D animated superhero movie in 25 years after Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993), if one doesn't count Batman: The Killing Joke (2016).
  • This marks Warner Bros.' return to 2D animated theatrical films. Warner Bros. had its original feature animation division, which produced 2D animated films. This is also Warner Animation Group’s first and so far only traditionally animated film.
  • This is Wonder Woman's, Superman's, Green Lantern's (or John Stewart's), and Batman's first speaking role in the Teen Titans Go! universe.
  • When the teaser trailer was released, it received negative reviews by viewers (specifically by people who dislike the Teen Titans Go! series), having 13K dislikes and only 8.3K likes on Warner Bros. YouTube channel.
    • However, the final trailer was much more well-received by both fans and people who dislike the show, with 5.4K likes against 979 dislikes (as of May 1, 2018) on the Warner Bros. YouTube channel.
  • Shia LaBouf was voicing himself as the Fake Slade Actor. However, got replaced by James Arnold Taylor (who sounded like LaBouf) according to Shia's resume.
  • John Stewart's design in this film is slightly different then his design shown in the series (ep. "Real Boy Adventures"). In the series, he had a bit of facial hair, but in the movie, he is clean cut and appears to have a more muscular build along with having a slightly different suit than what he was seen wearing in the series. This design previously first appeared in "Orangins".
  • In the second trailer, the song Thunder by Imagine Dragons plays in the background, followed by Watch Me by Jaden Smith.
  • This is the very first Theatrical Warner Bros. Film to rely solely on Flash Animation instead of Traditional Animation, or CGI Animation.
  • This is the very first film to use the 2011 Warner Bros. Pictures logo with the WarnerMedia byline after AT&T acquired and reincorporated Time Warner as WarnerMedia. This logo would later been seen on future films starting with The Meg.
  • Alfred apparently starred in his own movie which the Titans are excited about seeing.
    • Also, Alfred's part in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies marks his first speaking role.
    • Alfred's body appearance in his movie trailer differs from his appearance in episodes such as in "TV Knight 2" and "Mo' Money Mo' Problems", where he is slim and not muscular.
  • During the two part episode "Kabooms", viewers got special sneak peeks of the movie.
  • Issue #57, "Falling Stars", of the Teen Titans Go! comic series and the second part to the episode special, "Kabooms", is based on the movie's plot.
  • On July 13, 2018, the film got nominated for an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Short Form Animated Program".
  • During the Titans' second encounter with Slade, he refers to them as "Teeny Titans", which happans to be a game with the same name.
  • Before the movie, a short film called "#TheLateBatsby"based on the upcoming series DC Super Hero Girls was played.
    • Additionally, "#TheLateBatsby" is also a reference to The Great Gatsby book/movie.
  • In spite of often treating one other (especially Robin) like dirt, the movie reveals that the Titans still see one another as surrogate family members when the four others showed Robin their full homemade movie for him to help him snap out of the manipulation of Slade.
  • Miss Martian and Superboy appear in this movie with a redesign from their appearances from "Let's Get Serious", where they appeared in their Young Justice designs. They are now drawn in the Teen Titans Go! art style. These designs would appear much later in the series.
  • The movie got Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes at 91%.
  • The movie received positive reviews from critics, including those who despise the series.
  • The original Teen Titans made their fifth appearance in the Teen Titans Go! franchise.
  • The theatrical version used the "To be continued on Cartoon Network" text after the film's end credits and before the closing Warner Bros. logo. However, that text is removed from all home media releases, skipping right to the closing Warner Bros. logo, due to Cartoon Network airing Tower Renovation.
    • However, during the credits roll after it premiered on Cartoon Network, it retained the "To be continued on Cartoon Network" text at the end.
  • The film made $52.1 million dollars at the box office on a $10 million dollar budget.
  • During the scene of the other heroes scolding Batman for having Robin as a sidekick (after the Lion King parody scene) during Robin's nightmare, you can vaguely hear someone in the background saying "the old series was better!".
  • At the end of the movie, Robin breaks the fourth wall when he zooms at the camera and the camera cracks.
  • Stan Lee makes his first and only cameo in a DC movie, as he passed away about four months after the release of the film.
  • The first teaser for the film had Phil Lamarr play Balloon Man, before James Corden was officially announced as the voice of Balloon Man. The latter was then replaced by Greg Davies for unknown reasons.
  • In the ending of the end credits roll in the theatrical release, the dedication of the words said, "for Craig Mack & Lil Peep and Fredo Santana, his Rapper and Performer." can be seen (Unfortunately, Craig Mack & Lil Peep and Fredo Santana are all rap artists who died shortly before the release of this movie: Peep on 2017-11-15, Fredo on 2018-01-20, and Mack on 2018-03-12.) In home media release, the dedication is completely absent.
  • In the song GO!, the titans sing their parts in alphabetical order of their voice actors first names: Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), Hynden Walch (Starfire), Khary Payton (Cyborg), Scott Menville (Robin), and Tara Strong (Raven).


  • Starfire's affection for cats is shown.
  • Beast Boy does the same dance from "BBSFBDAY!"
  • The episode "Waffles" is indirectly referenced when Slade asks if the Titans will annoy him with waffles and we see Beast Boy and Cyborg holding them before dropping them once Slade asks his question.
  • Alfred's "butler-styled" combat, as shown in his movie trailer, is a callback to the way he fought numerous Gotham villains in "Mo' Money Mo' Problems".
  • Robin's "baby hands", first revealed in the episode with the same name, are seen again.
  • Cyborg shooting meatballs is a callback to "Meatball Party".
  • The time machine which debuted in "Money Grandma" is being brought up again.
  • When Raven saves Beast Boy from falling, she shuts Beast Boy up after he thanks her, though she smiles lightly at him before throwing him onto the ground. Also, as Beast Boy was being kicked by a mind-controlled Robin, Raven was the first to show concern to him. These moments hint that both still have feelings for each other.
  • Some of the TTG crew from "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!" appeared as cameos as citizens trying to flee from villains after the Titans erased every superhero and returned to the present, only to discover villains roaming around instead.
  • Slade's "thumb removing" trick was also done by Robin and Raven in "Real Magic" and Mumbo in "Nean".
  • The craft service table has Wonder Woman themed yogurts. These may be referencing Wonder Woman's probiotic yogurts from "Two Parter".
  • Raven tells Robin that to get their own movie and be seen as real superheroes, they would need an arch-nemesis. She gives him the same advice in "Starfire the Terrible", and even uses the term "crazed lunatic" to describe an arch-nemesis.
  • Cyborg does his third wheel dance from "Rocks and Water".


  • In the first trailer, the Titans (excluding Robin) were dressed up as Wonder Woman. The Wonder Woman costumes the Titans wore were based on Wonder Woman's costume from the 2017 live action version played by Gal Gadot.
    • Also, the Titans saying how much they love Wonder Woman and how she was what people wanted to see could be a reference to both how successful the live action solo Wonder Woman movie was, and how most other DC movies are not as well-received in comparison.
    • To add on, Jade Wilson is a movie director. With that being said, she could be a possible parody of Patty Jenkins; the woman who directed Wonder Woman.
  • There are several buildings in Jump City seen in the first trailer that references other characters and things in the DC universe:
    • There is a building named Ace Chemicals, which has the same name as the business organization that appears in the Batman comics.
    • There is a bakery called Sinestro LLS and Buns, which references a DC Supervillain.
    • There is a make up shop called Apokolips and Lashes with Darkseid on the logo.
    • A building named The Rorshack, which is a reference to the DC character Rorschach (Watchmen).
  • Unlike her usual classic costume in the series, Wonder Woman wears a costume similar to the design the Titans were seen wearing in the trailer, which is the design Wonder Woman wore in the 2017 live action Wonder Woman film.
  • The third teaser poster to the film parodies a teaser poster for Justice League (2017 film).
  • The Titans mistake Slade as Deadpool (Wade Wilson), who is a Marvel Comics character. This is probably a reference to the fact that Deadpool was created as a parody of Slade, which is further evidenced when Slade says he was "created first".
    • Alternatively, this could be a joke among fans who share the same belief that Slade and Deadpool are related due to both of them having the same last name.
  • In one of the trailers, the Titans are shown at a movie theater watching a preview of an "upcoming" Batman movie. The artstyle used for the Batman portion of the preview was based on the animation from Batman: The Animated Series.
  • When the Titans fought Balloon Man, he thought they were the Justice League.
  • In one of the sneak peeks premiered on Cartoon Network, the song Take On Me by A-ha is heard in the background when the Titans are driving the Time-Cycles.
    • The Time-Cycles scene references the classic 1985 time-travel movie Back to the Future. This makes "Take On Me", which was popular in 1985, a good choice for that scene.
  • One of the posters is a parody of Scary Movie.
  • When Starfire saw the WB Water Tower, she mentioned Animaniacs, which is another animated series also made by Warner Brothers studios.
    • However, she refers to Yakko, Wakko and Dot as the Animaniacs but they're referred to as the Warners on the show.
  • Robin's dream sequence is a spoof of the Disney movie, The Lion King.
  • In a mid-credits scene, the Teen Titans from the 2003 series show up on a distorted screen telling the viewers that they "found a way back." This has led many to believe the original Teen Titans is coming back for Season 6.
  • During the time travel montage, the Titans prevent four turtles from the animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from going into the sewers so they could be mutated.
  • Six things from the Marvel Universe, a rival company of the DC Universe, are referenced:
    • Right after the DC opening credits, a seagull was flipping through pages of a 1960s Teen Titans comic book, a parody/reference of the old Marvel logo.
    • When the Titans fought Balloon Man, he thought they were the Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a superhero team in the Marvel Universe.
    • A movie logo Robin in Space Ver. 6 is a reference to the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
    • The Teen Titans mistook Slade for Deadpool twice.
    • Stan Lee, the co-creator of the Marvel Universe, made a cameo in the movie, which refers to how he has long done cameos in Marvel films.
    • After the Titans eat up the catered food on the Batman v. Superman 2 set, the cast decides to see what's on the Spider-Man set.
  • During the song GO!, Beast Boy transforms into Animal from the Muppets franchise.
  • Cyborg, imitating Lois Lane, says that he is being threatened by Gene Hackman's real estate scheme. He's referring to the 1978 Superman film. Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor, planned to use nuclear missiles to set off earthquakes in California that will sink it, leaving his land holdings in the desert the new West Coast beach-side property. 
  • In his final battle against the Teen Titans, the Mecha which Slade pilots bears a striking resemblance to Megatron, a character from the Transformers franchise
  • The scene where Slade does magic tricks is similar to the scene with the Joker in The Dark Knight in particular the use of a pencil as a prop. 
  • A movie poster Batman v Joker: Yawn of Justice is a reference to the 2016 DCEU movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
    • In one scene, the Titans watch the filming of a fight between Batman and Superman, where the revelation that “My mom’s name is Martha too” results in a sobbing hug, until the two realize their fathers have different names (Jonathan and Thomas), and resume to fighting, obviously referencing the incredibly silly scene in the live-action movie where Batman spares Superman's life because their moms have the same name.
  • A movie poster of Catwoman, a character from the DC Universe, was shown.
  • Green Lantern mentioned how there is a Green Lantern movie, he later said he did not want to talk about it. This is a reference to the 2011 Green Lantern movie and the extreme backlash the movie received.
  • The scene where Slade enters the research facility and takes out the two guards is a reference to Star Wars: A New Hope, when Darth Vader enters Ambassador Organa's ship looking for the Death Star plans.
  • When the tower is in ruins, a page from one of Raven's burned books is shown to be about the Deathly Hallows from the Harry Potter franchise.
    • Also during the scene Atom Man tries to halt the Titans, a Hogwarts Great Hall movie set was shown.
  • During the scene when young Bruce Wayne is walking with his parents after watching a movie, the cinema in the background shows that the movie which the Wayne Family saw is "Grey Ghost". This is a direct reference and possible tribute to the "Batman Animated Series" character Grey Ghost (played by Adam West), who is Bruce Wayne's biggest idol.
  • Jor-El in this film is based on Marlon Brando as Jor-El in Superman (1978).
  • After discovering the Doomsday Device, Robin scolds his team about how they're treating Superman, saying he's a national treasure. Nicolas Cage, the voice actor of Superman, is well known for his popular movie "National Treasure".
  • When the Titans are on the rooftop with the Justice League, Superman says, "Somebody save me". This makes a reference to the TV show Smallville (about a teenaged Superman) and it's theme song "Save Me" by Remy Zero.
  • When the Titans beat up the fake Slade actor on set, the actor removes his helmet and reveals he’s not the villain, but rather actor Shia LaBeouf playing the role. The Titans take a moment to realize their error, and then go back to beating. This references LaBeouf's past work that made him some degree of being an outcast within the entertainment industry.
  • During the song "My Superhero Movie", when Robin is imagining himself in action poses, he recreates the covers of The Dark Knight Returns, Action Comics #1.
  • Two references are made to Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie:
    • During the “trailers” scene, the “Coming Next Summer” text uses the same font from the Burton Batman posters.
    • When Batman chases the Titans in a golf cart, the Batmobile has the same design as in the Batman movie, and a variation of the original Danny Elfman score is heard.
  • When Slade tells Robin “You and I are destined to do this forever,” it's a reference to the exchange between Batman and his arch-nemesis The Joker in their final scene from the live-action The Dark Knight.
  • The movie DVD that the Titans made for Robin has "Young Justice" written on it.


  • The Titans don't recognize Slade despite having previously fought him in "The Return of Slade" as well as referencing him several times in the series, including his face appearing on Robin's punching bag in his room.
  • If the Titans were traveling back in time to keep the superheroes from becoming superheroes, Robin, who is a sidekick of Batman's, would not have existed. At the very least, though his parents could have still been killed, Batman would have never recruited him and he would have been likely sent to an orphanage. And by doing so, Robin would have never reunited the Titans (as mentioned in the film), and the Teen Titans would have never been formed.
    • Furthermore, The Joker and Harley Quinn are present in alternate timelines, but the former's origins state that if not for Batman, the Joker would have been shot dead by a cop at Ace Chemicals, so he would never become a villain. Additionally, if the Joker never became the Joker, he would have never been committed to Arkham Asylum and Harley Quinn would have never fallen in love with him and become a villainess.
  • All the Titans seek having a film with Robin, including Cyborg. And Jade says she has no interest making a movie about any of the Titans, including Cyborg. This shouldn't be, as not only does Cyborg appear in the 2017 film "Justice League", he also has his own film slated for a 2020 release date.
  • In the movie, Raven uses a quick method to eliminate her enemies by creating a portal and sucking them to a void dimension. She could've done this easily to Slade, or every villain they encountered in the episodes.
  • This movie has a strong focus on how the Titans respect Robin as their leader and friend. When Robin leaves the Titans to make his own movie, they are extremely heartbroken, especially Starfire. However, in many past episodes, the Titans treat Robin like trash and vice versa. Also, one of the Titans leave the Teen Titans in many occasions, and the other Titans don't seem to care as much as what was shown in the movie. Then again, Teen Titans Go! has broken continuity, perhaps they changed their mind about their feelings toward Robin or they're too embarrassed to admit such genuinity in normal life.
  • As shown when Robin comes under the influence of Slade's mind control device, the hypnotized people retain their abilities and higher intelligence, just with a loyalty to Slade. During the golf-cart chase sequence, The Flash and Superman should've caught up to the Titans instantly.
  • The seating at the movie premiere completely changes after the Titans walk in, going from a single section of seats to three sections.
  • It is unknown how Speedy's Arsenal and Speedy personas were present at the movie premiere, which seems to be a mistake on the animator's part as he is clearly a different age as both personas.
    • However it's possible that this version of Speedy much like his Young Justice counterpart may have been cloned.
    • They were also present in the Batman: Again movie premiere. It is unknown whether Speedy is Arsenal's clone or vice versa.

Running Gags

  • Characters saying "Slade" dramatically.
  • Characters breaking the fourth wall.
  • The Atom getting squished.
  • Raven mentioning that she can summon a portal.
  • The Titans making fun of Robin's baby hands.
  • Robin wishing he was in a movie.
  • The Challengers of the Unknown floating in an empty void.
  • Slade using mind-manipulation on the Titans.


The full list of songs in "Teen Titans Go! to the Movies" can be found here.


The transcript for "Teen Titans Go! to the Movies" can be found here.

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Cat's FancyLeg DayDignity of TeethCroissantSpice GameI'm the SauceHey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your MemoryAccept the Next Proposition You HearThe Fourth Wall40%, 40%, 20%Grube's FairytalesA FarceScary Figure DanceAnimals, It's Just a Word!BBBDAY!Black FridayTwo ParterThe True Meaning of ChristmasSquash & StretchGarage SaleSecret GardenThe Cruel Giggling GhoulHow 'Bout Some EffortPyramid SchemeBeast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's BadThe Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday ClassicBatman v Teen Titans: Dark InjusticeBottle EpisodeFinally a LessonArms Race with LegsObinrayWally TRad Dudes with Bad TudesOperation Dude RescueHistory LessonThe Art of NinjutsuThink About Your FutureTTG v PPGCoconut Cream PiePure ProteinOpen Door PolicyCrazy Desire IslandThe Titans ShowBooty ScootyWho's Laughing NowOregon TrailSnuggle TimeOh Yeah!Riding the DragonThe OverbiteThe Cape

Season 4: October 20, 2016 - June 25, 2018
Shrimps and Prime RibHalloween v ChristmasBooby Trap HouseFish WaterTV KnightTeen Titans Save ChristmasBBSFBDAY!The StreakThe Inner Beauty of a CactusMovie NightBBRAEPermanent RecordTitan Saving TimeThe Gold StandardMaster DetectiveEaster CreepsHand ZombieEmployee of the Month: ReduxThe AvogodoOranginsJinxedBrain PercentagesBL4Z3Hot Salad WaterI Saw You DanceThe Story in Your EyesPlaying Hard to GetThe Night Begins to ShineLicationLabor DayClassic TitansOnes and ZeroesCareer DayTV Knight 2Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol StarThe AcademyCostume ContestThrone of BonesDemon PromThanksgettingThe Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!BBCYFSHIPBDAYBeast GirlFlashbackBro-PocalypseMo' Money Mo' ProblemsTV Knight 3

Season 5: June 25, 2018 - April 4, 2020
The Scoop!Chicken in the CradleKaboomsTower RenovationMy Name is JoseThe Power of ShrimpsMonster SquadReal OranginsQuantum FunThe FightThe GrooverJustice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team EditionHow's This for a Special? SpaaaaceBBRBDAYSlapping Butts and Celebrating for No ReasonNostalgia is Not a Substitute for an Actual StoryBusiness Ethics Wink WinkGenie PresidentTall Titan TalesI Used to Be a PeoplesThe Metric System vs FreedomThe ChaffThem Soviet BoysLittle ElvisBooty EggsTV Knight 4Lil' DimplesDon't Be an IcarusStockton, CA!What's Opera TitansForest PiratesThe BergeracSnot and TearsCampfire!What We Learned at CampCommunicate OpenlyRoyal JellyStrength of a Grown ManHad to Be ThereGirls Night InThe Great DisasterThe Viewers Decide

Season 6: October 4, 2019 - May 1, 2021
Butt AtomsTV Knight 5Witches BrewThat's What's Up!Crab ShenanigansBrobotsBrain FlipBeast Boy on a ShelfChristmas CrusadersWe're Off to Get AwardsBat ScoutsWalk AwayRecord BookMagic ManTitans Go CasualRain on Your Wedding DayEgg HuntJustice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League EditionMission to Find the Lost StemsDrumsGuitarBassYou're The OneWhere Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? - Part 1Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? - Part 2Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? - Part 3Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? - Part 4Ghost With the MostBucket ListTV Knight 6KryptoniteThumb WarToddler Titans…Yay!Baby MouthThe CastSuperhero FeudLucky StarsVarious Modes of TransportationCool UnclesButter WallBBRAEBDAYDon't Press PlayReal ArtJust a Little Patience...Yeah...YeahVillains in a Van Getting GelatoI Am ChairBumgorfThe MugHafo SafoZimdings

Season 7: January 8, 2021-present
Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew EditionFeed MePig in a PokeP.P.A Little Help PleaseMarv Wolfman and George PérezSpace House - Part 1Space House - Part 2Space House - Part 3Space House - Part 4Cy and BeastyT is for TitansCreative GeniusesManor and MannerismsTrans Oceanic Magical CruisePolly Ethylene and Tara PhthalateEEbowsBatman's Birthday GiftWhat a Boy WondersDoomsday PreppersFat CatsJamDCPepo the PumpkinmanBreakfastCaptain CoolA Doom Patrol ThanksgivingGlunkakakakahControl FreakA Holiday StoryThe DripStandards & PracticesBelly MathFree PerkGo!

Top of the Titans: April 27, 2018 - July 20, 2018
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