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"The Streak" are the 8th and 9th episodes of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-sixty-fifth and one-hundred-sixty-sixth overall episodes of the series.


Part 1: It's crime season and Robin is determined to continue his streak of stopping 52 crimes every year.

Part 2: Robin's streak of stopping 52 crimes every year is in jeopardy when members of his team are poached by Kid Flash.


Part 1

Part one of this episode starts with Robin standing on top of the roof of Titans Tower, checking his communicator. He breaks into the window of the tower and excitedly informs the other Titans it's crime season. The others seem displeased and Raven asks if the crime season is over. Robin says yes, but tells her there is a whole new season of crimes to stop. Cyborg whines that he's tired. Raven says she thinks they deserve a hiatus, and Starfire agrees. Not amused at their attitude, Robin explains the Teen Titans don't go on hiatus.

Beast Boy says other superhero teams go on hiatus all the time. Robin then adds this is why they always lose in the crime season. Raven then mentions fighting crime isn't a sport, but Robin disagrees and thoroughly explains crime season is one of the greatest American sports: superhero teams compete against each other to be the first to stop a total of 52 crimes. Beast Boy sighs and says he thought crime-fighting was about justice, and Robin angrily says he's wrong, the Titans have to keep their streak alive. Starfire says they don't care about their streak. Robin bribes them by promising to throw a pizza party afterward. That being said, the other Titans agree. But Robin says they'll have to pay for it, which bothers his teammates.

In the next scene, the Titans are out in town with Robin expressing his confidence about their ability to win the crime season. Kid Flash comes by and greets them. Robin says he hasn't seen Kid Flash ever since he beat him in the foot race (a call back to "Multiple Trick Pony"). Kid Flash corrects him that he cheated. Robin smacks his lips together which causes Kid Flash to question his action. Robin answers that he was enjoying a bunch of sour grapes he brought.

Then Robin sings the Sour Grapes song, which heavily annoys Kid Flash. Afterward, Robin asks Kid Flash why he was here. Kid Flash answers he will be competing against them so he can win the crime season. Raven says he doesn't have a team; Kid Flash replies he doesn't need one and brags his super-speed is enough for him to win. Kid Flash then uses his super-speed to stop 10 crimes and while Robin tries to talk to him, he stops 10 more crimes, making it 20. Robin again tries talking to him, but Kid Flash uses his speed to stop more crimes in a flash, making it now a total of 46. Robin says he can't do that but against his wishes, Kid Flash goes off again and now reaches 52 crimes stopped.

Angrily, Robin says he needs a team. Kid Flash says it's not a problem and briefly explains he will make his own team. Robin laughs and wishes him luck with that, and says all the good superheroes are already on teams. He adds his current teammates were at the "bottom of the barrel" and Beast Boy asks what that was supposed to mean. Starfire takes Robin's statement as a compliment because only good things are found at the bottom of barrels because of gravity! Kid Flash says there have to be some superheroes looking for a team; Robin doubts it, and confidently he tells him the Titans will win the crime season yet again.

The next scene is a short montage of Robin and the other Titans fighting several crimes: Beast Boy stops Gizmo taking over the city and Mother Mae-Eye robbing a bank van, Raven stops Monsieur Mallah robbing the local bank, Cyborg beats up The Brain for making a little boy cry, Robin bustsDarkseid for littering, Starfire eye-blasts Mumbo Jumbo for attempting to take ice cream without paying for it, then take down Brother Blood for attempting to steal an artifact from the local museum. The Titans have now ended a total of 51 crimes.

Back at the Tower, Robin compliments his team's work and tells them they're only one crime away from winning the crime season and the pizza party. The other Titans say they are tired and wish to take a break from stopping villains, and they all quickly fall asleep. Robin yells at them, and it wakes them back up. Robin says they only need to stop one more crime for victory, but the other Titans fall back asleep, so Robin yells at them again to wake them. Robin asks if they care about their streak and the others all say 'no'. Kid Flash suddenly appears and Robin asks why he is here. Kid Flash admits Robin was right earlier about being unable to find a team of his own.

Robin sarcastically pities him and pulls out a bunch of rotten grapes. He mentions he brought plenty for everyone and then throws them at the rest of the Titans. Disgusted, Cyborg asks Robin where he got the grapes. Robin ignores his question, instead saying they're as sour as ever while eating mouthfuls of them. Robin tells the other Titans to eat the grapes Kid Flash "brought" them, but they refuse and groan in utter disgust. Kid Flash says he's not giving up on winning the crime season, and he needs to take other superheroes who are already on teams. As Robin wonders how, Kid Flash bribes Robin's teammates: he offers Cyborg a pizza, Raven a back massage, and Starfire a seat in a comfortable chair.

Kid Flash says if they join his team, they won't have to do any crime-fighting, since he'll do all the work. Robin accuses him of stealing his team, but Kid Flash responds he would never do anything like that unless they are interested. The other Titans immediately agree, which upsets Robin. Robin tells them they're the number one superhero team. Cyborg says he wants pizza, Raven adds she wants back rubs, Starfire mentions she wants comfortable chairs, and Beast Boy is unsatisfied at being completely ignored. Kid Flash then asks if it's yes, but Robin says it's no. Raven says it's probably and Robin wonders if their considerations were serious. Robin explains he can't win the crime season alone and begs them to stay. Just as the other Titans were about to give in, Robin's communicator goes off, giving them a chance to stop their 52nd crime.

The next scene shows the Titans on a train, preparing to stop their 52nd crime against Killer Moth. He tells the Titans they will never defeat him. We see the battle between the Titans and Killer Moth, but it ends with Killer Moth blowing up the train, separating him from the Titans. Killer Moth places a larva in goo, transforming it into a giant bug monster. As the Titans prepare to battle Killer Moth and his mutant larva, Kid Flash shows up in a party bus. After staring in awe, Raven says she's joining Kid Flash's team. Starfire and Cyborg join in. The episode ends with Killer Moth stating he will destroy Jump City while flying away, followed by Robin coming out of a hole tearfully saying "Sour Grapes!".

Part 2

Part 2 begins with an injured Robin disgusted at both Kid Flash stealing his team and having only "the most useless member" at his side. Beast Boy tries to explain that they are still a team, to which Robin says is impossible as a duo, couplet, odd couple, master and student do not make a team. Beast Boy then decides they make a new team while Robin eats his sour grapes.

Meanwhile, Cinderblock attacks Jump City and Kid Flash has a newly formed team, consisting of Robin's old team: Cyborg, who felt unappreciated and wanted Pizza, (which is also why he joined Robin's team, according to "Truth, Justice and What?"); Raven, who felt overworked and just wanted back rubs (one of Kid Flash's techniques); and Starfire, who just wanted to relax (Kid Flash offered her a recliner chair to chill on). Kid Flash tells them they will win Crime Season and crush Robin, but his team members tell him they haven't stopped one crime yet, meaning they don't stand a chance and will be losers. But Kid Flash defeats Cinderblock in less than a second, impressing the former Teen Titans. Kid Flash defeats many villains while the others relax, and soon he is on 14 crimes.

Meanwhile, back in the Tower, Robin pessimistically believes that his streak is gonna be over and he has spent his last dollar on a pedestal, stating his hubris has no bounds and finally understands why Icarus was a piece of trash. Suddenly, Beast Boy enters and asks Robin whether he is ready to meet the new members, which Robin isn't excited about, but Beast Boy still thinks the opposite and says those three are the bottom of the barrels.

For a moment, Robin gets excited as he thinks they are the 3 best members of the Justice League (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, respectively). Nonetheless, they are revealed to be Beast Boy’s bed-sheets which are used to build suspense with their logos, and the “heroes” are Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and Sticky Joe instead.

Disappointed, Robin flips out at Beast Boy saying he is worthless, and they are not superheroes. However, Santa corrects him saying that on every Christmas Day he has to deliver toys to children, dealing with Mrs. Claus (his nagging wife) and eight frisky reindeer. The Tooth Fairy then chips in saying that she is quite the sneak and puts smile bones under their pillows, and adds her catchphrase "Ta-Ta-Ra-Ta-Ta"; Sticky Joe just says "Howdy!".

At first, Robin thinks this won't work as they're not real superheroes, but then Beast Boy admits he wasn't a real superhero either until Robin gave him the chance to become one; Beast Boy then begs him to provide Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Sticky Joe an opportunity to be the same. After Robin asks if the three want to join the Teen Titans, they all nod in unison though Santa says he'll use any excuse to get away from his wife since she can be a real lump of coal. Tooth Fairy adds she will do anything for teeth (throwing in her catchphrase) even though Robin clarifies that there'll be no teeth involved, to which the Tooth Fairy adds she'll wait and see.

Robin then officially declares them all Teen Titans and confirms their current mission is to win the crime season. While checking the crime season stats, he doesn't forget that Kid Flash is right behind them and they only require one more crime to win, and states that it's their chance when the crime alert rings before shouting the regular "Titans, Go!".

Later, Doctor Light is seen standing outside a ruin with a gigantic diamond in his arm, laughing evilly. Then, Robin orders Beast Boy and the rookies to use what they've got. Santa believes that there's only one way to handle children, and as he takes out a bag of coal, he grabs one out and aims to throw it at Doctor Light...but it ends up causing little to no damage to the villain. Worse still, after a disappointed Robin asks Santa to do something better, he gets blasted away by Doctor Light's light beams and many of his teeth fall off. Tooth Fairy immediately gets carried away upon seeing the fallen teeth in front of her and chews them up, while Beast Boy and Sticky Joe play their own musical instruments, making Doctor Light confused, but he quickly joins their dance. More surprisingly, Santa wraps the diamond and ties it up with a ribbon, and hands it to Doctor Light as a gift, until Robin interrupts their joyful dance and reminds the "Titans" to get their heads in the game...

All of a sudden, Kid Flash arrives in a flash and boasts to Robin that he digs his new team. He skillfully attacks Doctor Light, foiling his attempt to sneak away silently; this brings Kid Flash's total of crimes stopped to 51. Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg (who are enjoying the party bus's hot tub) say that they're glad to help Kid Flash, with Starfire asking for another lemonade, which he gives her. Robin begs his old teammates to come back as he desperately needs them to keep up with his streak, but they still refuse: Starfire thinks it's not right to leave at the end of crime season, Cyborg (who gets his shoulders massaged by Kid Flash) scolds Robin for overworking them while he shouts they're doing the same to him, and Raven adds that she and the others HATE work. Robin persuades them to look into their hearts to help them remember their identities as Teen Titans, yet before he can finish Kid Flash cuts in and manipulates them by offering them pizzas. Watching the three betray him by eating their pizzas, Robin gives up and angrily tells them to enjoy their free food before vowing to reach the 52nd crime himself. Kid Flash mocks him by calling his current teammates "weirdos" (which is true, as Beast Boy and Santa are just scratching ear and butt respectively, Sticky Joe picks his nose and offers his booger, and Tooth Fairy is still happily holding the teeth in her hands and savoring them) and sarcastically wishes him "good luck".

Back in the Tower, Robin still feels offended by how Kid Flash describes his current teammates, and upon witnessing how they are joyously enjoying themselves through silly dances and music, he orders them to stop to no avail, until he snaps, grabbing Sticky Joe's banjo and hitting the old hobo's head (breaking the banjo). As Robin grumbles about how his rival is going to end his streak with one more crime foiled, he then starts to reflect on how he treated Cyborg and the two girls, and Santa butts in by calling him a kid who just drank some spoiled milk. Robin annoyedly replies that he can't win Crime Season without the rest of his old teammates (who he considers his "real" team), but Santa lectures him by labeling his brain "garbage" and saying that he is the team: the only one who matters. Robin disagrees with Santa and reminds the latter that he can't do his job without his faithful reindeer. Santa grumpily admits his reindeer's importance and bet Robin knows all of their names. Although he names them all, Robin is only half-correct as he doesn't know about Tyson and Graebel, since Santa himself has already sent them to the dog food factory... as workers. The old man further supports his viewpoint by informing Robin "individuals don't matter" because it's what a leader can get his team to do together. After he polks Robin's eye with his finger, he sings It's Not About the Parts with Robin, Beast Boy, Tooth Fairy, and Sticky Joe. Then the crime alert rings again, and knowing that Killer Moth is back, Robin announces that it is their final chance to win. The team sets out.

At the crime scene, the Teen Titans (which are misleadingly named as there are currently three adults) face Killer Moth who is accompanied by a giant monster that spits corrosive ooze, has terrifyingly destructive strength, and can pinch like a lobster. Initially, Robin confidently believes that their streak can stay alive if they defeat Killer Moth, but once again Kid Flash shatters Robin's confidence by arriving with his team via his party bus. Robin questions Kid Flash for disrupting him, and the latter maliciously tells the former how pleased he will be when he sees the look on Robin's face after his precious streak ends. Realizing how Kid Flash just wants to see him and the weirdos fail, Robin is crestfallen and concedes how his rival nastily took away his original team and will probably snatch his victory, though this feeling doesn't last long as he notices Kid Flash getting off guard and asks him, "How's your other knee?"

Without warning, Robin immediately takes out his staff and cheats by hitting the speedster's knee, causing him to fall to the ground and yell in agony. Nevertheless, Cyborg and the two girls neglect him because they are too busy with the luxurious pool on the party bus. Using Kid Flash's injury to his advantage, Robin commands the "Teen Titans" to attack Killer Moth and the monster. Together the five conquer the villains with their "Teamwork Punch", destroying both. Finally gaining his victory, Robin and his team gloat and deride Kid Flash and the traitors by reprising Sour Grapes. The episode ends with Kid Flash being thrown with a bunch of grapes and crying painfully, as the screen blacks out.




  • Robin's streak of stopping 52 crimes in a year is a reference to the Teen Titans Go! crew making 52 episodes in a season. This series is basically the pizza fund can of the crew, and the crew members usually use the salaries they have earned from making the series to buy pizzas for themselves as a celebration during hiatuses.
    • Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg leaving the Teen Titans is also a reference to how some crew members of this series have come and gone.
  • These are the first two episodes to premiere in 2017.
  • This is the third half-hour special of the series. The first two were "Two Parter" and "Operation Dude Rescue".
  • This is the second time that Kid Flash has a speaking role in the series. His first speaking role was in "Multiple Trick Pony".
  • This is the second episode where the Tooth Fairy gets a major role. The first episode was "Dignity of Teeth".
  • Santa Claus makes his third appearance in the fourth season. His earlier appearances were in "Halloween vs. Christmas" and "Teen Titans Save Christmas". This is also Santa's first appearance in a non-holiday-themed episode.
  • Sticky Joe also makes his third appearance in the fourth season. His earlier appearances were in "TV Knight" and "Teen Titans Save Christmas".


  • The events between Robin and Kid Flash from "Multiple Trick Pony" are brought up by Robin.
    • Aside from this, the competitive tension between the two is continued throughout the episode.
    • This is the eleventh episode to directly reference an event from a previous episode.
    • This is the second time Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg left Robin and sided with Kid Flash, though this time Beast Boy didn't.
  • Robin damages Kid Flash's right knee with his staff. The other time this happened was in "Multiple Trick Pony", when Robin damaged his left knee.
  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 53rd and 54th time in the series.
  • This is the second time Raven left the Teen Titans. The first time was in Legs, when she created her alter ego of Lady Legasus.


  • The episode title is a nod to the TTG production's three-year streak of delivering 52 episodes on time and on schedule each season for Cartoon Network.
    • The number of crimes to be solved could also be a reference to the New 52.
  • Icarus, the Greek mythological figure who died due to overconfidence while flying towards the sun, is mentioned again when Robin regrets spending his last penny on a pedestal.
  • During Robin's crime season day dream, initials of other teams appear:
  • In Robin's "duo" montage, Robin and Beast Boy appear as many pop culture personalities:
    • Robin as Agent Mulder and Beast Boy as Agent Scully from The X-Files.
    • Robin as Ren and Beast Boy as Stimpy from The Ren & Stimpy Show.
    • Robin as Elwood Blues and Beast Boy as Jake Blues from The Blues Brothers.
    • Robin as Stanley Laurel and Beast Boy as Oliver Hardy from Laurel & Hardy.
    • Robin as Felix Unger and Beast Boy as Oscar Madison from The Odd Couple.
    • Robin as Mr. Miyagi and Beast Boy as Daniel from The Karate Kid.
    • Robin as Lt. Raymond Tango and Beast Boy as Lt. Gabriel Cash from Tango & Cash.
    • Robin as Detective Scott Turner and Beast Boy as Hooch from Turner & Hooch.
    • Robin as Larry Appleton and Beast Boy as Balki Bartokomous from Perfect Strangers.
  • Beast Boy has three blankets that have the Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman symbols on them.
  • When Darkseid is littering on the street, there is a board in the background with "Why so serious?" written on it, which is a quote from The Joker.


  • Cyborg at one point relaxes in a hot tub. But in "Real Boy Adventures", he mentions that he can't enjoy hot tubs because he's a half robot.
  • In Part 2, Robin briefly says to Beast Boy that "two people do not make a team, everyone knows that!" However, in "Pure Protein", he told all of his teammates that they must split into teams of two.

Running Gags

  • The Sour Grapes song being sung.
  • Kid Flash showing up with Robin's former teammates (Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven) in an attempt to make Robin jealous and stealing his crime winning victory.
  • Kid Flash indulging Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven by giving them things like pizza and juice.


The transcript for "The Streak" can be found here.


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