• So I just had a dream that there would be a 5-Part BBRae Special (I hope this would come true.), if the creators would allow you to make a 5-Part BBRae Special, what would it be?

    Fill out these:

    (5-Part BBRae Special Title)

    (First Part Name): (Plot/Synopsis)

    (Second Part Name): (Plot/Synopsis)

    (Third Part Name): (Plot/Synopsis)

    (Fourth Part Name): (Plot/Synopsis)

    (Fifth Part Name): (Plot/Synopsis)

    If they allow me, here's mine:

    Title: BBRae Adventures

    1. The First Date: Beast Boy is preparing for his first date with Raven, but he doesn't know what to do during dates, the Taxi Driver who resembles Roman Bellic from GTA IV drives them to numberous of places.

    2. Trigon doesn't approve: (Raven Beauty wanted this episode to happen, so yeah, I put it in my wishlist for the 5-Part BBRae Special) Raven gets scared that Trigon wont approve the relationship, and this episode also marks the first appearance of Arella, Raven's mother who seems to had a brain damage which caused her to behave childish, immature and crazy and she drives a wheelchair.

    3. The Double Date: Cyborg and Jinx decided to date each other, but they take Beast Boy and Raven with them for a double date, but suddenly at the end it has gone wrong and Jinx broke up with Cyborg, Beast Boy made fun of it but Raven didn't like it and found it stupid for Beast Boy, then Cyborg became sad and he walks through random places with this song while Raven was spying on him and felt sorry for him, at the end, Raven kissed Cyborg just to make him happy again, not something romantic and to punish Beast Boy for his mean actions about Cyborg and Jinx's Relationship.

    4. Oh Jeez: Beast Boy found out Raven and Cyborg kissed, he became angry to Cyborg which destroyed Beast Boy and Cyborg's Friendship, also Beast Boy and Raven break up due to this, so Beast Boy and Cyborg decided to never talk with each other again, Starfire tried to get them to reconcile, but it fails, and once again Raven decided to make all girls hate their boyfriends, just like she did in BBRAE and a guy resembling Robbie Rotten goes crazy during some parts of the episodes.

    5. Reconcilations: Raven decides to leave the Titans Tower, and takes Starfire with her, so Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin, the Robbie Rotten Parody, the Taxi Driver resembling Roman Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV, a guy resembling Niko Bellic from the same game as the Taxi Driver, Sticky Joe, Trigon, Speedy, Aqualad, Mas and Menos, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Gizmo, See-More, Billy Numberous, Brother Blood, Dr. Light and Mammoth decided to be though in the city and make a though hangouts which caused them to get arrested, but they get released and tried to win over their girls, and Beast Boy decided to sing Free Me Beast Boy and Raven makes up with each other and started dating once again, just like all the couples.

    How would your 5-Part BBRae Special go if they allow you to make a 5-Part BBRae Special?

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