The Voice in Robin's Head is an invisible character who debuts as the narrator of the episode "The Date". He is voiced by Ricky Jay.


The Voice in Robin's Head debuted in "The Date". First, The Voice first tells Robin how much he likes Starfire. Then, Robin discovers that Speedy asked Starfire out, The Voice tells him he should be more concerned about him, but Robin doesn't listen. Later, The Voice returns again and again, and when Starfire finds out that Robin has been doing things to dump Speedy and like Robin, she punches him. But before she can release her rage on Robin, The Voice turns to Starfire, flirts with her and asks her out on a date, to which she agrees. But before they leave, he gave Robin one last message, and flips his cape over the unconscious Robin's head. 

Episode Appearances


  • He is the first character to be voiced by a now deceased voice actor.
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