Titans Tower is the headquarters and home of the Teen Titans. It is located on a small island near the mainland of Jump City. This is where the Titans standby for missions and to relax when there is little to no criminal activity.


Household Members

Other Residents

Former Residents/Visitors

Tower Employees

  • Gayle (Human Resources)
  • Zan (Former Receptionist)
  • Beast Boy (Worked as a Receptionist as well, now resigned)



When the Teen Titans first saved Jump City from destruction, the citizens were very thankful. The city council made a deal with the Titans: They would pay for the construction of a base for the Titans in exchange for their protection over the city (from villains, monsters, aliens, etc.). The city council also pays for rent, utilities and repair, allowing the Titans to focus on saving the city.

Building Structure and Location

Titan elevator

Titan Tower Elevator interior schematic.

Titans Tower is shaped like a capital T (likely based off of the "Titans" part of their team name) and made mostly of glass. It is located on a small island off the coast of Jump City. The Titans Tower is far different from the one in the original show. Instead of a bar or kitchen area, the kitchen is closed off.

The halls are narrow and instead of a super computer with monitors, their computer is a console that can be hidden in the floor and activated and controlled via touch screen. Instead of spotlights, suspended fixtures provide illumination. Framed pictures of the Titans and their missions hang on the walls throughout the tower. Bright colored stickers are plastered in every room, consisting mostly of the symbols of various other DC heroes and villains.

The Titans' personal belongings are found scattered on the floor. While the Titans Tower in the original series was built upon a shallow island surrounded by rocks, the current T-tower rests on a tall island cliff with fresh grass. The outdoors have a yard, fenced in with patio, table with chairs and umbrella, along with a hot tub, a barbecue pit and even a balcony to look at the view. At the bottom of the property there is a swimming pool and golf course. The T-tower has a huge arsenal of weapons and even has the power to control satellites in outer space. In "Caged Tiger", it is seen that the Tower has at least eighty-three floors, not including the Bizzaro level (an alternate dimension).


  • Living/Main Ops Room: This is where the Titans typically hangout together. It has a big pink couch that can seat all five Titans, a large TV (that gets broken quite often), access to the elevator, and is where the big control panel is located (can be raised from the ground). They also have a Catwoman clock in this room.
  • Kitchen: Equipped with a couple tables, several chairs, cabinets, a microwave, and a fridge/freezer combo, this is obviously where the Titans eat and cook.
  • Elevator: Goes up the entire Tower, all the way to the room the elevator is average sized but can fit all five Titans. It has stickers all over the inside with the symbols of various DC heroes like Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman as well as the faces of some of them and the villains Joker, Harley Quinn, and Bane (The Dark Knight Rises variant). In Caged Tiger, the elevator interior was redesigned with colored sticky notes covering the walls, except for the back wall. Each sticky note has a picture of a hero or a villain on it.
  • Dance Studio: As seen in "The Overbite", the Titans have their very own dance studio with a wooden floorboard, mirrors, a blue barre stuck on the walls, benches and change rooms for the girls and boys Also, there are pictures on the walls of famous dancers..
  • The Ring: Shown in " Oh Yeah!", the Titans seem to have their own wrestling ring with red ropes and a regular wrestling atmosphere where they do their fun little wrestling practices. Real or fake, its sure to be a go.
  • Bathroom: The Titans have a pretty standard bathroom apart form being able to talk (seen in "Serious Business", with a sink, a toilet, a bath, and a shower. It is a unisex bathroom since both male and female Titans use them. In Serious Business, the bathroom floats away onto outer space with all the other bathrooms of the world...
  • Garage: This houses the T-Car, which is built and maintained by Cyborg; other Titans sometimes help maintain it too. It has not been seen where it is exactly on the Tower, but presumably either on the ground level or below ground and the car just raises up. It has plenty of tools and other gadgets inside to help maintain, fix or improve the T-Car.
  • Lobby: Seen in "You're Fired!", only a small section of it is shown but it seems to be a very long hallway. This is where the receptionist desk is located.
  • Laundry Room: Shown in "Laundry Day", it is a fairly large laundry room with the standard washer and dryer. It appears to be on the ground floor, as Robin looked through the window while he got trapped outside. It has motivational cleaning posters with Superman and Aquaman (hook variant) on them. There is also a Wonder Woman one, but it is ripped up for some reason.
  • Morgue: Shown in Ghostboy, this room is where the deceased are placed in a coffin and mourned. It has a skull on the door.
  • Back Room: Shown in "Tower Power", this room seems to have the power source of the Tower. This is where the Titans tried to devise a plan to unplug Cyborg from the Tower, but he was still able to engage in their conversation, so they left promptly to unplug him.
  • Secret Room: Shown in "Terra-ized", this is where all of the Titans' secrets and security are. Terra wanted to know all of the Titans' secrets so she used Beast Boy to open it for her and let her put it on her flash drive. It is protected by several doors, including a vault door and a giant mouth. It can be accessed by pressing a button hidden in a small shrub.
  • Laboratory: Seen in "Super Robin", when Robin is jealous of the other Titans about having super powers, he heads into the laboratory to try and merge his DNA with a robin.
  • Underground Basement: Seen in "The Left Leg", the Titans enter into the room through pipes in the main living room. It is shown to be underneath the entire island, underwater. When the Titans take their robot out for a mission, it always flies straight up, then it always comes out of the ocean in front of the tower. Silkie also goes in it to build a robot to stop the asteroid in "Brain Food". It also appears to be the location of the obstacle course that Robin built in "No Power", as the Titans also travel there via the pipes.
  • Library: As seen in "Brain Food", Beast Boy goes here to try and get smarter by reading a lot, which he seems unable to do. It is quite large, filled with hundreds of books.
  • Titans' Rooms: Each of the Titans' rooms is marked on the door with either their face or a symbol.
    • Robin's Room: A sort of bedroom-training room/gym combo, it has the typical bed (although he sometimes sleeps in the closet to not get ambushed while sleeping [as seen in "The Mask"), but also training equipment like a punching bag and targets. It also has a large desk with a computer on it. This desk also has various test tubes and a book shelf on the upper part of it and sticky notes all around it. His walls are covered with various newspaper clippings from his days with Batman, and various Batman-related posters including "The Flying Graysons", Robin as an actual bird, and Joker and Two-face (both villain posters covered with birdarangs). His punching bag also has the faces of Bane (The Dark Knight Rises variant), Killer Croc and Slade on it. He also has a Superman figure hanging from his light in a flying position. In "Starfire the Terrible", he is also shown to have a picture of Starfire and a calendar of her schedule.
    • Cyborg's Room: A high-tech room occupied with computers and other various technology throughout. He also has a body changing station shown in "Laundry Day". His body changing station apparently has the body of Brainiac in it. He also has posters hung up of other robotic DC characters, like Steel and Metallo. Cyborg's bed is really just a rack.
    • Starfire's Room: A bedroom with a very girly atmosphere, it is mostly pink and purple with heart and star stickers all over it. It has a make-up mirror, sewing machine, and various plants in it. She even keeps a diary of just things she likes and there are apparently multiple volumes of it. On her bed, there are also stuffed animals in costumes of The Flash, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Bane (The Dark Knight Rises variant). She also has a poster of Superman, Martian Manhunter and Deadman. She also owns a non-DC poster called "Going Bananas: The Musical". As seen in "La Larva de Amor", Deadman's rotting corpse is beneath her bed reaching for a glass of water.
    • Raven's Room: A bedroom with a very dark, Gothic ambiance. It is very dark with only candles lighting it. It is decorated with chains, spiderwebs, painted skulls on her walls and real skulls. It also has a corner of cages with who-knows-what kind of creatures inside them; you only see their tentacles sticking out. There is also a small book shelf to hold her various spell books. She also owns a well-kept bonsai tree that she keeps in her room. It is not the cleanest room, but it isn't too dirty. On her wall are posters of other various demonic and magical DC characters, such Zatanna, Etrigan and Ra's al Ghul. She also has a statue of Etrigan on her nightstand, as seen in "Tower Power". Every now and then, her left wall will have a portal to Hell, with occasional demons coming out.
    • Beast Boy's Room: An extremely messy and animal-themed room. His room has dirty clothes strewn all over the floor. It has some animal features in it, such as a small climbing tree, a giant ball of yarn, a cat climbing post, four leaf clover wall (with many scratches on it), and a box with hay (his bed). He has posters of many animal-themed DC characters, such as Catwoman, Nite Owl, Animal Man, and Krypto the Superdog.
    • Classroom: This is where the Titans learn and teach, and as seen in "Permanent Record", it houses the Magical Learnin' Van. It was first seen in "Cool School".



  • Throughout the majority of the Tower, the walls are covered with posters and stickers of famous DC characters, as well as the logos that represent them. Ones not exclusively in a Titan's room include: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Joker, Bane, Harley Quinn, and Dr. Fate.
  • Throughout the Tower are dolls of DC characters, even outside Starfire's room. The ones seen so far are Darkseid, Martian Manhunter, and Slade
  • The thermometer inside Titans Tower seems to always be set at a comfortable 72-73 °F, but in "Hey Pizza!", the thermometer was temporarily broken and set to 103 °F.
  • The password to get all of the Titans' secrets in the secret compartment is "TITANZRULE". This was shown in "Terra-ized".
  • "Friendship" was the first episode where the Tower didn't appear.
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy randomly built a door that leads to nowhere into the sides of the Titans Tower in "Puppets, Whaaaaat?".
  • Some people argue that it's shaped like a T, like Cyborg mentioned in "The Mask".

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