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Titans Most Wanted is the fifth Teen Titans Go! game on the Cartoon Network website. This is the first game released where you can play as all five of the Teen Titans at once.


Team up as Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy and most wanted villains have flocked to Jump City for the annual Crime Convention. With scoundrels lurking around every corner, the Titans have their work cut out for them. Robin couldn't be more excited! He's been waiting all year for his chance to play Bad Guy Bingo. If the Titans can KO the H.I.V.E. Five, Dr Light, Plasmus, Mother Mae-Eye, and Trigon in one day, they'll break Batman's world record.





The following is a list of levels in the game:

  1. Robin vs. Thugs
  2. Robin, Starfire, Raven vs. Thugs
  3. Teen Titans vs. Mother Mae-Eye
  4. Teen Titans vs. Mammoth
  5. RobinStarfire vs. Dr Light
  6. Cyborg, RavenBeast Boy vs. Jinx
  7. Teen Titans vs. Billy Numerous
  8. Robin, Beast Boy vs. See-More
  9. CyborgStarfireRaven vs. Plasmus
  10. Teen Titans vs. Trigon
  11. Teen Titans vs. Gizmo
  12. Teen Titans vs. H.I.V.E. Five

Titans' Attacks

The attacks that each titan uses in the game.


  1. Punch (melee) (1 H.I.T.)
  2. Jump Kick (melee) (2 H.I.T.)
  3. Staff Smash (melee) (3 H.I.T.)
  4. Birding (range) (2 H.I.T.)


  1. Star bolts (range) (1,5 H.I.T.)
  2. Eyebeams (range) (2 H.I.T.)
  3. Evade (special action)
  4. Starblast (range) (3 H.I.T.)


  1. Dark Energy (range) (1 H.I.T.)
  2. Heal a Titan (special action)
  3. Teleport (special action)
  4. Demon Vortex (special action) (5 H.I.T)


  1. Punch (melee) (1,5 H.I.T.)
  2. Ground Pound (area) [the drawback to this is it harms everything within its range, even other Titans!] (1 H.I.T.)
  3. Sonic Cannon (range) (2 H.I.T.)
  4. Jetpack Bash (dash) (4 H.I.T.)

Beast Boy

  1. Gorilla Punch (melee) (1,5 H.I.T)
  2. Kitty Camo (special action)
  3. Mosquito Bite (poison)
  4. Cheetah Slash (dash) (3 H.I.T.)


  • It is strongly implied that Batman released the H.I.V.E. Five from prison, to allow Robin and his team to beat his record.
  • The song for the main menu is a remix of the Teen Titans Go! the theme song in a slightly raised pitch.
  • One section of the dialogue shows Cyborg is once again trying to flirt with Jinx.


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