Quote1 We are The Ghosts of Black Friday Present BABY! Quote2
--The Ghosts of Black Friday Present[src]

The Ghosts of Black Friday Present are minor characters in the Season 3 episode, Black Friday.


When Starfire fell asleep in the line of Jump City Electronics she had a dream about the Ghosts of Black Friday Present. In her dream she heard loud music coming from a van. She went over and knocked to see if anyone was in it. Then G.O.B.F (Ghost of Black Friday) Beast Boy and G.O.B.F Cyborg welcomed her with offers to burgers or burritos. Starfire was overwhelmed by all the food they had. Then they said that if you buy one, you get infinity free. Starfire was surprised by all the food you can get so easily. Then Cyborg said that if Black Friday lives in your heart, any deal is possible. But then they showed her the real reason why she came, to show her that she is missing out on bonding with the other Titans in the line. Starfire realized that she was missing out but didn't want anything to do Black Friday. Then they just kept on annoying her by saying "You're sure?" until she woke up from her dream.

Physical Appearance

In the Ghosts of Black Friday Present outfit, it is everything the same from Beast Boy and Cyborg except that they have garland bands on their heads.

Episode Appearances

Season 3


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