• There are some, like my brother, who don't like the show because of the flash animation system and how the characters were portrayed in the new version and that Beast Boy should have been better off with Terra. But I don't care about that. And I don't care if "Teen Titans Go! to the Movies" will get rotten, mixed, or fresh ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. When I saw the trailers and tv spot, it seemed interesting to me so far. Also, for this upcoming film, I would love to see more romantic involvement for Beast Boy and Raven since the creators officially proclaimed them a love interest couple under the name BBRAE. Does anyone ship these two? If you do, do you agree that there should be a moment between BBRAE in the movie?

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    • Oh I am much agreed alright!

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    • Well, what kind of love scene can you think of for BBRAE?

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    • For TTG to the Movies, I came up with a love scene for BBRAE with the song Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors. Only in this one, I changed Seymour to Beast Boy. This would show how they try to handle things without Robin. Here's how I made the lyrics to it go:

      Beast Boy: Lift up your head.

      Wash off your mascera.

      Here, take my Kleenex.

      Wipe that lipstick away.

      Show me a face

      Clean as the morning.

      I know things are bad,

      But now they're okay.

      Suddenly Beast Boy

      Is standing beside you.

      You don't need no makeup.

      Don't have to pretend.

      Suddenly Beast Boy

      Is here to provide you

      Sweet understanding.

      Beast Boy's your friend.

      Raven: Nobody ever

      Treated me kindly.

      Daddy left early.

      Mama was poor.

      I'd meet a man

      And I'd follow him blindly.

      He'd snap his fingers,

      Me, I'd say sure.

      Suddenly Beast Boy

      Is standing beside me.

      He don't give me orders.

      He don't condescend!

      Suddenly Beast Boy

      Is here to provide me

      Sweet understanding.

      Beast Boy's my friend.

      Beast Boy: Tell me this feeling

      Lasts till forever.

      Tell me the bad times

      Are clean washed away,

      Raven: Please understand that

      It's still strange and frightening.

      For losers like I've been,

      It's so hard to say!!

      Suddenly Beast Boy!

      Beast Boy: Suddenly Beast boy!

      Raven: He purified me!

      Beast Boy: He purified you!

      Raven: Suddenly Beast Boy...

      Beast Boy: Suddenly Beast Boy!

      Raven: Showed me I caaan!!!!!

      Beast Boy: YES YOU CAAAAAN!!!!!!!!

      Raven: Learn how to...

      BBRAE: Enjoy

      The girl that's inside you (me).

      Beast Boy: With sweet understanding.

      Raven: With sweet understanding.

      Beast Boy: With sweet understanding.

      Raven: With sweet understanding!

      Beast Boy: With sweet under-

      BBRAE: -Standing!!

      Beast Boy's...

      Your (My)...


      (They kiss with great passion)

      Like this?

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