The Teenagers are characters in Teen Titans Go! who made their debuts in Salty Codgers. They are revealed to be 13-14 years old or 16-17 years old.


They were first seen in Salty Codgers, chilling near a bench. The teenage boy was listening to music with headphones, the girl teenager is chewing bubblegum, and the green haired male teenager is holding a boombox. When they see Mad Mod, they begin making fun of him for being old. Mad Mod then uses his cane to turn them into old people. When the Titans arrive, Raven starts kissing them, stating that she loved old people.

In The HIVE Five, the female teenager is seen in a line of people waiting to get their caricatures drawn when Cyborg tells them that See-More is a terrible artist and leaves. The male teenager is seen sitting on a bench, which falls apart as the black cat walks by him.

Episode Appearances

Season 2