The Toy Master is a notorious villain who is infamous for turning people into collectibles.

Physical Appearance

Toy Master wears what resembles a elf or jester outfit in red and green, with pointed shoes and a hat with a gold bell.


The Toy Master was first mentioned by Beast Boy who bought a super rare Muscle collectible and got ominously warned by him that he could turn Beast Boy into a collectible, though Beast Boy ignored it anyway. This resulted in him able to scatter the collectible Titans with the power stored inside the Muscle figure. A letter written by him was then left behind for Robin as a declare of challenge.

After gaining Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy back to his team, Robin discovered that the Toy Master had been the culprit behind his team becoming toys, and he had also been holding Raven hostage. Robin instantly challenged him to a duel, but he quickly overwhelmed and beat him up with his Justice League collection.

After the duel, the Toy Master was victorious, but then he soon fell victim into an existential crisis upon realizing that Robin had decided to give up collecting toys altogether. In the end, he shrieked in horror and exploded, which resulted in all of the collectibles turning back to normal.

Episode Appearances

Season 5




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