• Arella is a character in TTG and Raven's mother who made her debut in BBRae Adventures she is voiced by Virginia Madsen.


    After Trigon left and abandoned her and Arella got sent to a mystical land and taken care of by the disciples of Temple Azarath.

    After Arella decided to move on to Jump City, during the trip the Taxi Driver resembling Roman Bellic accidentaly ran her over, which caused Arella to have a brain damage, after that, the Taxi Driver and Sticky Joe decided to take care of her, due to her brain damage she now behaves mad, dangerous and crazy.

    But she is seen doing stunts and dangerous with Sticky Joe and the Taxi Driver at the BBRae Special but Arella is fine with it and she doesn't get harmed by these stunts.


    After she had a brain damage, she became crazy, immature, childish and extreme and is addicted to doing stunts with her wheelchair which doesn't hurt or harm her, Sticky Joe and the Taxi Driver likes to stunt with Arella, but Trigon doesn't like it as this is dangerous for her, but Arella likes it.

    Look, sorry if I ruined her, it's my idea for her in TTG since TTG is we'll... different?

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