• Hey guys,

    I love BBRae moments and everyone does but I also enjoy the friendship of Beast Boy and Cyborg. Am I the only one who noticed it that Beast Boy feels safe near Cyborg.

    Cyborg and BB Safe

    Beast Boy Mouse on Cyborg

    And Cyborg also cares about Beast Boy's romantic relationships. 

    Cyborg Comfort BB

    Cyborg and Beast Boy BBRAE TTGWikia

    And I love it when Beast Boy hugs or leans on Cyborg. They have a really cute brother like relationship and it sometimes feels that I only notice it.

    Toon Titans Squash and Stretch TTG

    Beast Boy Hugs Cyborg
    Pie Bros Cyborg and BB

    Cyborg and Beast Boy are not just a random silly duo. There is more about their relationship. Before the that ,they were very shy.

    Cyborg and BB shy TTG

    I think they feel confident together and they can be who they want to be together.

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    • Yeah I love their relationship too.

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    • Teen Titans Forever! wrote:
      Yeah I love their relationship too.
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    • You do have a point there, about a year ago, to be honest I hated them together, because I felt that they we very annoying when he was with Cyborg, but I got past that and now I like their brother-like relationship. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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