"Teen Titans Save Christmas" is the sixth episode in the fourth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-sixty-third overall episode of the series.


When Santa decides to quit, the Titans pitch in to save Christmas.


Oh yeah... It's the anticipating Christmas Eve once again, and in spite of the poor octopus gets burned by the Christmas light decorations, things aren't going to go awry and everyone will be super gleeful about Christmas' arrival, right? Nope, this doesn't apply the five Titans after all, as the Titans, who can no longer feel happy and despondently exit their own rooms and head into the living room, clearly know that after they step in and prevent the notorious Santa Claus from conquering every holiday like fools, the "jolly" old man has ultimately decided to quit delivering them their share of Christmas gifts they used to yearn for under the tree and/or into their stockings until they enter the living room...

They've received presents under their tree, which is an utter surprise for them--one-day early!--since they've lost hope from getting a single gift already! Elated, they snatch their respective gift boxes quickly one by one... only to realize that the "surprise gifts" turn out to be piles of coal. Though their disappointment doesn't last long because they manage to overcome it by comforting themselves that it's better than not receiving any and... they're going on a train trip somehow around the world on distributing the excessive amount of coals! With Cyborg as the mine train, the five get into a mania:Beast Boy throwing away pieces of coal, Raven shoving loads of these fuels off the train, and Starfire crazily screaming the name of the fossil fuel while a myriad of them showering her, not to forget that Robin emphasizes the importance of coal being the power energizing of the world. But as they claim that this is the best Christmas ever...

Santa Claus, the "jolly" old man who deeply despises our five titular protagonists, just has to appear on their couch drinking bottles of milk and spoil their fun on being coal-miners by referring coal is a garbage gift for terrible children... definitely because he's still mad with the Titans, though BB doesn't care and proclaims the love for his own lump of coal. Then Raven and Starfire wonder how Santa has broken in (since they no longer have a chimney), and of course, Santa claims that he has his crowbar as his "Christmas magic"... by cracking the tower's window! Anyway, Santa finally concedes that if he's not monopolizing any holidays, then he doesn't need any one of them anymore, which means...he's quitting his job!

Well, since the Titans have gotten used to not having presents anymore, they initially aren't surprised...until Santa, while pretending that he's dancing ballet, reveals that none of the children on Earth will receive the presents they deserve! Cyborg and Starfire are furious that he is being a monster who abandons his duty to deliver presents to the other children, but Santa, who's being irresponsible, still claims that presents have become history and doesn't forget to refer the five as "garbage kids" when he breaks the window/wall and leaves with his reindeer Rudolph.

Luckily, when Beast Boy is afraid that Christmas is gone, Robin already has a plan: perceiving that the children's sadness will reach peak levels without any toys by breakfast, he declares that all five of them are the Christmas miracle by telling them that they're gonna fill in Santa's place as he hears BB and Star's worries. Raven and Cyborg quickly concur with him as they each think that Christmas shouldn't focus entirely on material goods and is crazy enough to work! Then Cyborg accepts his position of the sleigh-building engineer, BB agrees to be the reindeer, and the girls venture to become Christmas elves who'll make toys for all the good girls and boys and work around the clock till their hands bleed... except for Robin who forces everyone to acknowledge him as the substitute Santa, in spite of everyone pointing out that Sticky Joe (who Robin considers as a filthy Bohemian) is a better option because of his long beard and plump belly.

Slowly yet surely, Robin's growing a beard and packing on the weight to become the jolly fat man.

Anyway, since all of the children are depending on the Titans for their well-deserved presents, the team begins preparing: Robin fattens himself with a superfluous amount of milk and cookies and adds some hair-growing cream onto his chin, Cyborg builds the sleigh, BB trains himself with loads of gym exercises (as a reindeer), and the girls mass manufacturing of toys at a nonstop pace. Eventually, when Christmas arrives, Cyborg has built the sleigh which has two turbo engines powered by a nuclear fusion reactor, Beast Boy looks like he's ready to pull the sleigh, the worn-out girls who have sacrificed their rests and hands in return with a bag of toys, and... Robin who has become a literal Santa!

Of course, Robin's friends are concerned about his weight gain (which is now jiggling like a bowl full of jelly) and his poor heart that is suffering from a possible heart disease. But he still insists on starting their mission after he orders Raven to help transport them and the toys in the sleigh and off they go! Unfortunately, their errand for the first house is definitely a bad beginning... since he refuses to listen to his friends' suggestion on using Christmas magic (crowbars!) in order to enter the house, he has difficulty getting through the chimney thanks to his "recently expanded girth" even with the help of some punching from the ol' Christmas shablamo; not only has he gotten a broken leg, but he also has to endure a lot of pain from the punches. What's worse, the family and the dog actually deem him as an intruder and go ahead to thrash him!

Luckily, as Beast Boy encourages Raven to use her Christmas magic, she reacts resourcefully by teleporting herself and using her crowbar to smash one of the house's windows so as to rescue Robin, yet this only draws attention from the police and they have to flee quickly. Reindeer Beast Boy uplifts Robin as a compliment despite Robin kinda fails, but Raven is certainly not going to be happy with the total number of houses they have to visit when Star tells her that it's approximately seven billion...and later, the sudden arrival of Santa Claus! Santa is palpably exasperated that Robin is saying his catchphrase "ho-ho-ho" and the fact that the Titans are taking his job, though he's a bit worried about the health condition of Robin, who promises to go to see a doctor... after Christmas. Anyway, he persists that Christmas is over in spite of Raven's valid argument of him being the irresponsible one who abandons his holiday duty; he argues his way out of his mistake by pointing out that if the world missed Christmas, they'd be desperate to have him back...only after they allow him to conquer other holidays! His evil plan won't succeed if those "garbage children" give out presents, though...

After Santa violently rams the Titans' sleigh, the chase is on! Cyborg's twin-turbo engines, while super speedy, are no match for Santa's colossal rocket engine. Well within range, Kris Kringle orders Rudolph to start shooting lethal lasers with his red nose. The continuous stream of fire knocks out one of their engines, and so Robin, realizing they can't outrun him, orders the elves to battle stations. Starfire and Raven give a loyal salute, strap into dual laser cannons, and then return fire with a vengeance. The deadly lasers keep coming from both sides until the two sleighs eventually blow each other out of the sky. At least the snow buffer the force of our falling “heroes” from the sky and Santa's sleigh explodes midair.

Initially, Robin hasn’t let his guard down yet, so he orders Cyborg to scan the area for any suspicious figure that resembles Kris Kringle. But after a brief search without any results... he immediately lowers his defense and instructs the girls to retrieve their gifts for delivery, until...PLOT TWIST!!! Turns out that Santa is alive and well as he emerges from the ruins of burnt fruits of labor that the girls have made for months, and he’s prepared—this time, he’s armed with a gun!

But this doesn't mean Santa is gonna finish off and prevail though...wonder why? Thanks to... another PLOT TWIST! Sticky Joe actually comes to rescue the Titans' rescue after Santa gets distracted by the bright white light when he appears with his trusty possums as his steed for his flying dumpster bin! Having underestimated Sticky Joe, Santa insults Joe as a despicable bohemian and is about to aim at him, yet he soon has to eat his own medicine...being covered up in a pile of garbage bags and get mocked by Robin who refers him as the real garbage and greeted by the other Titans' smirks! Although the presents have been destroyed, Sticky Joe has some replacements to compensate for the Titans' loss...bags of beans! Fortunately, the Titans aren't disappointed for long...

Within less than a few minutes, the Titans descend into canned baked beans mania, and as Cyborg turns himself into a train, the four others get aboard and travel around the globe via Cyborg's help, delivering and distributing beans for every kid in the world! This can't deny the fact that they've probably made some children crying among the pile of canned beans they've left behind even they declare this Christmas is the best they've ever had...Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!!!


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • Bane (cameo on bean cans)


  • This is the fourth Christmas episode of the series. The previous episodes were "Second Christmas", "The True Meaning of Christmas" and "Halloween v Christmas".
  • The reason why Robin encourages the others to distribute baked beans for every kid is presumably owing to beans themselves can be considered as an energy source for humans thanks to their protein, carbon-hydrates, and digestive fiber. Though he seems to have neglected the process of how canned baked beans are produced...
    • In truth, baked beans are deemed as unhealthy food in the present day, because they actually contain high-calorie, low-nutrient ingredients such as sugar or molasses and sometimes fatty meats, such as bacon, salted pork or even hot dogs.
  • At the end of the episode, the crying sound of Baby Kate is briefly heard mostly on Arthur.


  • Santa Claus makes his second appearance in the fourth season. His earlier fourth season appearance was in "Halloween v Christmas".
  • Santa's pet name for the Titans, "garbage children" is said again for the second time in the series. The first time Santa called them that was in "Halloween v Christmas". He also likes to switch it up and say "garbage kids."
  • The Titans (excluding Robin) wear the elf uniforms for the second time in the series. The first time they wore them was in "The True Meaning of Christmas".
  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 52nd time in the series.
  • Santa has to use "Christmas magic" (a crowbar) to enter Titans Tower. The reason for this, as Starfire points out, is that Titans Tower doesn't have a chimney. Their chimney exploded in a previous episode, "Birds".
  • Cyborg's train form from "Caged Tiger" reappears in this episode.
  • The reasons that Santa hates the Titans can be traced back to the events of "The True Meaning of Christmas" and "Halloween v Christmas".
  • Raven's love for Pretty Pretty Pegasus is heavily hinted among the bag of burnt presents. You can see the head of a Butterbean toy amid them if you’re observant during the scene when Santa walked out unscathed armed with a gun readying to confront the Titans.


  • Sticky Joe's favorite brand of canned beans appears to be Baked Banes. The label has a picture of Bane from The Dark Knight squeezing a bean and saying, "I will bake you!"
  • Robin stuffing himself with milk and cookies to speed up his weight gaining progress is based on the well-known Christmas myth of Santa’s favorite treats being milk and cookies.


  • When the Titans get in the sled, Raven's eyebrows did not appear.
  • Initially, the girls had messy hair, wretched hands, and bloodshot eyes after overworking, but later they were returned to their normal state.
  • Robin declared that coal is the power energizing the world. Nevertheless, this is no longer exact since there are more and more countries that are changing their energy generation from fossil fuels (coal included) to renewable energy sources.

Running Gags

  • The other Titans making fun of Robin for being Santa Claus.
  • Santa saying Christmas is over forever.
  • The Titans getting excited over unusual Christmas gifts such as coal and cans of beans, followed by Cyborg turning into a train and the other Titans riding on him around the globe.
  • Santa and the Titans using "Christmas magic" for the purposes of breaking and entering.
  • Robin's rapid weight gain causing concern for his health and well being.


The transcript for "Teen Titans Save Christmas" can be found here.


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