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    02:46, August 14, 2017

    Personally I think what these two creators should be go from Cartoon Network or create a show that has nothing to do with Comic Books, older cartoons from the 1980s & 90s and have it be something original. If a show like Teen Titans Go continuously gets soo much criticism and hatred from soo many people, than something needs to either change or stop,  permanently. 

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    • TTG will most likely will never change. It is what it is. This show has been getting criticism as soon as it first started so why would everything change now? Yeah, Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic claim they don't know anything about the characters they write but this show was meant for only comedy to start with so what?

      Considering how this show also has little to no continuity and meant for a much younger audience, I don't see the harm in it? It's only for fun and if the older generation has a problem with it, then they don't have to pay attention to it. That is one of the problems nowadays are: paying way too much attention to things they hate then the things they love. 

      Seriously, people act like TTG has put an end to the world. It's only a children's cartoon, c'mon now. And if you got a problem with this show then I don't see the appeal for you to take the time to type that message above. I mean only the wiki contributors will see it so I don't know who you are trying to impress here. 

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