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"The Left Leg" is the twenty-sixth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the twenty-sixth overall episode of the series.


Cyborg creates a huge Titan Robot for all five of the Titans, each of whom controls a different body part. Even though Cyborg tells Robin that everybody’s part is as good as the other, Robin gripes about his role as the left leg and makes some improvements to his section of the robot to make sure that the left leg is the most powerful part of all, but he takes it a little too far.


Cyborg is about to show the Titans the new technological marvel he had created. All are excited except for Robin, who thinks they should be training instead. Cyborg reveals that it's a new Titan Robot,

Titan Robot Go!

which excites Robin greatly, and he decides he wants to take it out for a spin, but Cyborg says it's only for huge emergencies. Robin walks away, muttering.

Later, there's a crime alert, and Robin tells that the team that's it's one of the most dangerous crime alerts ever. After a bunch of build-up by Robin, it turns out it's just Kitten robbing a bank, a very minor


crime compared to what the Titans are used to. The only reason Robin makes such a big deal out of it was that he wants to try out the Titan Robot. Cyborg tells Robin again that it's only for big emergencies. Robin continues to beg him for the robot. Cyborg walks to him and asks if Robin is going to pay for gas, and he nods. Cyborg then agrees, and they all get into their respective parts. However, both Robin

Get that away from me.

and Cyborg jump into the head. Robin wants to be the head because he's the leader, but Cyborg thinks he should be the head since he built it. Cyborg tells him that he's the left leg, but Robin doesn't want to be a leg, though he grudgingly agrees to be the left leg.

In the Titan Robot, the Titans face Kitten. They didn't even need to do much but intimidate her with the robot. She was going to give the money back to the bank. Robin goes crazy and tries to make the left leg do more than it's supposed to, which causes the Titan Robot to dance, fall, and allow Kitten to go away.

By the time they get back, Cyborg gets annoyed by Robin and tells him that he should do what the left leg is supposed to do. He teaches him a lesson on how he can master the true power of the left leg and asks him, "You know who said that?" Robin says, "I don't know, did a leg say that? Oh wait, legs can't talk!" Cyborg shakes his head and walks away disappointed while Robin kicks his leg roughly. Robin then goes to his room and insults his left leg about how it doesn't do much. Then his arm convinces himself that he should embrace the left leg and make the best out of it. Then, Robin works out his left leg to get it super strong. He reveals it to the Titans, and it freaks them out. Beast Boy comments on how gnarly his leg is, and Raven says, "Get that away from me."

Suddenly, there is another crime alert, and Gizmo is attacking Jump City with his robot army. The Titans jump back into the Titan Robot, and Robin is now excited to be the left leg. They confront Gizmo and his robot army. Robin then turns a collection of weapons from the left leg on Gizmo's robot army and destroying them. It turns out Robin had made some upgrades to the left leg so that it's the most powerful part of all, leaving the others to do nothing really. However, the

Mayday! Mayday!

Titan Robot still can't handle everything the left leg is doing. Since then, the Titans, in their respective body parts, attack Robin and the left leg. Leaving them distracted long enough for Gizmo to strike them down with missiles.

However, Robin isn't ready to give up yet and detaches the left leg from the rest of the Titan Robot and accelerates it into Gizmo's robot, destroying it. Robin then gets out and celebrates briefly when the episode abruptly ends with an "End" card.



  • The order of the Titan Robot is: Raven is the right arm, Beast Boy is the left arm, Starfire is the right leg, Robin is the left leg, and Cyborg is the head.
  • This is Kitten's first appearance, with Tara Strong, also the voice of Raven, reprising her role from the original series (although this episode is, so far, her only speaking role in Teen Titans Go!)
  • For the first time, the seagull can be seen wearing ear defenders.
  • This is the first episode that Beast Boy makes no animal transformations whatsoever.
  • The fourth wall is broken by the Seagull when he hits the screen as the Titan Robot is summoned.
  • This is the first time the seagull gets hit by the Titans Robot.
  • On October 24, 2015 at 11pm (ET), this episode and its partner ("Colors of Raven") were aired with no commercial break in between.


  • Gizmo's robot army was originally going to attack in "Laundry Day", until he saw Robin naked. He states that he'll do it another time, and is now doing it.
  • When Robin exercises his left leg to make it more muscular, the result references what Robin's biggest wish was in "Dog Hand" (his biggest wish was to have a very muscular body).
    • It is also similar to "Matched" where he shows off his muscular calf that freaks Cyborg out.
  • Cyborg built the robot, a small reference to his creation in "Burger vs. Burrito."
  • Cyborg refers to the quote "Only when you embrace your limitations can you master your capabilities." He asks if Robin knows who said it, which may be a subtle jab at the fact that the quote has remained anonymous since it first appeared.
  • The pink and light blue letters appear in the beginning of the episode is in the same vein as “Legendary Sandwich”, “Dog Hand”, “Meatball Party”, “Staff Meeting”, and “Burger vs. Burrito”.
    • This would be the last episode to do this.


  • The sound Robin's sword makes is reminiscent of a light-saber from the Star Wars franchise. 
  • The ability of the left leg to hold a sword and move each toe independently is likely a reference to the 1980's movie, "My Left Foot" in which the protagonist uses his left foot to paint.
  • When every Titan gets into their respective seats, makes a gesture and says the name of their part, it's a reference to Super Sentai members in their Mecha & the Power Rangers in their Zords.
    • The music that plays with the robot has the "Go Go Power Rangers" tune to it.
  • The music from the New Teen Titans short, Lightning Round plays when Robin trains his left leg.


  • Beast Boy suggests a possible threat being space cannibals, even though that makes no sense as cannibals eat their own kind.
  • When Robin twisted his head 180 degrees, he should have killed himself by breaking the bones there realistically. Yet he is completely fine in the next scene.

Running Gags

  • Robin training to make his left leg stronger.
  • Robin complaining about being the left leg.
  • Robin talking to himself.


The transcript for "The Left Leg" can be found here.


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