• So.... When I first saw Teen Titans Go I was SUPER confused because everyone was different (I just got over Teen Titans gone) but then I saw Raven and Beast Boy and at first I was like "Bruh.... A hoodie and a green guy... ARE THEY TRYING TO RIP OFF TEEN TITANS?!" But later on I discovered that Tara Strong (I think) Voices Raven (OR STARFIRE XD) My sister pointed out that Beast Boy sounds like Mikey (From TMNT which is now gone and i'm NEVER getting over that ;-;) and I was confused for 10 seconds then I heard it... Later (after 2 days) I googled 'Who voices Beast Boy and Mikey' And Greg Cipher voices them both and I was like "MIKEY AIN'T GONE :D"

    By now, I don't like it but seeing how it's like Teen Titans and kinda TMNT (they had an episode about TMNT but I can see, by far, that they were actually them XD)

    Also, Beast Boy is cool :3

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