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"Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp" is the thirty-seventh episode of the second season in Teen Titans Go!, and the eighty-ninth overall episode of the series.


When Robin tries to teach Beast Boy to have more respect for money, he ends up learning a lesson.


The plot starts off at the Titans Tower, where the Titans are being called out by Robin asking them what day is it. They answer that is Wednesday but Robin corrects them its Friday, which also means that it's payday. When he asked the Titans what are they going to spend their money on, they requested items that Robin detested- he theorized that money shouldn't be wasted on things that bring happiness and joy; the true purpose of money is to be hoarded until they gain even much more money. However, Beast Boy tells him that money is the root of all evil making, Robin to hold up a dollar bill and using it as a puppet to talk. This starts making them certain that money isn't evil and they can be anything. Beast Boy suggested that money can be also Robin's "stupid" face on a dollar bill, and that gave Robin the impetus to slap his face, revealing the evil side of money currency they should respect.

Frustrated, Beast Boy takes Robin's dollar bill from his hand and rips it off into pieces much to Robin's horror. From his act, Robin won't pay the Titans anymore until they respect money as much as he does while he leaves away. But Beast Boy doesn't need his money while the other Titans wish they could've had some for it is forbidden to get paid. Beast Boy won't ever respect money as long as it is evil and from that he got an idea by replacing the money currency with bees instead.

Some time later, in the kitchen, Beast Boy opens up a box of pizza to eat, but Robin comes in as he would like to have a slice of pizza too by paying him a dollar bill. Beast Boy tells him the price in bees making Robin confused. He reminds Robin's speech about money representing credit so they can be anything, Beast Boy chose bees while Robin shows him that bees aren't even on the grid upon currency and nobody would pay in bees. On the contrary, Starfire also came in to order a slice of pizza from Beast Boy as she had bees prepared for payment. After that, his hand gets stung while Robin doesn't have any bees but he seeks out three flies flying by as he grabs them for an exchange instead of bees. However Cyborg tells him that nobody would buy anything for three flies as he gave Beast Boy some of his bees to get a slice of pizza too. Raven orders a slice as well but she had a queen bee instead. That being worth a lot, she purchased the slice and gets a change of two bumble bees and a wasp. While she's eating, her head gets stung by bees.

Intimidated, Robin refuses to use bees as currency so he sticks to dollar bills instead as he left the Tower in order to buy something while he travels around in Jump City. Eventually the bee currency has begun to expand all over making Robin to give up on dollar bills while Beast Boy became rich from his "sweet" business. Somewhere in the forest, Robin has found a hive of bees and tried to reach it making it falling right onto his head while he was pursued by bees. He runs into a bear accidentally, making the bear to chase him as well for Robin's head covered in honey while Beast Boy has become a bee-illionaire.

Back at the Titans Tower, Beast Boy's room has been decorated into a hive office while he was speaking on the phone like a business boss and playing golf. When he hits the golf ball, he accidentally hits Robin's face right when he entered to request some bees from him to get back on his feet. Beast Boy denies his request knowing that Robin will never respect money that way. However Robin started to get worried about his friend being stung repeatedly but Beast Boy ignores the pain. He would give Robin an opportunity to earn bees only if he dances for some bees. Robin wasn't expecting to be humiliated that way but he had no other choice but to dance in front the Titans (after they were being called out by Beast Boy). After the shameful dance, Robin earns only two bees, and he expected more... but Beast Boy expects him to be appreciative. He admits that money is the root of all evil, even bee money as his hands are being stung and doesn't like how what his friend has been turned into. But Beast Boy doesn't hear him as he smacks down a hive of bees with his hammer, allowing the bees to attack Beast Boy while the other Titans were watching him. Beast Boy has been swollen, turning himself into a huge monster by his allergic reaction from the bee stings, making Robin to smack him down with his staff repeatedly believing that the evil of greed has consumed his friend. After a beat down, he eventually turns Beast Boy back to normal while Raven went off to call for an ambulance.

At the hospital, the Titans were glad to see their friend being slowly rehabilitated. Beast Boy apologized for being too greedy of money while Robin tells them the lesson morale of whoever said that money is the root of all evil was way off base. He also apologize to Beast Boy for beating him up thinking he was a monster while he claims its cool. Suddenly Starfire just received the hospital bill costing too much which made Robin to tell a bee pun by "That's going to sting!" And they all laughed in the end (except for Starfire she just looked confused).




  • The clip for this episode wasn't released until the day the episode premiered.
  • This was the first episode to be produced in 2015.
  • One of the legal signatures on Dr. Money is "Sean Kriener", who was one of the writers for "Birds", and who is currently a storyboard artist on the show.
  • Five bees equal one dollar, so one bee equals 20 cents. A queen bee minus two bumblebees and a wasp equal one dollar.


  • The music at the start is the same music heard in Beast Boy's dream in "Dreams", as well as in "I See You".
  • Raven and Cyborg are once again reading "The Big Book of Rage" and "The Little Book of Calm", which they were previously reading in "The Left Leg". Also, Cyborg is seen with his bubble pipe, brought back from the same episode.
  • Robin's love for money is brought up again, which was previously mentioned in "Missing". Interestingly, Beast Boy seems to have lost his similar obsession with money.
  • This is the fifth time the hospital appears. ("Super Robin", "Second Christmas", "Pirates", "Truth, Justice, and What?")
  • This is the second time that Robin is forced to dance against his will. The first time was in "Super Robin".
  • George Washington's appearance, as seen in "Money Grandma", returns on Robin's dollar bill when he tries to buy a slice of pizza from Beast Boy. Surprisingly, Dr. Money does not have George Washington's caricature from "Money Grandma", instead having a realistic depiction of Washington on a dollar bill.
  • The pizza from "Truth, Justice, and What?" is seen here.
  • This is the second time the newspaper headline title has puns in it. The first was "Legs".


  • In Ancient Greece, bees were printed on coins, which might explain why Beast Boy chose to use bees as currency.
  • Beast Boy says the common idiom "money is the root of all evil".
  • Beast Boy becoming big and puffy may be a reference to the 2014 film, The Boxtrolls.
  • Robin saying how the evil consumed Beast Boy and turned him into a monster is a reference to the final battle of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when Ganondorf becomes Ganon after Link defeats his first form and Ganondorf collapses his tower, then erupts from the rubble of it once Link escapes.
  • Beast Boy at the end of this episode is a reference to Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, as he will also only do things for money.
  • Starfire calls Beast Boy "The Green One" happens to be Buttercup's nickname from The Powerpuff Girls episode "Aliver".


  • At the start, when Robin is telling the Titans they're wrong, Beast Boy disappears from his place on the couch before reappearing afterwards.
  • This episode has not been released by iTunes to download, and in it's place is "Beast Man".
  • Robin is going to pay the Titans, despite the fact that superheroes don't get paid.
  • Beast Boy mentions that money is the root of all evil, despite wanting the cash prize of returning Silkie to Killer Moth in "Missing".  However, this episode could've occurred before Missing, or Beast Boy just lost his obsession with money
  • Bees die when they sting people, yet they sting people multiple times during the episode without a problem.
  • When Beast Boy rips Robin's dollar, he seem to only rip it in half. However, when Robin cries over it, it is in little pieces.
  • When the Titans are laughing as the episode ends, you can hear Starfire laughing, as well. However, she is not seen laughing, merely smiling.
  • Beast Boy's older cat form from early Season 1 is used, despite having received a redesign since then.

Running Gags

  • The Titans (mostly Beast Boy) getting stung by bees.


The transcript for "Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp" can be found here.


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