"The Night Begins To Shine Two: Chapter Five: You're The One" is the fifth and final part of the five-part movie special, the 24th episode of the sixth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-eighty-fifth overall episode of the series.


The Teen Titans use the three stems to restore B.E.R. from their stone statues. But will it be enough to stop Ultralak?


The Titans are climbing the path to the top of the mountain as snow is blowing on their faces. They finally make it to the top, and at the top is what appears to be ruins, a waterfall with a small lake, and statues of B.E.R. In the middle of the lake there is a small platform of three statues, shaped like drums, a guitar, and a bass, and the colors are red, blue, and green respectively. The three statues represent the three stems. They insert the stems into the statues. Upon doing so, the three statues light up and shoot a beam of light into the sky.

However, Ultralak has been following behind them the whole time. The Titans start battling Ultralak, but Ultralak defeats them again. Ultralk walks up to the statues and removes the stems. At last, the world is Ultralak's, as he merges the three stems into the ultimate song. Ultralak laughs as the bright orb shines in his hands.

The Titans are surprised how he can merge the stems, and Ultralak reveals that he is the 4th member of B.E.R. Ultralak explains that he He wanted to use the music to control people, so quit the band because he disagreed with B.E.R. He lived in solitude and discovered the power of dark silence. He gathered an army and destroyed the guardian Sweet.

Ultralak proceeds to crush the song in his hands, which resulted the color of the world to disappear. Now that all songs are eradicated, Ultralak grows stronger and larger as he consumes the dark silence. Suddenly, a beam of light from the dark sky shoots down on the statues, and out of beam appears the three members of the B.E.R.! Ultralak is outraged, stating that he destroyed all music, but B.E.R. says that they ARE music. They grab the cracked song and absorbed the song's power by all three of B.E.R. touching the song. The color of the dimension is restored, and B.E.R. says that music cannot be destroyed; it can only create something new, such as a new fourth member of B.E.R.

B.E.R. starts playing You're the One, and the power of music returns Cyborg to life, and transforms him into a powerful, radical Cyborg, now becoming the fourth member of B.E.R. The giant Ultralak and the giant Cyborg starts battling each other, and after a while, Cyborg is impaled to an asteroid by Ultralak's spear. Ultralak starts shooting dark silence to Cyborg, draining his music power. However, B.E.R. transforms themselves into giants and helps Cyborg. The power of music gives Cyborg a guitar, and all 4 of them, the official B.E.R., which destroys Ultralak, incinerating him.

The Dimension of the Night Shines is now back in its rightful and prosperous state, thanks to efforts of the Titans and B.E.R. Robin thinks that they should go home, but Cyborg tells him that this dimension is now their home. The episode ends with the Titans cheering.




  • Judging by the ending, the elderly Titans stay in the radical dimension forever.
    • Nevertheless, by the next episode they are back to normal as teenagers, owing to the loose continuity of the series.
  • Cyborg has become the fourth member of B.E.R. starting from this episode.



  • Inserting the stems into the statues is a common trope among many pop culture films and media where the union of multiple relics/artifacts causes a particular event to happen. Probably the most famous example is when Thanos collects all six infinity stones in order to eradicate half of all life in the movie, Avengers: Infinity War. Other examples include:



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