• Oh my good gosh. We are..... Number 26. FREAKING NUMBER 26! Wait wait wait wait.

     I don't even.... Wow... I... Get this. 2 years ago, we were number 74. Not bad. But we are IN The TOP 30. TOP 30. 

    Without counting that we are still the top 150 for the best wikia in general! (108)

    Since 2015 started, we got a Twitter account, Greg Cipes started following us, we remade the galleries, we got TONS of new users, um... We get visited a lot by other people,

    Like, what the fudge is going on guys? Top 30?! I don't even... Know what to say! I'm shaking! I'm literally shaking while Im typng ths! Because out of like 10,000 TV communities, we are top 30?! 

    All I can say to say how I feel is, thank you everybody. You made this community into one of the best in TV wikias. 

    I can't thank you enough! What can I say? Each and every one of us made bit by bit a better wikia! I'm... Ok, I think I'm starting to convert to a big blubbering fool, so I'm gonna stop.

    But still, thank you so much guys. This means A LOT to us.


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