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"The Great Disaster" is the forty-fifth episode of the fifth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-fifty-fourth overall episode of the series.


Robin gets amnesia and starts thinking that Hawkman is his mother.


In the burning ruins of Jump City, a giant menacing beast approaches the Titans who are poising for battle. It lets out a deep roar. Robin tells the team that this is it—their entrance to the big leagues. Raven reminds the Titans that this beast managed to put the Man of Steel on the ground. Cyborg scoffs saying that the man of steel didn’t have literal steel saws for hands and proceeds to let out an enthusiastic yell. Beast Boy (who's in cobra form) says that he can’t spit poison either and tries to spit but ends up flopping. Bumblebee joins in with the fun, saying that he also can't shrink down to a small size and fly up somebody's nose. She then does just that, shrinking down and flying up Robin's nose much to his annoyance. Lastly, Starfire states that he isn't an alien who can absorb solar power and fly at supersonic speeds. However, the others point out that that is exactly what Super Man does, but they are cut off by the beast once again roaring. Robin tells the others that the point is that this is a fight for the history books... a fight to tell their grandchildren about.  

I can spit poison

But before the Titans can get to fight the beast, Hawkman suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts battling it in an awesome action-packed sequence. Robin is incredibly frustrated at this and pretty much sulks for the entire duration of the fight (which lasts till the next day). The Titans are still there, watching in excitement apparently (except for Robin) and eating away at popcorn. Cyborg asks if anyone wants some more corn, Bumblebee says that she's good and that she's going to back the Tower to pee.  

Now, we see an old Bumblebee, who appears to be regaling all this to some kids in bed who turn out to be her grandchildren. They marvel at how she went to the tower to use the bathroom and Bumblebee explains that was before they had pee transporters and that they take these things for granted these days. Then she proceeds to well... use the bathroom... The children ask what happened next and she replies saying that it took Hawkman four days straight to win that fight and that afterward she got these selfies with him and proceeds to pull out a hologram of the photo. She then mentions that Cyborg got his butt signed by Hawkman which he then got laser engraved...

Cyborg got his butt signed by Hawkman

And with that, Bumblebee ends the story by saying that that was the story of how she met Hawk Man right before the great disaster and starts to leave the room wishing her grandchildren good night. However, her grandson demands her to stay and tell them the story of "The Great Disaster." Bumblebee is skeptical, saying that it's past their bedtime. Her granddaughter pleads adorably while her grandson says that if she doesn't tell them the story, he'll subjugate the night dimension. Finally, Bumblebee agrees and begins telling the story of the Great Disaster...

Bumblebee with Hawkman

A young Bumblebee is showing off her selfies with Hawkman to the other Titans while Robin looks on in annoyance.

I still have mine

Robin asks them who they think is the real villain: the alien monster who wants to destroy all life in the universe, or the so-called "hero," who treats them like children while taking their glory and the food from their mouths... Cyborg disagrees with him saying that he still has his food and proceeds to pull out a whole chicken from his mouth. Starfire then pulls out a raw fish from her mouth, and Robin apparently pulls out some mincemeat dish from his mouth. He tells them that the point is that this is their turf and that it is time for the younger generation to chew its way free from the useless, withered husk of the old. He then starts eating the previously eaten dish messily while the others look on in disgust. Robin ignores them and continues with his rant saying that they can take care of themselves and that they're not children. Beast Boy enthusiastically says that they're hawks and transforms into a hawk. Robin corrects him saying that they are Teens and they won't be treated like babies anymore in a dramatic sobbing fashion. He pulls out his grapple gun and says that he's going to give that "Hawk guy" a piece of his mind and grapples up and away from the other Titans. Bumblebee's grandson asks Bumblebee if they were able to find Hawkman. Bumblebee answers him saying that they became separated and that Robin was the one who found Hawkman first.   

Robin is now shown swinging from his grapple gun through Jump City looking through his binoculars for Hawkman. He locates him in a giant nest, and we see Hawkman sitting in there in front of a TV eating a tub of ice cream. Robin, who is still on his way to Hawkman, mutters that he's not going to be treated like a kid anymore and that he's a teen, and lastly, he knows where he's going. Suddenly, Robin lets out a yelp, and we see that he's about to crash into some hanging laundry, which he does. Robin ends up somehow in a bear costume and eventually crashes into a building window from which we can see into a Jump city citizens room. However, it seems that the dude is too bust gaming to notice poor Robin, and he proceeds to fall from the skyscraper banging his face all the way Robin with his hair burned off and all of his clothes except for his underwear. He rolls pathetically out of the "egg" and onto the floor of Hawkman's nest. Hawkman gasps and starts freaking out about this while making a bunch of chicken sounds. Robin finally appears to be regaining consciousness and asks where he is and who he is. It appears that he got a bump on his head which caused him to forget everything. Hawkman answers him in a bunch of chicken sounds, which Robin understands and gasps saying that Hawkman is his mom, and they hug until he ends up in an egg-shaped plant pot. However, he somehow falls once again and ends up catching fire, which burns off the bear suit he was wearing. He ends up in Hawkman's nest, and under him somehow (while still being in the egg-shaped plant pot) Hawkman gasps as he assumes he laid the egg. The plant pot starts cracking and comes

The next day Hawkman is knitting a bird costume for Robin, he puts it on him and then proceeds to push him out of the nest, where he once again begins plummeting to the ground. Later on, they are both at a park, eating the seeds Sticky Joe is throwing to some pigeons. Hawkman grossly regurgitates the seeds into Robin's mouth. Then the two are shown dancing like birds in front of a few bushes, Robin walks up to a pigeon, and it starts chasing him.   

Cheesesteak party!

Bumblebee's granddaughter asks where the rest of the Titans were, Bumblebee answers that looking for Hawkman was hungry for work, so they all stop off for some cheesesteaks. The two kids begin to grossed out, and Bumblebee answers saying that she knows it's hard to imagine a time where you had to chew food with your mouth and continues saying that those were the days before utopia crackers. She proceeds to tell the two to infuse their utopia crackers. They oblige and pull out literal crackers and place them on their wrists where they are infused. The two thank Bumblebee and the girl says that she can feel the nutrients disseminating into her bloodstream. Bumblebee tells them that back in her day you had to taste your food and that they had found the tastiest cheesesteaks in all of Jump City, but she says that she was still troubled...      

Young Bumblebee is asking if the other Titans think that Hawkman is trying to keep them down like some sort of villain. Beast Boy turns into a hawk and answers her saying that he doesn't think that and Hawkman is an awesome hero, whose dad was a hawk and whose mom was a human. Confusing. Raven says that she heard that he's an ancient Egyptian prince back from the dead. Starfire says that he is a Thanagarian. Cyborg misunderstands him and tells Starfire Gesundheit assuming that she was sneezing apparently.            

Beast Boy says that Hawkman is just like this vegan cheesesteak that he has, and begins eating it. He shouldn't even exist, but he does, and he's perfect. He lets out a satisfied groan as he finishes eating the cheesesteak. Cyborg says that it would have been cool to have a perfect friend, Raven answers saying that they probably won't be friends with Hawkman after today, but she can hook them up with a cheesesteak. Beast Boy is surprised and tells Raven to do it in excitement. And she does and suddenly the Titans have a talking cheese steak friend which Cyborg enables to walk using nanobots. They all walk out of the restaurant laughing but stop short when they see Robin getting pushing in a stroller by Hawkman. The Titans all call Robin's name, and he hears them and tells Hawkman to stop the stroller he does, and as a result, Robin faceplants onto the ground. The Titans approach Robin and Starfire asks what is going on. Robin asks them why they keep saying "Robin" and begins making some weird shrieking bird noises. He asks if one of them is being robbed. Cyborg answers saying that they're not but Robin keeps miss understanding the others and thinking that they are saying "Robbing". Starfire once again asks what's wrong with him. Robin answers that if one more of them says Robin he'll tell him, mommy, to come over and beat them up. Hawkman starts making angry clucking sounds. Cyborg tells Robin that Hawkman has got him mind-controlled and that he's got to fight it but he is suddenly picked up by Hawkman and thrown to the ground. This causes the others to conclude that Hawkman is a villain.            

Bumblebee's granddaughter tells Bumblebee that Robin wasn't being mind-controlled and that he just had a bump on the noodle. Bumblebee says that she knows, but that The Great Disaster had already begun and that after what happened next Robin could never consider them part of a superhero team again.            

Robin lets out a shriek and starts violently pecking at poor Cyborg's head while he screams in agony. However, he is stopped by none other than the vegan cheesesteak. It leaps at Robin and knocks him off Cyborg both Robin and the Vegan Cheesesteak fall to the ground and stop moving. Hawkman who is busy fighting with the other Titans (except Bumblebee) stops and all the Titans gasp in concern at Robin. Cyborg goes over to the two and starts dramatically crying but it appears that he's crying over the cheesesteak. He picks it up and says that it truly is a superfood and that it can't die. The vegan cheesesteak answers and starts making a dramatic speech as it "dies" but Cyborg says that it literally can't die because of the nanobots. The cheesesteak regenerates and Cyborg says that it's the perfect sandwich and that it can self replicate and proceeds to take a giant bite of it. Suddenly there are two talking vegan cheesesteaks and both Beast Boy and Cyborg take a bite of them and it keeps replicating. Meanwhile, Robin is waking up and his memory is restored! Thanks to the second bump on the head. He says that he guesses that there are some good things about being treated like a kid, all the others let out Aww's, Robin continues saying that after all this he doesn't think he can think of them as superheroes again. They all let out sounds of astonishment and Robin continues saying that what he does think is that they don't have to pay top dollar for a new mattress. The others all appear ever more confused at this but just then Robin collapses. It appears that all the head bumping has taken its toll. Bumblebee says that it turned out that Robin had a serious concussion and ended up in the hospital, but what he meant to say was that he thought of all of the Titans as a family, and that was how they all thought of themselves from that moment forward.

Bumblebee finishes saying that that is the story of the greatest disaster the world has ever known and begins to leave the room. Her grandchildren thank her for the story, and Bumblebee wishes them good night. She closes the door, begins walking down the corridor of the building, and past a window, which appears to be crowded with vegan cheesesteaks pressed up against the glass. Bumblebee calmly walks by this unfazed and presses a button closing the window. We see that the whole world has been taken over by a giant mass of self-replicating, talking vegan cheesesteaks.It's a Cheesesteak apocalypse!  





  • Hawkman somehow manages to not speak the whole episode.
  • It turns out that "The Great Disaster" was a Vegan Cheesesteak apocalypse.
    • Prior to this apocalypse, Bumblebee seemed to have gotten married herself and later have grandkids during the time gap.
  • This is the first time Bumblebee is seen facing a villain for battle alongside the Titans. Although she previously faced The Brain in "Strength of a Grown Man", the Titans were defeated before Bumblebee and The Atom could fight him.
  • Adam Burton (aka Maxwell Atoms), the writer of this episode, is the creator of a previous Cartoon Network show The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.
  • Starfire was correct when she said that Hawkman was a Thanagarian.


  • This is the second episode to feature a food associated catastrophe. The first instance is in "Ones and Zeroes", which is about a pizza apocalypse.
  • Sonia Conchita Hernández reappears for the first time since "La Larva de Amor", as well as her second appearance overall. She briefly appears on a dating show Hawkman was watching on TV.
    • The shot of her seems to be directly taken from "La Larva de Amor".


  • When Robin crashes into some laundry, he is then seen wearing the Freakazoid outfit (Freakazoid! is owned by Warner Bros.).
  • When Robin crashes into a window, the teenager playing video games is seen with an Aquaman doll next to his TV. The doll is based off of Aquaman’s appearance from the 2018 Aquaman movie.
  • Starfire brags about Superman being incapable of absorbing pure solar energy and having supersonic flight because of such an ability, as she herself absorbs bright green ultraviolet energy and projects it into destructive ultraviolet energy bolts known as "starbolts." in truth, it is quite true that Superman's superhuman abilities, supersonic flight and red laser eyes, draw strength from the yellow solar energy of the Sun.


  • Starfire is always complaining about Robin smelling like fish, yet she pulls out a literal huge fish from her mouth in this episode.

Running Gags

  • The Titans being friends with a Vegan cheesesteak.
  • Old Bumblebee telling stories to her young grandson and granddaughter.
  • Robin getting injured and getting hit on the head resulting in amnesia.
  • Robin thinking that Hawkman is his mom.
  • Robin and Hawkman making crazy bird sounds.
  • The Titans (except Robin) eating vegan cheesesteak.
  • The vegan cheese steak replicating.
  • Robin complaining about being treated like a kid.
  • The Titans pulling food out of their mouths.


The transcript for "The Great Disaster" can be found here.


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