Teen Titans Go Figure! is a game that is a sequel to Teeny Titans. The game can be downloaded onto iOS and Android devices from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon store.

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Collect and battle your favorite DC heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Teen Titans GO crew in the new game, TEEN TITANS GO FIGURE! Play as Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire or Beast Boy as you battle, search for clues and travel across multiple cities from the DC Universe.


Dual Gameplay

Teen Titans Go! Figure's core game-play consists of figure duals between the player and an AI opponent, each using 1-3 figures. The figures used in each dual may be chosen out of the players 6 equipped figures. The player and AI may also choose to use an accessory that grants special effects when charged. Both the player and AI have a power bar that will charge through out the dual, some or all of the power bar may be consumed to use abilities. The power bars may be buffed or debuffed by slow downs, speed ups, freezes, and other status effects. Each figure has 3 abilities with various effects, a level (1-20), and different stats (damage, health, luck, dodge). Some abilities are simple single target damages, others may damage multiple enemies, have a charge up (cast) time, and some do no direct damage at all, rather providing status effects. The player and AI may switch between their 3 figures at anytime during the dual unless there is a status effect preventing it (the power bar will retain it's charge when switching figures). To win a dual, the AI must have all their figures health drain to 0, the player will lose if their figure's health drops to 0. If the player wins they will be rewarded with coins and the figure they have active will dance. If the player Loses they will receive no coins and no dance. There are also tournaments in Teen Titans Go! Figure. Tournaments consist of multiple duels (with set opponents) with some random health bonuses, damage bonuses, and figure resurrects by means of tofu. In most tournament duels there will be a random (or very rarely set) effect. The effects range from power bar speed ups for the entire dual to joker teeth being thrown at the player and AI to deal damage over time (DOT). The player will loose a tournament if any fight in the tournament is lost. If the player wins in the tournament they will (usually) be rewarded with a large amount of coins and a figure.

Open World and Other Gameplay

The player chooses one of the main 5 Titans (Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Beast boy, or Starfire) and moves around the open world going to different locations, stores, and interacting with NPC's with their chosen titan. Movement is as simple as swiping in a direction or tapping a specific location. Sewers and the space cab may also be used to teleport and travel quickly. The player will be able to interact with AI by tapping on them. The AI characters range all the way from a sick in bed Batman to Condiment King. All AI will have 2 options when interacting with them (a dual or speaking to them, very rare exceptions), speaking to AI is required for either gaining or completing missions. If talking to AI with no mission current mission relating to them, they will simply say a little anecdote. Missions consist of a variety of different objectives with varying rewards. Missions can be anything from finding collectibles to winning duels with certain figures. The player my also enter stores to purchase new figures, accessories, or mod chips with their coins. The player may also enter Titans Tower at anytime by pressing the T button in the top right. In titans tower the player may view their figures, their figure wiki, awards, and accessories. In the Tower the character may also upgrade figures' abilities by sacrificing other figures, customize the order of abilities for coins, choose repaints, and install mod chips. Mod chips are chips that go in the bottom of figures to provide bonuses. Repaints are different color schemes for figures that can be found or bought from Rainbow Raider.





  • Google Play released it on July 18, 2018, with the iOS release by App Store on the following day.
  • There are new things called "Accessories".
  • Either Gotham City or Metropolis can be chosen as starting points.
  • Most developed countries have this game while developing countries don't.
  • Brainiac 5 will Appear Randomly in Metropolis, if the player choose a member of the titans to play as.


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Teen Titans GO! Figure Tips & Tricks Cartoon Network

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