Tower Lockdown is the first Teen Titans Go! online game on the Cartoon Network website. The game has six badges that you can earn. 


Robin traverses through multiple levels in the Titans Tower, clearing obstacles, upgrading with power-ups, and dodging laser beams. Each level gradually gets harder and harder. In the Level 29 awaits the last challenge — Cyborg! Once Robin clears the obstacles, Level 30 is a breeze... he saves Starfire from the lockdown! Unfortunately, Robin isn't much of a hero; it was only a video game!


Robin mainly has to use his jumping skills to leap over objects. Many of the levels are complicated, involving switches, clones, doorways, invisible blocks, and multiple moving platforms. When a player is having trouble with a level, they can use a Raven hint, which gives helpful tips on how to overcome a level. In the bottom left corner of the screen, there is a picture of Raven's head, and if you clicked it, you get a Raven hint about how to solve the level. In Level 30, Robin aves Starfire from the lockdown.





  • If you look closely at the stickers on some levels, you can see Mumbo, Green Lantern, The Joker, and Batman stickers in the background.
  • All of the Titans' designs are different from how they look in the show. Their designs are based off of their early concept designs.
  • This is the first time Raven is seen without her hood in a game.
  • A lot of elements are taken from the original Teen Titans series.
    • Raven's appearance is modeled after how she appears — and looks like — in original Teen Titans games, as can be seen from her purple hair and dark gray lips.
    • Silkie also has his original series appearance.
    • Larry is an original series character, but also appears as a power-up on level 12 and 14.
  • The song playing in the background is the instrumental of "I Love Pie" which is normally sung by Beast Boy and Cyborg.
  • Beast Boy is the only Titan that does not appear in this game. He does however, appear as a dog on the pause menu.


  • In some levels, there are pipes similar to the pipes in the Super Mario Bros. games, as well as one level featuring the punching brick. It is sort of a shout out to "Video Game References".
  • In level 4, there is a poster of Sherlock Holmes.




For extra help or a tutorial, there is a link to a walk-through for all levels:

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