Thru a Double Slit
Thru a Double Slit
An electron rapping about science.
Song by Electron
Released: Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Venue: An atom on the Titans Tower roof
Genre(s): Hip hop
Length: 51 seconds (0.85 minutes)
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Teen Titans Go! - Double Slit (Music Video)

Teen Titans Go! - Double Slit (Music Video)

Thru a Double Slit is a hip hop track sung by an Electron in the episode "Quantum Fun". The song explains the Double-slit experiment, a scientific demonstration about the physics of light and matter.


Yo, I'm about to drop some quantum mechanical super science on y'all!
(Oh, okay!)

[Verse 1]
You take two slits, put 'em on a barrier
in front of a wall with this general area!
We'll show what's the focus of this precarious
display of sheer quantum hysteria!

Shoot some electrons thru a double slit!
What do you get? What do you get?
Shoot some electrons thru a double slit!
What do you get? What do you get?

[Verse 2]
If it exits a wave, then patterns display
across the wall. "But how," you say,
"can a miniscule singular subatomic particle
be so ubiquitous and diabolical?"


[Verse 3]
But wait! The act of observation
changes the effects of this conversation!
'Cause when you measure and take a hard look,
the electron is in one place, it stay's put!



Thru a Double Slit (5)

The Titans vibe to the microscopic rap performance.

  • Robin premiered this song for the other four Titans to help them understand quantum mechanics.
  • This is the 5th rap song that has NOT been sung by any of the Titans.
  • Several times throughout the music video, the rapping Electron is splattered onto a wall. Although being reduced to a blue stain is usually fatal, he somehow survives to keep spitting.


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