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The Titan Robot is a towering robot constructed by Cyborg to aid the Teen Titans in their more dire and serious missions. Split into five sections, each of the Titans mans a body part, and to use the Titan robot to full extent, they must work together.


In the beginning of "The Left Leg", Cyborg had shown off his new creation, The Titan Robot, and Robin was immediately stoked by it. He begged Cyborg to let them use it right away, but Cyborg pointed out that it's only for the big crimes.

However, Robin persuaded Cyborg to use it on a more minor mission - stopping Kitten from robbing a bank. From out of the water, the Titan Robot emerged and flew into Jump City. Robin, furious that he was just a lowly left leg, tried to make up for it by kicking her. However, this caused it to malfunction. Cyborg later lectured that Robin needed to learn his place in the Titan Robot.

Later on, Gizmo and his giant robot army were trying to conquer Jump City. This time, they actually needed the robot. At the battle, Robin, who had now accepted his role, took down robot after robot with the Titan Robot's blasters and sword. Gizmo fired two shells at the robot though, and it fell from the sky. But Robin and the Left Leg weren't finished- he broke away from the main body of the Titan Robot, and proceeded to kick Gizmo's mechanical monster in the face, destroying it.

In Season 2, the Titan Robot was used to defeat the Twin Destroyers of Azarath in "Love Monsters".

In Season 5, the Titan Robot made a cameo in one of the flashbacks in "The Chaff", in which Cyborg was trying to park it properly. It officially returned in "Booty Eggs", when it was used to fight the Easter Bunny along with all the smaller bunnies.

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Cyborg in the head.

  • Robin in the left leg.

    Cyborg: The head, which is the main leader of the machine. 
  • Beast Boy: The left arm.
  • Raven: The right arm.
  • Starfire: The right leg.
  • Robin: The left leg.


The Robot, being a robot, is controlled by humans, so it doesn't really have "powers". However, it boasts several mechanical marvels:

  • The Head: Can shoot lasers and is its central command center.
  • The Arms: Can function as normal arms, as well as shoot lasers and other types of weaponry.
  • Starfire in the right leg.

    The Right Leg: Can function as normal legs, as well as shoot weaponry and lasers. It also has a whale cannon.
  • The Left Leg: Robin has added special modifications to his part of the robot; the left leg is equipped with multiple cannons, guns, and lasers. Also, some arms can separate from the sides to hold a sword, and it can even operate without the other sections of the body.


  • Raven in the right arm.

    A similar giant robot was used by the team in the Teen Titans Go! comic book based on the original Teen Titans cartoon series
  • Beast boy in the left arm.

    The Titan Robot is a parody of the super robot Titan Maximum.
  • Also, it's very possible that it's a reference to the Team robots of Super Sentai and the Power Rangers. Like the Titans Robot, it's also controlled by the individual Rangers.
    • When leaving the water, it even plays a faint remix of the original Power Rangers theme song.
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