Teen Titans Now!
Customer Support (6)
It's all about the money, money...
Song by Robin
Released: August 3rd, 2017
Venue: Titans Tower
Jump City
Genre(s): Business Jingle
Length: As fast as you can read it.
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"Teen Titans Now!" is a marketing song developed by Robin in the Teen Titans Go! comic book "Customer Support". He used it to launch a successful phone operating company.


Verse 1
When there's trouble, you know who to caaaaall...
Our hotline!
We will solve all problems big and smaaaaall...
For money!
If your cat is stuck up a tree...
We can save it for a nominal fee..
'Cuz when the world needs heroes they should caaaaall...
Teen Titans Now!

Verse 2
We will take your calls when our phones liiiiight...
Standing by!
We will do your chores instead of fiiiiight...
That's no lie!
If you've got some work that's no fun...
Pay us cash and we will get it done...
'Cuz when our bank accounts show all zeroooooooooes...
We need dough!



The song takes up an entire page, with 8 comic frames showing their marketing commercial (and lyrics). It's stylized in ちび form throughout, and all but one of the frames depict Robin... In order, they go:

Teen Titans Now! (4)

Robin in frame #4.

  1. Robin is holding a phone joyfully.
  2. Now Robin is dancing in dollars.
  3. Cyborg reaches for cat Beast Boy, who's stuck in a tree.
  4. Robin, near the Titans Tower, creepily stares at the reader.
  5. With a headset on, Robin operates a telephone.
  6. Dressed in Abraham Lincoln garb, Robin swears he cannot lie next to a giant penny while batman looks on, confused.
  7. A toilet is clogged with money, so Robin is trying to unclog it with a plunger.
  8. Robin's pockets are empty, and he pathetically shrugs.


  • This is one of the few songs that haven't actually been sang, because, after all, it's in a comic book.
  • "Teen Titans Now! obviously parodies the original Teen Titans cartoon theme song. Although the words can't be heard, the have the same exact rhythm, rhyme scheme, and dynamics.
  • The Teen Titans theme song has been parodied many time before in the show (9 times to be exact), but this is the only version to be in the comics so far.
  • The second frame of the songs shows Robin dancing in money. His movement is exactly like his theme song dance for the first season of Teen Titans Go!


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