"The Herring King" is issue #38 in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


"Is Beast Boy really the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy?"


Cyborg, Robin, Raven, and Starfire are hanging out on the couch when a terrifying shriek sounds out. Recognizing it as Beast Boy, Cyborg's about to yell the Titans into action, but Robin, being the selfish leader he is, interrupts him. All four run into Beast Boy's room, where the little green hero is crying about his dying friend, Sven. The Titans have no idea who the heck that is, so they read a past Teen Titans comic to figure out just who he is. When they realize he's Beast Boy's pet herring, they jump to his aid, offering help and kind words to the sick fish. Beast Boy is touched at their lovingness.

In the lab, Cyborg runs some diagnostics on Sven, but he can't seem to find what's up with him. Robin theorizes that he's not sick, but homesick; according to Robin, since he's a fully grown Atlantic Herring, he needs to be returned to his home waters off the coast of Springenstadt to start a family. Beast Boy's is grossed out by the thought of sex, but Robin just reminds him that's it's perfectly natural. With a new objective added, the Titans pack up and head out to the Jump City International Airport. Robin orders six first-class seats (one for Sven as well), but unfortunately for him there's only five left. Robin has to settle for sitting in seat 77B of the Coach plane, in between two very, very large men. Trying to induce himself into a meditative state so as to pass the time, Robin only manages to go unconscious until takeoff begins. Even worse, his is the only seat that won't get TV or refreshments.

Finally arriving in Springenstadt (most likely somewhere in Norway), Starfire asks Robin (suffering from a bad back) where to go now. He says Sven's birthplace should be nearby. Beast Boy, trying to comfort his fish, transforms into a herring himself to talk to him personally.

The Herring King (Monsters)

A few Monsters trying to find the Herring King.

From across the street, two secret operatives are peering at the two fish, bewildered. Seeing Beast Boy turn into a fish convinces them that the mysterious "Herring King" has returned. The agents want to contact their organization S.O.O.T.H. before anyone can catch on, but it's too late. A posse of fearsome-looking trolls rolls up in a Viking ship-styled Mustang, eager that they've found the Herring King as well. Robin bravely tries to block their path, but a red monster effortlessly swats him away like a baseball. Confused as to who these guys are, a battle between the Titans and ogres ensues. Raven smashes two blue monsters' heads together with her magic, Cyborg launches a laser right into an orange one's chest, Starfire blasts one in the back, and Beast Boy (in bird form) flies Sven to safety.

Miles away, Robin, suffering from a head injury, want to go help his friends. Before he can, however, the two secretive agents from earlier reappear and offer to help him. They reveal themselves as Inga, a blonde-headed babe, and Ragnar, a mean-looking man. Both are members of S.O.O.T.H., the Secret Order Of The Herring. Not wasting anymore time, the three run off to rejoin the action. Moments later, Robin then learns that BEAST Boy is the Herring King, not Sven. They meet up with the team, where Beast Boy is fighting a red orc. Ragnar end the fight by tossing his herring hammer right at the orcs face, knocking a tooth out. Cyborg is confused by the hammer, thinking it would return, but Inga just blows it off as a touchy subject. Right now, they have to get back to S.O.O.T.H. HQ.

The group takes a small boat to the S.O.O.T.H. base, a giant building designed like a herring. Robin's amazed by the place, and Beast Boy's enjoying the royal treatment. Raven's still confused as to what the goal of the cult is. Ragnar explains that for centuries, mankind and the orcs have maintained peaceful relations thanks to S.O.O.T.H. Robin's wondering what this has to do with a herring, and Inga explains that the truce was created by the monarch of herringkind, who had green skin. Beast Boy, getting his hair combed, is taken aback when Inga tosses Sven back into the ocean, but she explains he'll be fine... Anyways, it's time for his Beast Boy's coronation. According to Ragnar, the king is reincarnated every generation, and once the ceremony is completed, peace will also be complete. But if the orcs doom the ceremony, they'll also doom humanity. Suddenly, an alarm sounds, and Inga orders everyone to the roof.

Outside, a trio of orcs are riding a formidable dragon that's launching fire at them. Inga launces a spear at them, and Ragnar command them to protect the king. Robin get's ready to rumble, but Raven's magic holds him back on account of his weakness in fighting. Cyborg tries to smoke the battlefield to hid the king, but Beast Boy's tired of defense. He transforms into a gigantic whale and dives into the ocean. Luckily, Robin ordered all the good guys to duck before they could be swept away. The orcs and dragon didn't have quite as quick reflexes and are knocked out of the fight. Cyborg's cheering on Beastie for making it rain, but Star's a little annoyed for the lack of warning. During the battle, a fishbowl got stuck in Starfire's hair. Beast Boy rejoices when he's sees it's Sven, but Raven points out he's got company: a herring wife, and a herring son, who's green. Beast Boy, now dethroned, takes off his robe in shame. The two S.O.O.T.H. operative bow down to the true king.

After the ceremony, Starfire remarks on how beautiful the ceremony is, and Raven's glad that the family will be staying with them at the Tower. Beast Boy thanks them for the royal jet trip back home, and Inga says that as guardians of the king (until he's an adult), they have to travel in luxury. Ragnar remarks that the plane's a bit small, but comfy. On board the plane, Beast Boy and his fish settle in for a nice, stylish ride, but the other four are subject to the "bauernklasse" section. Unfortunately for them, Cyborg translates the word to mean "peasant class." They have to sit in the back with all the supplies and dead fish. Crammed together, Robin reminds them of the meditation techniques, but it's going to be a long trip, regardless.


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