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"The HIVE Five" is the forty-ninth episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-first overall episode of the series.


The H.I.V.E. Five gets tired of the Titans so they decide to take a day off, if it is even possible.


The episode begins inside the H.I.V.E. Tower, with Gizmo talking to the team about how the Titans ruin everything the team tries to do. He announces that that day would be a day of rest and relaxation and that nobody on the team could engage with the Titans at all. As he does so, he gets interrupted by Robin prank-calling Gizmo's communicator, asking for "Fred" in a funny voice. Calming tell the person on the line has the wrong number, Gizmo hangs up and continues back to explain to the HIVE about his latest plan only for Gizmo's communicator to ring once more.

This time it's Starfire who is speaking in a funny voice, asking if there is a Fred. Gizmo mildly getting irritated tells her she has the wrong number and disconnects the call, and goes back to talking about his plan, just to be interrupted again by his communicator ringing. Gizmo is visibly losing his patience and answers the call yelling who is it, and it is Cyborg who is asking for Fred once more in a funny voice. Gizmo who has little patience left screams into the communicator that is there no Fred there, and tries to go back to talking once more. Then a fourth time, his communicator goes off ringing, and Gizmo answers it annoyed. It's Beast Boy who claims he is Fred and asks Gizmo if anything has called for him, with Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg laughing beside him, which causes Gizmo to appear confused for a second and then regaining his demeanor back realizes it's the Titans and screams in vex and takes his communicator and blasts it several times with his ray gun.

Gizmo goes on to announce how he hates the Titans, and Mammoth asks him to hear his latest plan to destroy them. Gizmo is exasperated and admits they should just forget it since he can't take them anymore, and for them all to take the day off. The rest of the HIVE members give suggestions on how to destroy the Titans only for Gizmo to decline all of them, and that they just need a quiet day of rest and relaxation. See-More interprets Gizmo's plan as a way to let the Titans think they got soft and to surprise them with murder missiles. Gizmo says no to this, explaining that it's a day off with no chaos, no crimes and that they should just enjoy themselves. If they encounter the Titans, they should not engage. Jinx asks what if the Titans see them, for Gizmo to calmly reply " do not engage". Billy Numerous asks what if they see each other at the same time for Gizmo to get irritated and get in Billy Numerous's face and tell him not to engage. Gizmo's communicator rings in the middle of all this, and he answers it off the floor, and it turns out to be Raven who speaks in a funny voice asking Gizmo if he has any olive oil in the house. Gizmo repeats back her question to which Raven replies "you better let her go before Popeye gets mad" with the four other Titans laughing at her joke next to her. Gizmo is furious and screams out in a fit, and approaches each of the HIVE members saying "rest, relax, day off, no Titans" and the meeting was adjourned.

On the day off, See-More is drawing caricatures of people when Cyborg interrupts. He throws the guy See-More is trying to draw off the chair and sits down himself. He demands that See-More draw him, constantly stretching his head behind the easel to point out that drawing a circle is easy, along with he wants See-More to draw him with "more muscle", "riding on a shark", and "holding Jinx". Cyborg continues to change his mind on what he wants in the picture, making See-More stressed erasing and trying to meet Cyborg's requirements. When See-More finishes, Cyborg yells that the picture doesn't look like him at all, wrinkling the paper and throwing it at See-More and telling the people in line for See-More that he's a terrible artist with them moving along, much to See-More's dismay. A black cat then crosses See-More's path, continuing her walk into downtown, causing bad luck in the background as he passes ladders, benches, and everything else in his walkway to break. The cat continues walking until she finds Jinx, where she jumps in her arms with Jinx saying they have a lot in common together such as "sleek, cuddly, and they cause bad luck". The pair go off to have fun together, causing bad luck to people and objects everywhere as they do so along the sidewalk, eventually starting to dance together under a disco street light, causing a gas station to break down because they are near it. At the park, the two cause clouds to form over a sunny day and instantly start raining, causing everyone enjoying themselves to leave, making the two laugh and smile at each other. Starfire then flies up to Jinx, suspecting she is up to no good asking her if she's up to any criminal misdeeds. Jinx tries to ignore her, remember what Gizmo said about not engaging, only for Starfire to knock her down noticing the cat in awe and picks her up adoring her. Jinx snarls at Starfire that it's not her cat, to which Starfire asks if "she is the yours". Jinx responds that she's an alley cat and that no one owns her. Starfire sees this and goes on to say that they should act in accordance with the law of felines, letting the cat decide who she will play with. Starfire and Jinx battle for the cat's love with both of them trying to coach the cat with sweet comments to encourage her to come to them, with Starfire taking the victory. Starfire sings a brief song "Kitty Time" in recognition of the cat she won knocking Jinx in a nearby garbage can. Starfire flies off with the cat following her, leaving Jinx alone angered in the garbage can when randomly lightning strikes her, and a vault from nowhere falls on her to rub it in.

Meanwhile, Mammoth is shown dancing right down the street, with a crowd watching him with his skills. Beast Boy then comes up and laughs at him, asking Mammoth if he calls that dancing, and tells him to watch him, taking the stage and amazing the crowd with his own dancing. Mammoth pushes him out of the spotlight taking the dance floor again, causing the two to engage in a dance battle. Mammoth gets back the upper hand with his dance skills, just for Beast Boy to walk over and change the boom box to a different song taking the floor once more in the spotlight. Mammoth on the other side of the street is dancing again to get attention back only for the lights to go out, and Beast Boy dances a ballet around, stealing the crowd from Mammoth for good, with them all applauding and carrying him off, all the while Mammoth looks on with rage on his face.

At a nearby baseball stadium, Billy Numerous and his clones are preparing to play a game of baseball. They two Billy captains start to make up their team, picking their Billy's that they want on their team. Once the team is decided on both parts, the Billy clones all fill up the breaches, along with vendors selling peanuts and hotdogs. The first pitch of the game is made, and one of the Billy clones strikes out, with the Billy clones arguing if it was a strike or not. Next, one of the players scores a home run, knocking the ball out of the stadium. Just outside, Raven was sitting under a tree, reading a book... until a baseball hits her on the head. This infuriates Raven, and she flies to the stadium to announce they have ruined her afternoon reading, and that they will all pay. Raven clones herself, sending all of her clones to destroy all of Billy Numerous's clones and cause havoc in the stadium. Billy's clones are left defeated, with the original Billy Numerous grunting the Titans ruin everything, and then falls flat on his face in defeat.

At the H.I.V.E. Tower, all of the HIVE members minus Gizmo are visible on computer monitors, showing them all angered and defeated by the Titans. Gizmo walks past this, and builds a disguise, dressing as a tall, tan funky man all the while with pop music playing. It then shows a montage of Gizmo having fun being tall walking into town down the street, giving high fives to everyone he meets who is in awe of his appearance eventually all of them following Gizmo in his journey. Continually to hive five everyone, Gizmo accidentally gets slapped by Robin's staff, breaking his hand. Robin then finds him proclaiming he knows it's Gizmo. Gizmo trying his best to cover his voice claims he isn't Gizmo and that he doesn't know anyone named that, just for Robin to step on a step stool telling him he can't fool him. Gizmo talks in his normal voice telling Robin it's not what he thinks, only for Robin to ignore him and start beating him up until he pops out of his disguise. Gizmo then explains that he was just trying to have a day off, and have a good time being tall, to which Robin says "oh very well" and walks away as if nothing happened. Gizmo looks on towards him in disgust muttering "Titans". At HIVE Tower, everyone is back, and Gizmo asks if they are all rested and relaxed. They grumble no, to which Gizmo replies with "good" because he has a new plan. Then, before he could finish his statement, his communicator rings, and it turns out to be Robin prank-calling him, asking if there is a Cole there, with the last name "Cuts" causing Robin to break out laughing with Cyborg, angering Gizmo as the episode ends. 



  • This is the second episode to not focus on any of the Titans. The first was "Brian".
  • This episode is similar to the original series episode "Lightspeed", which also focused on the H.I.V.E. Five.
  • The original airdate for this episode was supposed to be July 3, 2015. However, it was replaced by "And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob", which is the previous episode.
  • This episode reveals that Raven can duplicate herself.
  • This episode reveals that See-More likes to draw caricatures, Billy Numerous likes to play baseball, and Mammoth likes dancing.
  • See-More's caricature of Cyborg makes him resemble his voice actor, Khary Payton.
  • This is the first time that Gizmo is seen without his goggles.
  • When Raven punches Billy Numerous, she does so in the same way she did in "Money Grandma".
  • When Gizmo tells Robin that he only wishes to be tall, Robin is on a stepstool, trying to be tall as well.
    • When Gizmo builds builds his disguise, dressing as a tall, tan funky man, music from "Super Robin" is reused.


  • Mammoth, See-More, and Billy Numerous have speaking roles for the first time in this episode.
    • Kevin Michael Richardson reprises his role for both Mammoth and See-More, while Scott Menville replaces Jason Marsden (who voiced Billy in the 2003 original series) for the voice of Billy Numerous.
  • This is the second episode to have a thumbnail title group shot of the H.I.V.E. Five, the first being "Multiple Trick Pony".
  • This is the fourth episode to features the H.I.V.E. Five as the main characters, the first being "Opposites", The second was "In and Out", and the third being "Operation Tin Man". However, in "Opposites" and "In and Out", it was split so that half the time it focused on the Titans.
  • This is the fourth episode to be leaked before its official airdate. However, this episode is the first leaked episode not to be leaked online, rather being leaked on Demand. This is because Cartoon Network intentionally released it on their Watch Cartoon Network app as an originally planned "app-exclusive" notably several weeks before this episode would actually premiere.
  • Robin says "BOOM!" during the prank-call. "BOOM!" was the catchphrase that he used after telling one of his jokes in "Uncle Jokes".
  • Starfire being fascinated with cats appears for the fifth time. ("Dreams", "Caramel Apples", "Multiple Trick Pony", "And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob")
  • The black cat is seen walking past the teenage boy who made fun of Mad Mod in "Salty Codgers". The teenage girl from "Salty Codgers" is also seen as one of the people Cyborg tells about See-More being a "bad" artist.
    • The cat is also seen walking past the Window Washer from "Mr. Butt".


  • The "Fred" prank calls were based on a joke from an animated Sesame Street sketch designed to teach kids to answer with "Hello".
  • When prank calling Gizmo, Raven references Popeye the Sailor and Olive Oyl from the Popeye series of theatrical shorts.
  • When the black cat and Jinx are walking around town, many references to bad luck myths appear, such as a black cat crossing your path, and walking under a ladder.
  • When Starfire and Jinx are fighting over the black cat, it is in a battle video game format.
  • Starfire making a cat-face is similar to every anime that uses that expression. Also, she uses the same expression from the original Teen Titans series.


  • It's unknown how Robin can tell it's Gizmo in his funky guy outfit.
  • Jinx states that she hates the Titans, even though she is dating Cyborg.
  • When Robin busts Gizmo's robotic hand with his staff, Gizmo technically should not of screamed in pain, since it wasn't actually him that was being hurt.
    • The reason for his cry of pain, on the other hand, could have been that he was trying to fake the pain.

Running Gags

  • The Teen Titans prank-calling the H.I.V.E. Five.
    • Everyone that called the H.I.V.E. talked in a fake voice, except Beast Boy.
  • The Titans ruining all the H.I.V.E. Five's activities.
  • The black cat giving people bad luck while walking on the streets.
  • Beast Boy and Mammoth outdancing the other in a dance challenge.
  • Cyborg asking for more and more details on his caricature, thus stressing out See-More.


The transcript for "The HIVE FIVE" can be found here.


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