The Titan Yacht was a luxury cruise ship the Titans owned and used during a vacation in the "Island Adventures" special. The boat was capsized and destroyed, leaving the Titans deserted.


The Titan Yacht (Dismantled) (2)

The wrecked bow of The Titan Yacht, luckily it can still float.

One summer day, the Teen Titans decided to take a break from all the relaxing they do, so they disembarked from the Tower on their yacht. Aboard the humungous vacation frigate, the Titans were kicking back in the hot tub, dancing, and eating a lot of food. (kinda typical for the superhero team) All of a sudden, Beast Boy caught sight of a massive tidal wave heading straight for The Titan Yacht. The ship steamed full speed away from the tsunami, but the chase ended when the wave crashed down onto the boat, shattering and splintering it in all directions. Clinging to a hunk of the bow, the Titans managed to survive and camp out on a deserted isle. Unfortunately, the yacht was now run aground, useless.


The Titan Yacht (Titans Tower)

The Titan Yacht just off the coast of Titans Tower.

Similar to a few other of their vehicles and machines, The Titan Yacht is painted primarily white, with streaks of pink and clear blue windows. The bow sports the name of the ship in pink lettering. Directly across the side (improper boat terms may be used) is a deck with one strip of windows. Just above that on the main deck is a sort of cabin with a white and pink roof. This is most likely the dining hall.
Hot Tub (The Titan Yacht)

Hot tub party (Main deck).

This floor is decorated with colored banners and Christmas lights. A hot tub, speakers, and a table stacked with burgers and burritos all make it the perfect party place, not to mention the mahogany wood floors.

When it's destroyed, The Titan Yacht basically looks the same, just a few cracks here and there. Also, there's multiple shards of wood, a steering wheel, and life preservers lying around in the water. Wreckage.


  • The dimensions of The Titan Yacht, according to its blueprints, is simply "really big".
  • This boat is featured in the preliminary chorus on the Five Whole Days song.


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