"Two Parter" is the seventeenth and eighteenth episodes of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-twenty-first and the one-hundred-twenty-second overall episodes of the series.


Part 1: The Titans visit the Hall of Justice to use the pool, but then decide to check out the inside.

Part 2: The Titans must save the members of the Justice League from the clutches of the super villain Darkseid.


Part 1

The episode begins with Robin expressing that he thinks that today will be special. Beast Boy asks how it's going to be special. Robin replies that it is special because something will happen that will take twice as long as it usually would, thus, it is special. He then states that a special event will take place that will result in an epic adventure. The Titans wonder when exactly this "special" event will take place, and Robin tells them to keep waiting. Shortly after, the air conditioning breaks down, which Robin declares is special (although apparently it had already broken a while ago). Robin thinks that this broken air conditioner will launch them into an exciting adventure divided into two parts.

The Titans find that they are feeling hot, at which point Robin takes them to a pool, which they do not find special at all. Cyborg then cannonballs into the pool, knocking it dry. Robin then suggest that they go to the Hall of Justice, at which point he once again declares that this will be special (causing the other Titans to ask him to stop saying "special"). The Titans arrive at the Hall of Justice and begin swimming in the pool, except for Cyborg, who is worried about the Justice League catching them in their pool. He then reveals his wish to one day join the Justice League, causing the other Titans to state that they would also like to join the Justice League. Since it is such a special day, Robin then offers to introduce Cyborg to the Justice League, to which Cyborg protests.

However, they find that no one is home, at which point Robin offers to give the Titans a tour (as the Justice League left a key there for some reason.) Robin notes that they are filling lots of time, which is special. They then look in the fridge, where they find Batman's sandwich, which they eat despite Robin's objections. The sandwich set off an alarm, at which point a security robot finds them and informs them that the area is restricted to Justice League members, and that intruders will be detained. The Titans evade the robot and Robin suggests that they dress as the Justice League to fool the robot. The Titans then fight over the Batman costume, but upon finding that it smells, leave the role to Robin.

The other Titans then suit up: Beast Boy as Martian Manhunter, Raven as Wonder Woman, Starfire as the Flash, and Cyborg as Green Lantern. The Titans manage to fool the robot in their disguises until the robot asks exactly which Green Lantern (John Stewart) Cyborg is. As he doesn't know, the robot again believes they are intruders and attacks them. However, they are rescued by the Golden Girls (created by Cyborg's ring), and come out triumphant. Robin declares that he told them it was a special event. However, the Titans find out that the Justice League has been captured by Darkseid, meaning that there will be another part to the adventure. Robin once again declares that it is special.

Part 2

The second part of this episode picks up right where the first part left off, with the Titans standing around the Justice League's computer monitor. Robin explains to the Titans that Darkseid (not THE Dark side) is the most dangerous villain in the universe, powerful enough to defeat any hero that faces him. The Titans agree to travel to the planet Apokolips to rescue the Justice League from his evil clutches. Cyborg insists that they remain wearing the Justice League's costumes, to honor the heroes that they aspire to be like. The Titans go to their vehicles to fly to Apokolips. Raven gets in Wonder Woman's invisible jet, she tries to control it, which doesn't work out to well... In the process of pressing and pulling invisible levers and buttons, she destroyed the other vehicles, so the Titans had to squeeze into her jet.

After a flight, the Titans finally arrived. They went inside this lair, and there he was the almighty Darkseid. His voice was deep and scary making the Titans coward in fear. Well, except for Starfire, she gave him cold medicine, and his voiced turned into a nice, goofy, friendly voice. Cyborg points out that his voice sounds like Weird Al. Darkseid then states that Weird Al is evil for making parodies of great songs. This causes the Titans to get mad, so they attack him. Darkseid easily beats the Titans, well, except for Cyborg. He Bea Arthurs him. The Titans cheer that they saved the Justice League, and that the Justice League will so allow Cyborg! After all, the celebration Cyborg goes to get the tanks. When he goes over, one of the tanks fall, murdering the member in the process. They all get disgusted faces trying to accept the fact that a member of the Justice League was murdered. Then Robin had an idea, if Cyborg traveled around the world really fast, the world go back in time, like what Superman did. Cyborg does which changes time, and he goes and saves the tanks, well, another fell, murdering the person in the tank. After many times, Cyborg is eventually is able to save them all!

Later on, we see the middle-aged Titans, excluding Cyborg, at the Justice League headquarters. The Titans run up and ring their doorbell, running around hiding behind the fountain, chanting quietly, "Ding-dong ditch!" Cyborg comes out now apart of the Justice League. He sees the Titans and chases them laughing.



  • It's revealed that Cyborg's lifelong dream is to join the Justice League.
  • This half-hour episode aired almost a year after "Thanksgiving". But with a narrow margin of only one day!
  • This is the very first half-hour special of the series.
    • It was aired before the world premiere of Regular Show The Movie.
  • This is the second time that the Justice League is mentioned in the show. The first time was in "Some of Their Parts".
  • In this episode, Raven is seen without her hood (or any other headgear) for the longest time in the series, only seen wearing it at the beginning of the episode. Then, for the rest of the episode, she's without her hood when wearing her swimsuit, and then in the Wonder Woman costume.
  • Each of the Titans' new outfits share some relation to their own abilities: Robin wears Batman's costume due to being his protege, Starfire wears The Flash's costume due to her lightning-fast speed, Cyborg wears Green Lantern's costume due to his unwavering willpower, Raven wears Wonder Woman's costume due to her mythical origins, and Beast Boy wears Martian Manhunter's costume due to his green skin and shape-shifting powers.
  • This is the second time that Starfire is seen wearing her swimsuit. The first time was in "Real Magic", and then later in "Squash & Stretch".
  • Although it appears that Superman "dies" when he falls into Darkseid's lava pool, he should have been able to survive, unless his tank is filled with Kryptonite. Similarly, Superman should not die when the tanks explode, unless Kryptonite is a factor.
  • This episode was released a day earlier than usual. This is due to the day afterwards being Thanksgiving.
  • This episode shows that Cyborg has the ability to fly around a planet fast enough to reverse time.
  • Weird Al Yankovic also played the role of Banana man in Adventure Time and Pal.0/Weird Pal in Uncle Grandpa.
  • Part One only aired on the Cartoon Network App while Part Two aired on TV.
  • Beast Boy mentions Spider-Man, and if Darkseid is even more powerful to destroy him, but Robin says he wouldn't fight Darkseid, which the Titans wonder in silly reasons.


  • Raven is seen unhooded for the thirtieth time.
  • This is the second time that Beast Boy wears a Martian Manhunter costume. The first time was in "Halloween".
  • The Titans refer back to how hard it was to keep a broken air conditioner plot going for eleven minutes, which is why this plot was dropped so quickly at the beginning of "Hey Pizza!".
  • Cyborg's extensive knowledge of the Justice League's abilities and utilities holds true in nearly every franchise of DC Comics.
  • With Starfire as The Flash, her hair is once again fixed into one ponytail. ("Starfire the Terrible", "Sidekick", "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory")
  • Although his death is later prevented, this is the second time that Batman dies, assuming that he was killed in "Thanksgiving" (although his death is never confirmed).
  • This is the second time that Robin and Cyborg both grow older ("More of the Same")
  • When Raven asks the robot how it "knew" that Raven is Wonder Woman, the robot answers "Dem Legs", which is a continuing gag from Legs and Leg Day.
  • This is the second time that The Golden Girls are referenced. ("Oil Drums")
  • This is the sixth episode to directly reference events from past episodes. ("Books", "Be Mine", "Let's Get Serious", "Rocks and Water", "Some of Their Parts")


  • Cyborg joining the Justice League is meant to reference the DC Extended Universe's Cyborg, who is interpreted as a founding member of the team. His position as a Justice League member was first made in the New 52 franchise, when the Teen Titans were also revamped.
  • Once Cyborg becomes a member of the Justice League 20 years in the future, his suit is based off of his New 52 design.
  • Robin taking Batman's place in his absence reflects how he did the same until Batman recovered from a broken back that was caused by Bane.
  • All the mentions of "poo yogurts" might be a reference to Greek-style yogurt, which has become popular in recent years, in part because it serves as a laxative. Wonder Woman is a member of an ancient Amazonian tribe, so it makes sense for her to eat Greek food.
  • The Titans reference Star Wars and Spider-Man while talking about Darkseid. Coincidentally, both are owned by The Walt Disney Company.
  • Inside the Hall of Justice are several items referencing DC characters, such as the head of Brainiac, the helmet of Doctor Fate, the skull of Doomsday and the tiny city of Kandor.
  • Cyborg says that Darkseid sounds like Weird Al Yankovic, who actually voices Darkseid in this episode.
  • When Cyborg introduces the Teen Titans in the second part of the episode, the animation as well as narration are based off of the introduction from the 1973-1985 Super Friends TV series. Furthermore, the second part of the episode uses the same scene transition (the three stars flying across the screen) from the Super Friends series. Cyborg himself was a regular in the show's final season.
  • Cyborg introduced the cast of the 1980's show The Golden Girls.
    • Coincidentally, Scott Menville (Robin's voice actor) as a teenager, portrayed McCracken in the episode "Blanche's Little Girl".
  • Cyborg reversing time to save one of the Justice League members is a reference to Superman reversing time to save Lois Lane from Superman: The Movie.
  • The original Powerpuff Girls series episode "Super Zeroes" and the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy V" are both noted for having a similar plot.
    • Coincidentally, Raven, in this episode, takes on the role of Wonder Woman, while Blossom, in the original Powerpuff Girls episode "Super Zeroes", dresses up as Liberty Belle (who takes inspiration from Wonder Woman).
    • In the episode, there are three ship that look exactly like the three ships from the 2002 game Ratchet And Clank.


  • When the Titans are going to Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet, the Justice League's vehicles disappear.
  • Raven is seen wearing an actual bathing suit to go swimming in the Justice League's pool, which contracts her statement in "Hey Pizza!", where she mentioned that she wears her cloak and regular leotard as a bathing suit.
  • When Cyborg tells Beast Boy to put on the Martian Manhunter costume, he asks "Who?", as he don't know who he is. However, in "Halloween", he wears a Martian Manhunter costume when he goes trick or treating. It could be that he didn't know who he was then, or he forgot who Martian Manhunter was.
  • In 20 years, Robin is still seen in his standard costume, instead of his Nightwing costume.

Running Gags

  • Robin repeatedly disappearing or saying "Special", "I'm Batman!" and "Again".
  • The Justice League falling into lava and/or exploding.
  • Cyborg spinning the planet Apokolips to turn back time to save the Justice League.
  • Cyborg using The Golden Girls as a weapon with his ring.
  • The Titans (except Cyborg) "ding dong ditching".
  • The Titans (except for Robin) talking about Star Wars.
  • Titans not understanding Darkseid's name.


The transcript for "Two Parter" can be found here.


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