"The Letter" is issue #48 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


The team has to recruit new members to live up to a mistake on their license— will they be able to make it "Ten the Hard Way"?


The Titans Tower could not be more any more annoying than when Robin's singing in the shower. Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg are hiding in the living room, praying for the discordant, tempo-less leader to pipe down. They get their wish when Robin suddenly screams out in shock; someone replaced his shampoo with Beast Boy's "Monkey Shines Pet Shampoo"! He demands to see Beast Boy immediately, but Cyborg defends his little buddy, saying that he went to the post office. So in the mean time, Robin can calm down and wait for him in the shower- quietly.

Two hours later...

Having completely lost his patience, Robin angrily stomps Beastie's pet shampoo bottle into the ground just as Beast Boy arrives. Robin demands an explanation from him, but Beast Boy, not understanding Robin's frustration, merely compliments him on his glossy look. Turning away from the subject, Beast Boy says he ran into Ray at the post office and managed to get another batch of free mail. Starfire explains to Robin that Ray is the mail-carrier, who apparently stopped giving the Titans mail on account being indicted in mail-stealing felonies. Disappointed that Ray will never see his collection, Beast Boy shows the all four of them his prized possession- countless stacks of mail, all piled up in his room. Obviously, Robin immediately freaks out, worrying that something important is lost in his collection. At his order, the Titans immediately begin sorting mail; Cyborg arranges files by size, Starfire blasts away useless housewares catalogs, and Raven looks examines multiple letters (and sulks over missing Pretty Pretty Pega-Con.

Giving the room one more once-over, Robin notices a letter sitting under his expired shipment of calf enhancement cream... it's a letter from the J.C.L.B, or Jump City Licensing Board! Apparently, their superhero team license expires today. Robin points out that it should be an easy renewal, but Raven corrects him by revealing that a renewal requires TEN Titans. Beast Boy, not a quick thinker, counts to five (with the help of Cyborg) and notices they only have five members. Raven says they should probably call to have the typo fixed, but Robin sees this as an opportunity to recruit some new, fresh meat for their stale team. Cyborg and Beast Boy oppose being called stale, and Beastie even shows him a "new" octopus transformation. Claiming he already did that two pages ago, Robin says adding new members is the only way. They'll each bring in one new member, hastily yet thoughtfully. Not caring to aspire to this new task, Beast Boy turns on a video game. He's already got his new member picked out, a true masterpiece- Mail Man! Looking at the paper sculpture, Robin realizes he'll have to cover for Beast Boy. Raven and Starfire both have the same idea for a new team member, Jinx.

Traveling to the H.I.V.E. Tower, the two girls meet Jinx and offer her a job with them. The villain is a little reluctant... she says Star and Rae are cool, but she likens the others to a bunch of wet blankets. Raven admits that Robin is no fun, but starts to claim that Cyborg is OK. Just then, Cyborg barges in, angry that his teammates are asking his girl without clearing it with him. Annoyed at his selfishness, Jinx blasts the 3 Titans out of their tower. Gizmo floats down to the injured Titans and starts to gloat that they'll have to disband without them, but he's dismayed to see that See-More and Mammoth have already joined. Turns out Robin had already thought of recruiting H.I.V.E criminals, and he was just in the middle of getting multiple Billy Numerouses to replace the other four Titans. As Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire attempt to murder Robin for treason, the H.I.V.E. members slowly lose interest in joining the hilarious yet incompetent team.

Running out of options, a severely injured Robin returns to the Tower and contacts Speedy and Aqualad from Teen Titans East about joining their team. The two heroes, trying to hold in laughter, pretend that their connection is breaking up. Robin claims he can hear them just fine, but the connection fades out (manually) as the eastern Titans joke about joining the lackadaisical team. Seeing that Robin's dismayed that the Titans are about to end, Beast Boy shows him his contribution: 6 more hand-crafted Mail Men, not including the original. With Beast Boy and Robin, that makes 9-10 teammates. Proud of his clutch delivery, someone calls out, saying that delivery is his job... it's Ray, the REAL mailman! Robin is confused, wondering why Ray isn't busy with his lawyers. But the selfless mailman understands their plight with bureaucracy and offers to help. Teleporting the J.C.L.B. form to the City Hall immediately (he's a skilled mailman), Ray then calls Téo, asking him to fix the typo. After all this work, it turns out that "ten" was just missing an "e". With all of this nonsense cleared up, Ray congratulates the Titans on getting a new team license. Robin thanks him and apologies for not trusting him- a mistake he won't make again.

A few weeks later...

Raven opens up a letter from the J.C.L.B., and they Titans can tell it's not good by her tone... instead of the "ten" typo being fixed to "teen", they have been stuck with "tee". With no other options, the Titans head out in golf gear to play some holes.


Main Characters

Minor Characters



  • The friendship shared between Jinx, Starfire, and Raven is shown once again in "The Letter".
  • Cyborg's emotional relationship with Jinx is also hinted at bit.


  • Robin is singing the original Teen Titans theme in the shower, replacing lines that he's forgotten with random notes.


  • On the final few pages, Robin is shown wearing casts and using crutches, but after a few sentences of dialogue, he is all good.

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy talking about and revealing his Mail Man sculptures.


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