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"The Bergerac" is the thirty-fifth episode in the fifth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-forty-fourth overall episode of the series.


The Titans give Robin advice to guide him through his camp romance with Wonder Girl.


As the Titans walk through the campground, Cyborg and Bumblebee are arguing about which decade is best. Robin shuts them both down; to him, it's clearly the 60s, where he could proudly show off his swoll thighs. A leg-dance exhibition ensues, ending with him bumping into Wonder Girl, a hero attending the camp. The exchange is highly awkward, but Robin manages to attract her, even getting in some touchy touchy.

Bumblebee is ecstatic to see Robin hitting it off with Wonder Girl, but the Titans burst into laughter. They explain that Robin has no chance with a girl, with Starfire pointing out his physical and emotional ugliness. However, going off the romantic movies she's seen, Bumblebee sees a serious connection, and also a serious chance of smooching. Everyone in the group recounts their first kiss, all of them a bit weird, but Robin tops them in strangeness: his first time was with a TREE (sadly stolen by a Lumberjack). The team has no faith in Robin's romantic ability, so Bumblebee shoots some incentive stingers that convince them to help her get Robin hooked up.

At the picnic area, Bumblebee sets up a romantic lunch for Robin and Wonder Girl, but the Titan isn't feeling too confident. She advises him to be himself, but Raven dismisses that as a terrible idea. Instead, they plan to hide in the bushes and tell him what to say, kind of like Cyrano de Bergerac... the date starts, and Beast Boy starts giving Robin some pushy lines. Soon, all the Titans are screaming at Robin, and Wonder Girl is outta there! Hearing that she's going back to her ex, Robin loses hope. However, Bumblebee says that if he pulls off a crazy, over the top stunt, he'll win her heart over.

Night has fallen—Robin horse-rides out to the girls camp with a radio and fireworks. As the music starts playing, Wonder Girl leaves her cabin, just in time to see him shot into the air by the fireworks. Although his idiocy is off-putting, Wonder Girl somehow finds him irresistible. The move in for the kiss... when an ax suddenly splits them apart—the Lumberjack! And even more surprising, he's Wonder Girl's ex! Robin goes full speed at him, but he's instantly smashed into the ground. The fight isn't over yet, though... by flexing his thick thighs, Robin frees himself, then proceeds to thigh-slap the Lumberjack. He runs off, crying into the forest—and Robin has won!

As a reward, Wonder Girl lays Robin a kiss, and a long one, too. But since this is a camp romance, she now has to leave him forever. Bumblebee blames herself for dragging Robin into this situation and breaking his heart, he's fine, though— a girl finally kissed him, plus, there's still some hot trees out there. The episode ends with Starfire cringing followed by meticulous vomiting.


Looking fine today, Robin...

It must be sunny outside.

Robin gives an absolute power pose for Wonder Girl.

Main Characters

Minor Characters




  • Wonder Girl made a cameo in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. This is her first time speaking in the series.
  • A cutout wooden head of Harley Quinn appears on the direction pole of the girls camp side.
  • This episode reveals that Robin's first kiss is given to a tree, indicating that he has never kissed an actual person before. It is also meant when Robin is talking about him kissing a tree, he probably never kissed the cactus in "Inner Beauty of a Cactus".
    • This further indicated that he has never kissed Starfire in "Mouth Hole" after the said episode cut to the credits.
    • Also, in "The Return of Slade", Robin mentioned that he and Starfire kissed to which Starfire giggled and blushed. It is currently unknown why such statement was made in this episode.
  • Judging by how Beast Boy and Raven admitting their own first kisses being a giraffe and a demon respectively, this indicates that the kisses they shared in "Rocks and Water" aren’t their first.
    • This also arguably means that Raven has once liked someone else aside from (formerly) Aqualad, and (currently) Beast Boy.
  • The score that Robin played for Wonder Girl on the radio is a Telepics track called "Machines".
  • The episode was never aired in the Philippines for romantic reasons.


  • When Starfire talked about her first kiss, she might be indirectly mentioning General Thraxis, her ex-husband whom she kissed during her arranged marriage in "Tamaranian Vacation".
  • Robin vaunting his left thigh might be a callback to "The Left Leg."
  • When Beast Boy proclaimed himself as a Bergerac, he wore the sunglasses which also appeared in his musical performance in "TV Knight 2."
  • Raven claiming how girls like horses when Robin was having his picnic with Wonder Girl can be considered as how she is projecting her own obsession towards Pretty Pretty Pegasus onto what girls generally like as a whole.
  • Robin's ugly face from "Kabooms" returns.


No Mr. J here!

  • When zooming in on the girl's camp, an engraving of "NO BOYS! ❤ Harley x Ivy" on a tree can be seen momentarily on the left of the screen. This refers to the relationship Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have in various DC media.
  • Cyborg references Rosie from The Jetsons when talking about his first kiss.

Helping Bruce get the juice.

  • Cyrano de Bergerac, a French writer and namesake for this episode, is mentioned by Cyborg.
    • Batman and Catwoman's romantic relationship is also referenced in the same scene as Cyborg explained to Starfire about the meaning of Bergerac.
  • Near the start of the episode, Cyborg talks about The A-Team and The Golden Girls, two popular 80's television shows.
  • The old comic versions of Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl can be seen when Robin talks about the 60's.
  • One of the cabins has an icon similar to the hairstyle of Peridot from Steven Universe.
  • Robin and Wonder Girl's kiss was adapted from a scene that was originated from one of the DC Comic issues. However Robin's counterpart from that issue was not Dick Grayson himself.


  • Robin has already kissed Starfire in "The Return of Slade", but it was offscreen.
  • The other Titans consistently, mispronounce the name of Bergerac, saying the "g" as in "good" instead of as in "generous."
  • The Titans all describe Robin as unattractive and that no girls like him however it was revealed in "Laundry Day" that he has fangirls so this contradicts what the Titans were all saying.
    • Such claim might be said out of comedic effects though.
  • Wonder Girl should not have dated the Lumberjack in reality, as the latter is clearly a physically matured adult man.

Running Gags

  • Starfire cringing at Robin every time he flexes his bulging thigh muscles.
  • The Titans attempting to be "The Bergerac."
  • Bumblebee getting furious and stinging people.
  • Wonder Girl saying every camp romance cliché.
  • Bumblebee stating examples of romantic movies.
  • The Titans giving Robin bad romantic advice.
  • Robin mentioning how he kissed a tree.


The transcript for "The Bergerac" can be found here.


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