The Naughty List is a magical list written by Santa Claus. It made a debut in "The True Meaning of Christmas".


The Naughty List is a magical list written by Santa. It lists all the people who have been naughty that year and won't receive presents on Christmas Eve. It is protected by magic and can only be changed by Santa Claus himself.

Physical Appearance

The Naughty List is a huge book with a green, hardback cover. It has the words "The Naughty List" entitled on the front along with a picture of a mistletoe underneath the title.

Episode Appearances


  • Interestingly, the H.I.V.E. 5, except for See-More, (whose name is in the left-hand photo below) and Blackfire aren’t included in this list, despite their being evil.
  • Although mainly used for punishing naughty children, Beast Boy on a Shelf reveals that Santa is also abusing it merely to satisfy his own annoyance towards children.


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