"The Night Begins To Shine Two: Chapter Two: Drums" is the second part of the five-part movie special, the 21st episode of the sixth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-eighty-second overall episode of the series.


In order to stop Ultralak, the Titans must find three music stems, but will need help from a local Miner to get the first stem away from the Sheriff.


Deep in the caves, a local miner is mining rocks with an advanced pickaxe. The Miner is disappointed when he finds nothing when he mines the rock. He throws back the rock, and it cracks a wall. The crack emitted a red glow, which caught the miner's attention. He mines the red crack, and, lo and behold, it was one of the three stems, the 'Motherload'. He the trades the Motherload for money with a sheriff outside, but is angered to see that the money was so little. The Sheriff departs on his horse and says that times are tough. The miner replies that time is tough for everyone except him, and that response made the sheriff stop dead in his tracks. The sheriff angrily says that if the miner is not satisfied with the arrangement, he can take it up with the sheriff's boss.

Meanwhile, the Teen Titans are riding on their motorcycle across the lands in search of the hidden stems. Beast Boy complains that it is hot, but Cyborg says that the world is depending on them and that they must find the stems. Robin is checking the stem-locator saying that he is detecting a song signal, but can't get a lock on its position. Cyborg suggests that they should talk to a local. They come upon the Sheriff and the Miner. The Sheriff guesses that the Titans aren't from around here, and Robin explains that they are from another universe on a galactic mission to find a song. The Sheriff tells them to pack up, leave, and never come back, and the Sheriff departs. The Titans ask the Miner if maybe he can help us. The Miner explains that there are songs everywhere in the ground. He says that musicians all over the land bury their songs deep underground to prevent them from being captured by Ultralak. Later, the Sheriff put a value on music, so the Miner uses that advantage to earn cash. Raven asks what happens to the songs, and the Miner says that the songs are sent to Ultralak to be destroyed. Shocked, the Titans tells the Miner that they are looking for the song by B.E.R. The Miner just sold the 'Motherload' to the Sheriff. The Titans are angry, saying that the song is extremely important, but the Miner doesn't seem to care, thinking that music is nothing but a curse. Nevertheless, the Miner says the stem is locked up in a bank at Grave Rock.

The Titans go to Grave Rock to get the stem. While searching, the Titans observed that the locals don't seem friendly. They also came upon a wanted poster of the Miner, wanted 'for the creation of magical instruments used by the notorious B.E.R.' At the same time, they reach the bank. The Titans infiltrate the bank and do a 'stick up'. The Titans force the bank teller to open the vault. They see the red stem, and upon setting their foot in the vault, a laser system traps them. The sheriff appears behind them and says that he warned them to leave town. The angered Titans say that the song belongs to B.E.R. but the sheriff takes the Titans away to be locked up in prison. Fortunately, they didn't take Cyborg (as a motorcycle still). Cyborg races out of the town to get help, and he goes to the Miner. Cyborg says to the Miner that he needs help to rescue his friends. The miner hesitates at first, but Cyborg reminds him that was the creator of instruments for B.E.R. The Miner agrees to help Cyborg, and both of them depart to Grave Rock. The Miner uses his guitar and plays an awesome rock song to shoot plasma beams at the jailhouse, breaking the Titans free. The Titans thank the Miner.

At the same time, they notice that a train is leaving the town, which contains the stem. The Titans and the Miner chase the train, and the Sheriff in the train notices the Titans. The Sheriff uses all sorts of machinery and artillery in the train to eradicate the Titans, but ultimately fails. However, some of the artillery blown the bridge on the upcoming tracks to pieces. The Miner uses his guitar-plasma gun to create a path for the train. The Titans and the stem are saved! In the aftermath, the sheriff is arrested and the miner becomes the new sheriff of the town! The Titans thank the miner again, and they depart to find more stems.



  • It is revealed that Starfire can use her ultraviolet energy to construct weapons like an axe, similar to Raven's telekinetic construction ability.







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