• 1.  In "Two Parter" when the Titans were talking about the air conditioner being broken and Starfire says that they already experienced that happening long ago, was it a reference to it being broken in "Hey Pizza"?

    2.  I'm also a bit confused about the transition from Season 5 to 6, if "Butt Atoms" is the first Season 6 episode along with the ones that will be airing after it being Season 6 episodes, that would leave Season 5 at 49 which would be the other 3 that would have Season 5 at 52 episodes?

    3.  Who is the songwriter for songs such as the Boo Boo Song and the Poop Song?

    4.  What are your thoughts on Robin losing his butt and them going on a quest to find it?

    5.  How long did it take to make the TTG movie?  When did it start & end production?

    6.  How long does it take to fully complete an 11 minute episode?

    7.  What are your thoughts on Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, do you think it was a good special?

    Also here is something I made not too long ago of the voice cast, I just thought I would share it with you.  :)

    ~ Skylar
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    • S5 still has the standard 52 batch. Calm down.

      Besides he has already told somebody else that he likes the crossover movie!

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    • 1. Yes it was.

      2. Yes, for the first time, CN started airing the new season before all the episodes from the previous season have aired. But Season 5 does has the standard 52 episodes. The remaining three consists of the Vroom 2-parter that was shown at Comic Con, along with one other episode (which is tied to something specific, so I get why they can't air it yet). These episodes were finished and delivered a long time ago, so CN is just waiting for the right time to air them.

      3. The Boo Boo Song was actually written by the storyboard artist that storyboarded that sequence, Mike Nordstrom. But almost every other time, the song lyrics, including the Poop Song, are written by producer Peter Michail, along with our composer.

      4. I very much enjoyed Curse of the Booty Scooty.

      5. I would say it took about 17 months, from the start of storyboards to the final delivery.

      6. On average, it takes 9 months for an episode, from the start of storyboards to the final delivery.

      7. Yes, as Diana lover pointed out, I have already stated: Even though this crew didn't work on it, it's still a Teen Titan Go project, and I'm glad people are enjoying it.

      Thanks for sharing your artwork!

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