Below are the known relationships of Trigon throughout the series.



Raven (daughter)

Quote1 I'm thankful to be here with my daughter, even she doesn't appreciate my gifts to her. Quote2

Raven and Trigon have have a complex relationship, which is very different from the original series. Trigon "cares" for Raven to an extent with warped "love", and wants her to embrace her demonic heritage and be similar to himself, treating her as his little girl. In fact, in Flashback, it is revealed he used to bring her around and cause mayhem together. Raven, however, has different views as she starts growing up, and thus result in their complicated relationship. Raven would rather be left alone than be bothered by her father, and does not want to be like him in any way. She knows when her father is up to no good, such as how he warmly welcomed the Titans in "Dog Hand", knowing he had other intentions, which were getting Raven to become truly demonic. In "Dreams", Raven's dream focuses on Trigon's return to conquer the earth. In the dream, Trigon tries to force her to join him, as it is "her destiny". Raven is eventually able to overcome him and defeat him. Strangely though, her demon side takes over, and she decides to do what he wanted and kills her friends. She then takes over the world, just like her father wanted her to.

In "Caramel Apples", Trigon comes for a visit to destroy the world, because Raven didn't give anything to him for Father's Day and his daughter describes that he is acting like a baby. He then starts to spend more time with Starfire, making Raven start to feel somewhat jealous of their growing relationship, which then causes a fight to break out between Raven and Starfire. When the fight is over, Trigon is seen to be enjoying the fight while eating popcorn, and protests that it ended too quickly, saying that it was just getting interesting. He then confessed to them both that all the fighting was his idea. Raven (with Starfire's help) then opens a portal to send Trigon to another dimension, where he vocalizes to be back for Thanksgiving.


Trigon and Raven fighting for Turkey Cyborg

In "Thanksgiving", Trigon joins his daughter Raven on Thanksgiving at Titans Tower like he promised. He later turns Cyborg into a turkey, and prepares to eat him. Raven notices this, and tries to stop him from eating her friend. She fails, and says to go ahead and eat him because he never listens to her anyway, a sad puppy dog look on her face. He tries to ignore it at first, but he keeps looking back at her, until he finally gives up on trying to kill and eat Cyborg. Trigon states that he wanted her to have an actual turkey on Thanksgiving, but Raven states that eating her friend wasn't part of the deal.

In “Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star”, Raven reveals how Trigon always popped up and stopped her from dancing since her childhood. Then when Raven is introducing herself and shows off her dress which she has spent two weeks making, Trigon suddenly arrives (probably through a portal) and rips it in half right in front of her eyes. Raven (who fixes her torn dress and turns it into a new one via magic) then performs a demonic ballet and impresses him, which makes him supports her later on, though he seems to be very furious after Robin is chosen (before Birdarang says the winner is the ventriloquist dummy)...

In Demon Prom, Trigon compels Raven to attend Demon Prom by threatening to destroy Earth and she has to submit. When Raven allows her friends to mess up the prom so as to prevent herself from being voted as Prom Queen, Trigon is obviously enraged and then devastated after she points out his selfishness. Later, as the other Titans mistrust him by advertising her to be Prom Queen because they are being tricked by his grief, Trigon is very happy to know Raven is being chosen as Prom Queen, until she uses her staff to zombify the other patrons who push him into the portal to the underworld, WITHOUT HER.

In TV Knight, however, in spite of their usually tensed relationship, Trigon compliments Raven for cooking breakfast she makes for him and she happily thanks him back.


In “Dog Hand”, Trigon was initially friendly to Robin by turning the latter muscular so as to trick him. However, after Robin turned against him, he has been holding a bitter grudge against Robin ever since. In “Demon Prom”, he even outwardly despised Robin and regarded Robin as a dork when Raven allowed Robin to be her prom date.

Beast Boy






At one point, Trigon and Starfire briefly had a good relationship with each other. In "Caramel Apples", the two were temporarily stepfather and stepdaughter on Fathers Day, where they both enjoyed it.