Teeny Titans is a one-shot comic issue of Teen Titans Go!.


A new obsession is sweeping Jump City: TEENY TITANS! What are they? And who is the mysterious hooded figure that has Robin and the Teen Titans on a madcap quest to collect 'em all!?!


The comic starts off with Beast Boy informing the rest of the Titans that a package containing a free gaming figure has arrived. Robin tells them they have to take precautionary measures just in case an enemy is trying to sneak something in the Tower but the other Titans are already tearing the package (which contains a Robin figurine) open. The figure piques Robin's interest and Cyborg tells him it's a part of a whole set of battle figures and are called Teeny Titans. Robin remarks that the figure is beautiful and admires the details it possesses. Robin says he will keep the figure for himself. Raven tells him he can keep it but the rest of them have to go shopping. The Titans (except for Robin) look at a piece of paper containing images of all the collectibles and admire all the different variations. The four Titans claim that they have to have them all. Starfire says they have to hurry to the toy store and notices Robin is gone.



  • This comic issue has a game based on it that has the same name.  
  • The title to this comic is similar to the the title of a children's comic called "Tiny Titans".


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