"Twisted" is issue #47 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series, featured in Volume 4, "Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit."


Things get “Twisted” when the Titans borrow a game Starfire brought from home. Who knew they’d merge into one giant pizza-eating, self-destructive bundle of nerves?


It's a nice day out at the Jump City Community Pool, where Aqualad and his team are doing a little synchronized swimming. The Teen Titans are in the stands watching, all except for Beast Boy, who's swimming with them in dolphin form. Cyborg comments how well in sync the swimmers are, and that gives Robin motivation to get his own team in synchronized for fighting.

Twisted (5)

What kind of demonic Mumbo-Jumbo is this?


At the Titans Tower, Robin has called a meeting to discuss the team's lackluster performance lately. Everyone is immensely bored; Starfire can't understand any of it, and Raven took a hike right when he said "power point". Robin won't allow anyone to play hooky, 'cause he's about to deliver a really intense 72-point plan. As Robin, Beat Boy, and Cyborg go search for Raven, Starfire offers to go get some soda to keep them awake for the ordeal.

The three Titans find Raven lounging about in Starfire's room, reading her diary. At first, Robin tries defending Star's privacy, but he can't help but wonder if there's any juicy intel on him in the book. Unfortunately for him, Raven says it was nearly as dull as his presentation. Recalling his power point, Robin is dismayed- they'll never be a locked-and-loaded team if they don't work together. But Cyborg and Beast Boy get an idea when they find a "Twisted" game mat. Robin figures that this toy can bring the team together, but Raven's pretty sure it will just tear them apart...

Starfire, back from the store with the soda, sees the Titans in the living room all spread out on the game mat. Robin invites her to play, but she's horrified: this thing they are playing on is no game, it's a multidimensional portal board, and highly dangerous. 共和 Robin doesn't take her seriously, but instantly regrets it when all four of them are sucked through the board in a green flash of light. They reappear as one, conjoined into one horrible monster. They get pulled in again, and once more, they return as a mutant. For a third time, they get sucked into the board and pop out as a beast with Robin's legs, Cyborg's torso, Raven's hood and arms, and Beast Boy's face (with Robin's mask). Wondering if the monster can hear her, Starfire calls out. The mutant replies with its name, C.R.R.A.B.B. (Cyborg, Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy). The alien princess explains that the board, which is NOT a game, is meant as a transportation device for one person at a time only. And now that they've messed with a power stronger then their own, they have to pay the price. Things are going to be awkward, but Starfire's going to make the best of it by getting... it... into shape.

The first task on the list for C.R.R.A.B.B. is polishing the T-Car. This gets them at a measly Level 2 in dexterity. Next, the horrific beast sweeps out Starfire's room in rapid motions, garnering a Level 15 dexterity. Going up a notch, C.R.R.A.B.B. lifts the entire Titans Tower, and a gain of Level 17 strength is met. Now comes eating raw eggs. The Beast Boy part of C.R.R.A.B.B. complains he's vegan, but one of the other parts contradicts this. Either way, Level 12 constitution is achieved. A Level 15 in wisdom is accomplished when C.R.R.A.B.B. calculates that Starfire is the most essential Titan, Level 16 endurance is met after running up some stairs, and an astounding Level 1,000,000 charisma is finally awarded.

C.R.R.A.B.B. is now ready for battle. With the combined strength of the 4 Titans, the H.I.V.E. 5, and pretty much every villain in Jump City is obliterated. As a reward for cleaning the city of crime, the mayor awards C.R.R.A.B.B. a ring of colored keys, representing their unique "unity." The crowd cheers "Teen Titans GLOB!" as C.R.R.A.B.B. excepts the ring, although each Titans part of the beast is extremely greedy with it. Starfire scolds the mutant for not even being able to share with itself. The mayor once again thanks C.R.R.A.B.B., and congratulates them on a well-earned, relaxing retirement.

Sadly, retirement isn't going that well for C.R.R.A.B.B. at all. It's sitting on couch, knitting and arguing with itself constantly. Starfire sees that C.R.R.A.B.B. is reaching it's breaking point of insanity, and she recommends some sunlight at the pool. Reluctant to leave the Tower, the five of them in two bodies head out.

Things aren't any better at the pool. C.R.R.A.B.B. is watching some more synchronized swimming, only to be splashed by tons of water and have it's sweater shrunk. Starfire, fresh out of the pool and dressed in a bikini, rolls out a towel for the depressed monster. Laying down on the rag and hoping for death, Starfire presses some buttons on the towel: it's actually the inter-dimensional portal! A green flash of light swallows C.R.R.A.B.B., and out comes 4 SEPARATE Titans, still trapped in the sweater. Cyborg chainsaws them out, and Robin reclaims his mask from Beast Boy's face. Infuriated, Robin screams at Starfire for lying about fixing them. But Starfire claims she told the truth- the great power they messed with wasn't the mat, it was her. Robin calms down, realizing that Starfire wanted them to work together. But Starfire says that the REAL lesson is to stay out of her bedroom. That might be hard for Robin...


Main Characters

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  • Robin once again has his mask off for a brief moment in "Twisted."


  • The trans-dimensional portal board that the Titans mistake for "Twisted" is a parody of the game "Twister".
  • During the raining session, Starfire tells C.R.R.A.B.B. "on with the wax, off with the wax." This is a reference to the command given to Daniel by Mr. Miyagi (宮城成義) in The Karate Kid.
  • When the H.I.V.E. Five is defeated, the frames are stylized like a fighter video game, from the health bars to the special moves.


  • The cover art shows a version of C.R.R.A.B.B. in Starfire's room, although the transformations happened in the living room.

Running Gags

  • C.R.R.A.B.B. arguing with itself.


The transcript for "Twisted" can be found here.


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